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August 2007

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RecFind 6.0 »
K1 Book Launch »
RecFind & K1 Button Updates »
K1 Corp/Smead Partnership »
pdfDocs Integration »
GEM & RecCapture for K1 »
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Hi All,


As you will see from the following, we have been very busy. We have a lot of good news to tell you about in this issue including RecFind 6.0, new versions of the RecFind and K1 Buttons, ColorBar, integration with pdfDocs, GEM and RecCapture plus new pricing models to make it easier for you to buy and deploy our products.


All of things outlined below have the potential to reduce your costs and make your life easier; they are all truly 'Good News'. There are also many more good things happening or about to happen and we will update you again in the next newsletter.

Best Regards,

Frank McKenna, CEO


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RecFind 6.0 (R6)

All the hard groundwork has been done (the software and architecture groundwork, just like the foundations of your house; they are essential for a strong, stable product but no one ever sees them) and we are now working on the production product (the bits the end user works with).

R6 (we may call it RecFind.NET version 1.0) is a totally new product based on a new architecture. Unlike K1 (which was a browser based product written in ASP.NET), R6 is written in VB.NET as a Windows application. This means it has "Windows-like" screens, similar to RecFind 5.0 (R5).

However, R6 is also being written as a .NET "smart-client" so it can run over either your network (using ADO to communicate with the server) or the Internet/Intranet (using Web Services to communicate with the server). The IT manager will be able to specify which protocol to use for each user. So, for "in-house" users on the fast network he will specify ADO (the fastest protocol) and for those users where there is no network or a very slow network, he will specify Web Services (often called SOAP) as the protocol. This functionality provides the best of both worlds, allowing your IT people to optimize the performance of R6 for each user.

R6 will be 100% upwards compatible with R5 and will come with a conversion program to convert your R5 database to the new R6 database model in order to make the upgrade as easy as possible.

R6 will also "look-like" R5 but with far fewer screens and far simpler (to use) screens and functionality. If you are "keystroke-sensitive" it will make you very happy. Most of your users should be able to move from R5 to R6 with little or no retraining BUT, we will offer upgrade training courses in all markets.

The bonus will be the way we allocate R6 licenses. You will get one "full-power" R6 license for every RecFind-Corporate, RecFind-Professional, RecQuery and RecQuery-TC license you hold. The end result for most users being they will have far more full power licenses (for free). R6 licenses will also "time-out" (like K1) providing you will far more effective concurrent user licenses. There will be no R6 versions of RecFind-Professional, RecQuery or RecQuery-TC; these products are all replaced with R6. R6 has been designed to reduce your operational costs.

R6 will also be released simultaneously with new versions of the Button, HSSM, GEM and RecCapture.

Expect to see R6 sometime between February and June 2008; we will be able to firm up the date later this year.

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The New K1 Book

Knowledgeone (K1): Everything you need to know

by Kieren Martin & Frank McKenna

Knowledgeone K1 is truly a new genre of product (a .NET generic application solution) and as such we needed a new way for our customers to understand just what it can do.

In this case, we took a lesson out of Microsoft’s book and created a new venture, Knowledgeone Press. The first product from this new entity is our new Knowledgeone K1 book.

This is a book for professionals that need to work with K1 and configure K1 and make K1 do all kinds of wonderful things to solve multiple business problems. As well as clearly explaining all the features and capabilities of K1 it also covers using Xchange and the DRM. It shows you how to change any aspect of K1 (the Data Model or any business process) and provides plenty of examples of how to use K1 for example as a records management system, a human resources management system, a library management system, an asset management system, etc.

This is the ultimate reference guide for any professional intending to use K1 to solve one or more business application requirements.

If you are the IT manager or application manager responsible for K1 you must have a copy of this book; it will answer every question you have and it will make your job hundreds of times easier. It will also save you an enormous amount of time and help you avoid any pitfalls. And, it just might make you look like a superstar to everyone else in your organization.

At just $38.50 it will be the best investment you will make this year.

Click on this link to purchase the K1 Book from the K1 Store

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RecFind & K1 Button Updates

There are now new versions of the RecFind and K1 Buttons (and both integrate to pdfDocs). Both also work with Vista and Office 2007 for you early adopters.

The new K1 Button now sits in the toolbar of MS Office products like Outlook and Word as well as in the SysTray (so you can still capture documents not authored by MS Office).

The RecFind Button update will be available for download from the K1 website in the next couple of days.

See http://www.knowledgeonecorp.com/support/downloads.htm

Customers wishing to receive the update for the K1 Button please contact Support.

Note: in order for you to utilize the pdfDocs integration with the RecFind-Button and K1 you must have a copy of pdfDocs Desktop software. See below for more information.

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Knowledgeone Corporation Appointed as Worldwide Reseller for Smead

We are pleased to announce that Knowledgeone Corporation has been appointed as a worldwide reseller for the Smead ColorBar product range.

The ColorBar color label printing software is the worlds most powerful and flexible file label printing solution with both designer and print-only versions available. It has been
tested extensively with both RecFind and K1.

This is a way to produce professional color file labels AND save significant amounts of time and money by automating the file labeling process.

If you are involved in records management you cannot afford not to have ColorBar.

Click here to see how you can use ColorBar with RecFind
Click here to see how you can use ColorBar with K1

ColorBar File label printing software is available for purchase from the K1 Store:

Click on this link to purchase ColorBar software from the K1 Store

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pdfDocs Integration

Convert electronic documents to PDF and store in RecFind or Knowledgeone all in a single process

Integrating both the RecFind and K1 buttons with the pdfDocs product means you can now capture electronic documents from within the authoring application (e.g., Word, Excel, and Outlook), convert them to industry-standard PDF format and then save and classify them all with a few keystrokes. There is no easier or faster way to do this.

pdfDocs is a much lower cost than Adobe per desktop and provides more functionality.

Click here for more information on pdfDocs Desktop
pdfDocs Integration Introductory Offer
Order before 31st August 2007 and receive 25% off the software cost of pdfDocs Desktop software and the RecFind or K1 Button.

For more information contact the K1 Corp Sales department.

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GEM and RecCapture for K1

There are new versions of GEM and RecCapture for K1 (and R6) with even more functionality.

There are no equivalent products on the market; there is nothing else available that allows you to automatically analyze, capture, classify and save emails and electronic documents like these two products do.

There is nothing to install or maintain on desktops and your end users have absolutely nothing to do.

These are the only server-centric, rules-driven and fully automatic EDRMS products available.

Both products allow you to meet any compliance legislation and both products will enable you to save thousands of hours by releasing your staff from the tedious, manual processes of analyzing and classifying emails and electronic documents.

As always, if you have any questions about GEM or RecCapture or would like an indicative quote, please email Sales and we'll be more than happy to help!

Note: the online demos have no sound - captions only.


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Subscription Pricing and Software as a Service

We already provide the most cost-effective pricing model (the perpetuity model with concurrent user licenses) and to this we now add two new options, Subscription pricing and Hosting.


Subscription pricing is like a rental with no up front fees and the ability to cancel after six months. It is the most flexible, lowest cost and lowest risk pricing option.

Software as a Service (SaaS)
The SaaS offering is where we host and manage your application at a secure site. It is available for K1 and R6. SaaS is ideal for those customers that don’t want the hassle of buying, installing, configuring and maintaining application servers. SaaS is available under the Subscription pricing paradigm; one low monthly fee covers everything including support, maintenance and upgrades. For more information on this new way of delivering application software please refer to the link below:


Click here for more information on our Subscription pricing and SaaS Model

If you would like to receive an indicative quote on Subscription or SaaS pricing please contact Sales.

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New White Papers

Frank McKenna, K1 Corp's CEO, was invited to speak at two Records Management Association Australasia (RMAA) events recently. Please see following white papers/transcripts from these talks:

Technology as a Tool - Where is Records & Document Management heading? (PDF)
When asked to speak at the RMAA Information Awareness Seminar on 'Technology as a Tool' Frank McKenna (CEO of Knowledgeone Corp) provided the following assessment ... more »

Changing Records Management from a Cost-centre to a Profit-centre (PDF)
In his previous presentation to the RMAA (Technology as a Tool) Frank McKenna mentioned that records management professionals should consider changing records from a cost-centre to a revenue-centre. This paper explains how this can be done ... more »

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Customer Feedback - have your say

What additional records management products or services would you like us to provide?

Right now we provide records management software, training, consultancy, barcode readers, labels and ColorBar.

However, as most of our customers are involved in active records management it behoves us to ask:

  • "What else would you like us to provide?"
  • Or, maybe even more appropriately, "What additional products and/or services could we provide to make your job easier?"
  • "Is there something you need that we don’t provide?"
  • "Is there something we could provide that would solve a problem and improve productivity?"

We would like to become a "one-stop-shop" as much as possible so please let us know your thoughts and requirements.

Please email Frank McKenna with your suggestions.

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Upcoming Training Schedule



RecFind Training will be held in Seattle USA on the 19 - 21st September 2007. Class sizes are limited so please enrol early to guarantee your attendance.



RecFind Active Training (1 1/2 days) > 19 - 20 September 2007

RecFind Administrator Training (1 1/2 days) > 20 - 21 September 2007



Computer Classrooms in Seattle

10604 NE 38th Place, Suite 118

Kirkland, Washington, 98033



$US 600 per person/course

**Special** - $US 1020 for all 3 days




August 2007
K1 User            
K1 Admin            
RecFind Active 13 - 14 27 - 28 20 - 21      
RecFind Admin 15 - 16 29 - 30 22 - 23      
RecFind EDM   31        
RecFind Inactive 17   24      

September 2007
K1 User     10      
K1 Admin     11 - 12      
RecFind Active            
RecFind Admin            
RecFind EDM            
October 2007
K1 User 22 15        
K1 Admin 23 - 24 16 - 17        
RecFind Active            
RecFind Admin            
RecFind EDM            
November 2007
K1 User           19
K1 Admin           20 - 21
RecFind Active     26 - 27     13 - 14
RecFind Admin     28 - 29     15 - 16
RecFind EDM            

To book your place at one of these upcoming training courses simply click on the following links:

Knowledgeone Courses: http://www.knowledgeonecorp.com/store/products.asp?pro=8

RecFind Courses:

If you have any questions regarding a RecFind or Knowledgeone K1 Training course or one of Knowledgeone Corp's Consulting services please email the Training Department.

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Contact Update

Have you recently shifted office or changed contact person?

For any updates, simply give us your new particulars, as listed below, and email them to our Sales Department.

Please include the following details:

Company Name, Contact Person, Designation, Address, Email Address, Telephone Number, Fax Number, and Customer Number

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