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September 2006

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CEO's Report


Hi all and welcome again to the ever-changing world of application software, databases and operating systems. Our world is one where you can never stand still and rest on your laurels. Just when you think you are on top of all the security changes in Windows XP and .NET Framework 2.0, in comes Vista and .NET Framework 3.0. Just when you get to the stage of being an expert in SQL 2000, in comes SQL 2005. Just when you think you have solved all the issues with IE6, in comes IE7. It is treadmill with no stop button and with some invisible entity continually raising the elevation.

It is the same with the business model. Ten years ago people printed emails and filed them. Today, everyone demands a totally automatic model that analyses every email and then classifies, indexes and stored according to content and context. In fact, if you carefully examine all the applicable legislation, the totally automatic paradigm is the only model that will meet all requirements, removing the possibility of human error and maintaining all records in a searchable but inviolate state.

The next major release from us, Knowledgeone K1 (K1) Version 1.5, will incorporate the very latest version of our fully-automatic, rules-driven, server-centric paradigm with GEM (Email management and archiving) for K1 and RecCapture (EDRMS) for K1. These are brand new all .NET products, not simply rewrites of the RecFind versions and utilize the very latest technology to most effectively automate all email, electronic document and records management processes.

Yes, you can use these products to roll out an enterprise EDRMS without your end users having to do anything. Both products are totally transparent to end users and perform all analysis, classification, indexing and capture processes totally automatically. All captured emails and electronic documents are stored in the K1 relational database and are managed under the K1 security regime and accessed via the K1 search functions.

Like always, we are probably ahead of where the market is but we have always believed in being a leader and innovator, not a follower. We prefer to have our products ready before you are ready so as to give you plenty of time to evaluate and test the new approach.

So, if your end users are wasting many hours every day manually and laboriously capturing emails and electronic documents tell them that help is at hand. Tell them that you will soon be able to give them back those wasted hours and make their life easier.

Please look for the Knowledgeone K1 v1.5 release in the October/November timeframe.

Best Regards,

Frank McKenna, CEO


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Knowledgeone K1 Version 1.4

Last month saw the release of the third update to Knowledgeone K1, Version 1.4.

If you have a current Automatic Software Upgrade (ASU) agreement with Knowledgeone Corp you should have received 1.4 by now. If you have not received your copy of Knowledgeone v1.4 please email Support.

If you are not under warranty or without a current ASU agreement you should contact Sales for details on how you can upgrade to Knowledgeone v1.4.

What's New in 1.4?
Improved Configuration Tools
New Table Icons
New Buttons
Spell Check for all Fields
New Autofill Fields
Enhanced Workflow
More Filter Values
Addition of GEM & RecCapture Administrators
Ability to Check & Logoff Active Users
View Online Presentation on Knowledgeone v1.4

What's New in Knowledgeone 1.4?

The most significant change in version 1.4 is the addition of new functionality to the DRM, the Database Registration Module. We have also added a spell checker and significant functionality to the Workflow Personality. See below for details.

Expanded DRM
We have taken many of the ‘hard to do’ things out of the UI (User Interface) and moved them to the DRM. For example:

  • Configuring Filters
  • Configuring Field links
  • Configuring Type Dependencies
  • Configuring Multiple Languages

We did this so as to make these functions far easier to use.

We have also created a new separate help system for the new DRM (in version 1.3 the DRM help system was part of the K1 help system). In doing so, we have moved many topics from the K1 help to the new DRM help system. You will see a note icon wherever we have moved help from the K1 help system to the new DRM help system.

New Table Icons
We have changed the table icons to a new homogeneous set and have reduced their size to use less real estate.

New Buttons
The standard buttons have also changed to a new rounded look.

Spell Checker
We have also added a spell check function for all text fields.

This function accesses the local Microsoft Spell Check object (so it uses your usual spell checker and dictionary, for example, the same one you use with MS Word).

New Autofills
We have added new Autofills to give you more functionality when configuring fields and assigning default values.

We have added new functionality to the Workflow Personality to allow you to more easily automate the Workflow process.

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K1 Seminar,
Edmonton, Canada
L to R: Greg Warrilow, Sandy Moreira, Linda Kruger, Hilda Greenhalgh, Jackie Depper & Jessie Bundun

The first series of K1 Seminars recently ended in Edmonton, Canada. A big thank you to Hilda Greenhalgh at the Workers' Compensation Board for hosting the Edmonton seminar. Due to the success of these seminars we plan to hold more product seminars in the future. Thank you to all those who attended.

How to Budget for Future Automatic Software Upgrade (ASU) Agreements for RecFind and K1

When we originally designed Knowledgeone K1 it was to be the replacement for RecFind. Under our original plan, RecFind 5.0 would continue to be supported for up to 5 years but we would not add any new functionality. However, after many of you contacted us and asked us to continue to support and develop RecFind as a separate product we re-evaluated our plans and announced in 2005 that we would become a two-product company; RecFind and Knowledgeone.

Originally development of RecFind was to be 'frozen' after the release of K1 and RecFind 5.0 was to be the last major feature update. The change in policy to a two-product company meant that we had to invest in a new research and development program for RecFind now named RecFind 6.0 due for release in 2007. The new RecFind will be a total rewrite and will also be a 100% .NET product like K1. It will however, have a similar look and feel to RecFind 5.0, unlike K1.

If you renew your K1 ASU in calendar year 2006, your K1 ASU will cover both your RecFind and K1 software. This was part of our special one-time loyalty upgrade program under which we delivered K1 free-of-charge to RecFind users under a current ASU.

For those of you who elected to remain with RecFind only (and not utilize K1), the ASU was based solely on your RecFind software licenses.

In calendar year 2007, the ASU pricing will change to reflect the fact that Knowledgeone Corporation is now a two product company and is funding two separate development efforts. We are now developing updates for both the RecFind product suite and the K1 product suite and RecFind is no longer 'frozen'.

From January 1 2007, you will be asked if you wish to utilize just K1, just RecFind or both. That is, for which products do you wish to receive regular updates. Your ASU for 2007 will then be based on your response. That is, K1 only, RecFind only or both.

If you select both, the ASU amounts due will be calculated as the total of both your RecFind and K1 ASU's less a 20% discount. You may find that it will be more or in some cases remain the same as the ASU you recently renewed.

Please give this matter some thought. K1 was a free product to existing RecFind users and more than doubled the number of user licenses. It also provided significantly more functionality than RecFind and had the added benefit of being all 'thin-client' and running in a browser. For those of you committed to RecFind for the long term please think of K1 as a bonus product you can use to solve multiple business problems such as help desk, complaints management, asset management, HR management, CRM etc.

If you have any questions about your current or future ASU please do not hesitate to contact Sales.

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Knowledgeone K1 Conversion and Extension Services

With the advent of K1 version 1.4 and the new DRM and Xchange it is easier than ever to ‘convert’ other applications to K1.

However, the process still involves the need for IT and data model expertise and many of you are telling us that you do not have the IT resources available. Your current IT resources are already stretched or you are working with outsourced IT resources and it is just too hard.

If you have attended our seminars and user group meetings you will know that we anticipated this issue when we were developing K1.

For many years you have been telling us that you want a product you can change and K1 is obviously that product because with K1 you can change virtually anything; data model or process. We delivered the product but always thought that there would be significant demand on us to provide the services and expertise required to change K1 to your exact requirements.

This is especially true of changes to the data model where relational design principles need to be applied and to processes when stored procedures and triggers need to be designed and written.

So please contact us whenever you need to talk about making changes to K1. We have the people and the expertise (obviously, no one knows K1 better than we do).

Please also talk to us when considering either importing data from another system or actually converting another system to K1 (for example, ACT to K1). We will make sure that the work is done in the most professional manner possible and also in the fastest and most cost effective way possible.

Please contact your account manager or email our International Support Manager Jonathan Scowen direct on j.scowen@knowledgeonecorp.com

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Knowledgeone K1 and the ASP Model

The ASP or Application Service Supplier model is one where the vendor hosts the application servers and application and your users connect to and use the application via the Internet (via a secure HTTPS connection obviously).

The idea has been around for a long time but has not been as successful as the industry expected. In the past, the reason for this was largely because the application software simply wasn’t up to the task. You could say that the ASP idea was many years ahead of its time and really needed the IT industry to ‘catch up’ with improved technologies such as .NET and secure protocols like Web Services (both part of the K1 architecture).

K1 was designed with the ASP model in mind. It was engineered to meet the requirements of the ASP model and to allow users to confidently ‘off-load’ the management of the application and application servers (including updates, backup and recovery, application maintenance, etc).

Because K1 is also a Generic Application Solution (GAS) able to run multiple applications (e.g., records management, library management, asset management, HR management, CRM, etc) concurrently it is even more ideal as a cost-effective ASP solution. And, if you have users in different countries there is the added bonus that K1 is also multilingual; able to support multiple languages concurrently.

As part of its new business paradigm, Knowledgeone Corporation is happy to host K1 implementations for its customers and provide a fully-featured ASP service with options to suit any customer.

If you would like to investigate using K1 in an ASP model please contact your account manager or simply email your inquiry to Sales. We will respond to you within one or two business days.

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K1 Corp recently attended the 2007 RMAA Conference in Cairns. A great time was had by all, especially at the '70s Disco' dinner...
L to R: Trevor Coombs & one of the locals; Trevor at the K1 stand; Steve Renouf (aka Kiss band member); Trevor & Allan Kavanagh (in technicolor); Maria Rossides & Michelle McKenna - ABBA groupies.

Customer Focus

Here are some comments from customers who have recently taken the leap from RecFind to Knowledgeone:

SCOPE - one of the largest service providers to people with disability in Victoria and one of the largest not-for-profit organizations in Australia have recently upgraded to Knowledgeone.

SCOPE's aim is to use K1 to fully support their vast and differentiated records management processes. Dr. Sarath Wickramanayake, SCOPE's Records Manager, anticipates gradual integration of business processes as he extends the K1 solution throughout the organization, ensuring that it is consistent with its progressive corporate governance principles.

When asked the major advantages of K1 over RecFind, Dr. Wickramanayake commented that K1 was more convenient and efficient because all the databases in RecFind can be seen in K1 as one database. Moreover, he preferred its table centric approach and the links to relevant tables.

Assisted by his IT staff, Dr. Wickramanayake said that it took about four weeks to crossover.

Dr. Wickramanayake has so far found K1 to be a very efficient information management tool and a useful product. As a professional in the field of records and information management for the last 35 years, his humble feeling is that this is a good information management tool that is capable of handling the majority of information management requirements in office environments today.

Kerry McNally - "Love K1 1.4 it looks really great and it is so easy to use"

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Upcoming Training Schedule

Note: Knowledgeone K1 training is now being conducted using Knowledgeone v1.4.



October 2006
K1 User 16   9   23 30
K1 Admin 17 - 18   10 - 11   24 - 25 31

November 2006
K1 User   13        
K1 Admin   14 - 15       1
December 2006
K1 User     4 11    
K1 Admin     5 - 6 12 - 13    

If you are interested in attending a RecFind or Knowledgeone K1 Training course or one of Knowledgeone Corp's Consulting services please email the Training Department.


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Tips & Tricks

Show/Hide Table Icons

Included with Knowledgeone K1 v1.4 is a new feature which allows you to configure whether the icon for a table should appear on the K1 "desktop". The table will still appear in your side menu and you can still access it but you are able to reduce the number of icons shown.

This is ideal for those tables that you need access to but only use infrequently.

To enable this feature, using the DRM:

1. Logon and proceed to the 'Add, modify or delete tables are fields' stage.

2. Highlight the table you wish to hide and click 'Modify'.

3. Uncheck the 'Show Icon' option and click OK.

4. Exit the DRM and next time you logon to the K1 UI you will no longer have the icon on your K1 "desktop".

Note: Please note that these settings effect all users.

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Contact Update

Have you recently shifted office or changed contact person?

For any updates, simply give us your new particulars, as listed below, and email them to our Sales Department.

Please include the following details:

Company Name, Contact Person, Designation, Address, Email Address, Telephone Number, Fax Number, and Customer Number

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