There is now a version of GEM for any size organization
New flexible pricing for GEM

Our fully-automatic, server-centric and rules-driven email manager and archival tool GEM was previously offered in just 3 versions, SME, Corporate & Enterprise and 3 fixed prices.

The SME version handled 150 mailboxes, the Corporate 500 mailboxes and Enterprise was unlimited. All versions could handle any number of email servers.

Because the SME version was more than what a lot of our smaller customers needed, we agreed to provide GEM both configured and priced based on the number of mailboxes our customers need to monitor.

This means you can now order GEM configured for any number of mailboxes from 5 and up. This also means that the price can now be significantly lower than what you would have paid under the old 3-tier plan.

Customers are no longer confined to ordering just the SME, Corporate and Enterprise versions. We are happy to configure and price a version of GEM to your exact requirements.


With GEM you can easily....
Automatically monitor the contents of your email server
Automatically capture & classify all corporate emails
Find any email instantly; never fear missing or losing emails again
Automatically ignore any personal or non-corporate emails
Automatically initiate workflow (e.g., for a complaint)
GEM, now a lower cost solution for any email management challenge
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