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  • November, 2015
    RecFind 6 Product Update for 2016,   more
  • March, 2015
    CEO's Report, VERS certification, O'Neil Integration, Latest product releases, Canadian RUG,   more
  • Oct, 2014
    The new RecFind 6 Web Client - Product Announcement,   more
  • Aug, 2014
    The benefits of RecFind 6,   more
  • Aug, 2014
    Do you need to upgrade your RecFind 6 Training?,   more
  • June, 2014
    Benefits of the RecFind 6 Web Client,   more
  • May, 2014
    RecFind 6 Future Road Map,   more
  • April, 2014
    RecFind 6 version 2.6 Release Announcement,   more
  • Nov, 2013
    New lower-cost, flexible pricing for RecFind 6 GEM Email Manager,   more
  • Nov, 2013
    RecFind 6 version 2.6 pre-release preview,   more
  • Sept, 2013
    Useful Tips - Using the RecFind 6 Metadata search,   more
  • August, 2013
    The benefits of the RecFind 6 Web Client,   more
  • June 2013
    Taking advantage of Forms Processing with RecFind 6,   more
  • May, 2013
    How to use RecFind 6 as your CRM,   more
  • April, 2013
    A rollup of Knowledgeone Corporation information updates over the last 3 months in an easy to reference format,   more
  • June, 2012
    New K1Corp Blog index, New release of RecFind 6 version 2.5, Training options, User Forum, Converting to a new system, Moving Records Management to the Cloud,  Terminal Digits and Squishing, The benefits of Cloud processing,   more
  • May,2012
    Why the RecFind 6 SDK is the product you need, Help with the DRM, The risk of unsupported software, Managing Emails, Project Management, Workflow, The importance of Document Imaging,   more
  • April,2012
    The new RecFind 6 SDK, SharePoint Integration Demo Movie, HSSM Survey, HSSM April Special Offer, K1Corp Blog, Useful Hints & Tips, Mobile Apps,  more
  • March,2012
    RecFind 6 versus SharePoint 2010, Managing E-mail distribution lists and mail-outs with RecFind 6, Testimonials, K1Corp Blog, Useful Hints & Tips, New way to contact K1Corp, Online Training Services,... more
  • February,2012
    K1Corp Blog, Useful Hints & Tips, New Free Mobile Apps, New GoToTraining Service, How to automate your mailroom, Configuring Noise Words & Synonyms,... more
  • November,2011
    CEO's Report - A litany of geopolitical and natural disasters, Still? New K1Corp Blog, New Staff and the future. Improved RecFind 6 web client, New Mobile Apps for iOS & Android, EDRMS using Drag & Drop, RecCapture, GEM, Xmas Special Offers, new Digital Dashboard service, End of Life Products warning, ... more
  • March,2011
    CEO's Report - A litany of geopolitical and natural disasters, Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity Planning, New Staff and the future. RecFind 6 web client, Disaster Recovery, EDRMS options with RecFind 6, EDRMS using Drag & Drop, RecCapture, GEM, March Special Offers, new Digital Dashboard service, Tech Note on Windows 7 SP1, K1 End of Life, ... more
  • December,2010
    CEO's Report - A Merry Xmas to our customers and partners, new products coming in 2011. RecFind 6 version 2.3, new RecFind 6 web client, Software as a Service (RecFind in the Cloud), K1 end-of-life announcement, new RecFind 6 SharePoint module, Canadian RecFind User Group meeting in Edmonton, Integration with O'Neil Software, Xmas help desk hours, ... more
  • June 2010
    CEO's Report - Lowering your costs through the use of our SaaS model, RecFind 6 versions 2.3 and 2.4, introducing K Files in Uganda, customer focus on the Town of Cochrane in Canada, introducing our new sales & Marketing Director Tony Holland, Training Update  ... more
  • March 2010
    CEO's Report - Celebrating 26 years, RecFind 6 is K1 version 3.0, RecFind 6 Futures, Introducing Archive Security, Imaging Services, White Papers, Customer Focus USC Queensland, March Special Offers, New Service - Post Training, Training Update  ... more
  • November 2009
    CEO's Report - Celebrating 25 years, RecFind 6 version 2.2 is released, RecFind and Knowledgeone (K1) product lines merged, Extended Maintenance offered for RecFind 5.0, New White Papers, New Imaging Services, Customer Focus Uganda, New Faces @ K1 Corp, Training Update  ... more
  • August 2009
    CEO's Report - Celebrating 25 years, K1 Corp VERS Certification, RecFind back in SA, RecFind 6 Service Pack 1, Latest Product Releases, RecFind 5 Decommissioned, Free Email Support, New White Papers, Customer Focus, RMAA Conference, New Faces @ K1 Corp, Training Update  ... more
  • December 2008
    RecFind 6 Ships, Collaborative Knowledge Management Program, New Compliance Consulting Services, Support Christmas Hours, RecFind 6 Training Schedule, New Faces @ K1 Corp  ... more
  • October 2008
    RecFind 6 Release, Preparing for RecFind 6, RecFind 6 Windows Server Certifications, SQL Server 2005 & 'Old' Versions of RecFind, K1 Version 2, Tips & Tricks - Automatically Converting Images to Text and PDF Format, New Faces @ K1 Corp  ... more
  • July 2008
    K1 Awarded US Federal Government (GSA) Contract, RecFind 6 Update, RMAA International Conference 2008 in Sydney, Moving Files to Archive Boxes Using a Barcode Reader in RecFind, DocScan 3 Free Download ... more
  • March 2008
    CEO's report - Bundaberg chooses RecFind, New Queensland Office, AIIM Expo, Boston, USA, QLD RecFind Users Group, Did you know?, Tips & Tricks, RecFind 5.0.0I Service Pack, Training News & Schedule, Customer Feedback Request, Contact Update ... more
  • December 2007
    CEO's report - Knowledgeone scores top 20% performance rating, ESTA Grows with K1, Did you know?, GEM & RecCapture Seminars, Datalogic Memor Interfaces with RecFind, Tips & Tricks, Customer Feedback Request, Upcoming Training Schedule, Hatching News, New Faces @ K1corp ... more
  • August 2007
    Update on RecFind 6.0, K1 Book Launch, RecFind & K1 Button Updates, K1 Corp/Smead Partnership, pdfDocs Integration Special Introductory offer, GEM & RecCapture for K1, Subscription Pricing & SaaS offerings, New White Papers ... more
  • April 2007
    CEO's Report - Development update (GEM K1, RecCapture K1, DocScan), New K1 1.5 Audio Visual Presentations, Sneak Preview of RecFind 6, pdfDocs Integration, RMAA 'Technology as a Tool' Seminar, Customer Focus - Clermont County Records Center, Tips & Tricks - Email Enablement in K1 and Boolean Searching ... more
  • December 2006
    CEO's Report - Knowledgeone K1 Version 1.5, Special Knowledgeone K1 v1.5 Offer, Introduction to RecFind 6.0, Recent Decommission Notices, Customer Focus - BSES Ltd, New Knowledgeone K1 Product Tours, Tips & Tricks - EDM, 2007 Training Schedule ... more
  • September 2006
    Knowledgeone K1 Version 1.4 Now Shipping, Future Automatic Software Upgrade (ASU) Agreements, Knowledgeone K1 Conversion & Extensions Services, Knowledgeone K1 & the ASP Model, Upcoming Training Schedule, Tips & Tricks - Show/Hide Table Icons in Knowledgeone K1 ... more
  • May 2006
    Knowledgeone K1 Version 1.3 For Oracle Now Shipping, RecCapture For RecFind Released, K1 Seminars, Training Update, Customer Focus - Norfolk Island Administration, Health Checks, K1 Store, Tips & Tricks - Using Knowledgeone K1 for Complaints Management ... more
  • February 2006
    CEO's Report, Training Update, Knowledgeone K1 Papers, Tips & Tricks - Using Knowledgeone K1 for Asset Management, Who's Upgrading to K1, Faces of K1 Corp ... more