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December 2006

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CEO's Report - Knowledgeone Version 1.5


Hi All,


As mentioned in the release notes for version 1.4, version 1.5 will be the last update before the ‘new’ version of Knowledgeone (version 2.0) appears in mid to late 2007.

With 1.5 we tried to bring forward a few things that had originally been scheduled for 2.0. We were successful in this endeavour and 1.5 includes both a new and very powerful BOOLEAN search function plus integration with Active Directory. You told us that these features were important to you so we changed our development schedule to include them in the 1.5 build.

A summary of the major improvements in 1.5 follows:

1. GEM Compatibility
K1 version 1.5 contains all the tables and code to fully integrate with GEM for K1.
2. RecCapture Compatibility
K1 version 1.5 contains all the tables and code to fully integrate with RecCapture for K1.
3. BOOLEAN Search Capability
A new ‘super-search’ across Metadata and content including the AND, OR, AND NOT, OR NOT, =, <, >, >=, <=, (, ) operators.
For RecFind users, this is a super-set of the old Global search in RecFind.

Click here to view the Boolean Search Help Files

Click on the following links to view the Boolean Search product tours:

4. Increased Number of Columns Headings
Number of columns that can be configured for headings in list screens increased from four to eight.
5. Ntext Fields can now be Column Headings
6. Active Directory Integration and Synchronization
This is a new function in the DRM and includes both insert and update logic so you can automatically populate the K1 user profile information from the MS Active Directory.
7. New Tacit Knowledge Client
We have redesigned and rewritten the Tacit client to make it smaller, faster and easier to use. **See special offer below**

Click here to view a short product tour on Tacit

8. New GEM for Knowledgeone
This is a brand new .NET product and very much a superset of the old RecFind GEM with a new generation *‘look and feel’.
9. New RecCapture for Knowledgeone
This is a brand new .NET product and very much a superset of the old RecFind RecCapture with a new generation ‘look and feel’.







































* When you see the new GEM and RecCapture products you will also be seeing a preview of the new look and feel of RecFind 6.0.

Obviously, the really big news is the release of both GEM and RecCapture for K1. Both products are built around our unique server-centric, fully-automatic, rules-driven paradigm providing complete solutions for email management, email archiving and electronic document management.

Significantly, both solutions can be installed and rolled out in days not months or years because of their unique architecture and design. There is no software to install on desktops and the only thing users need to be trained in is how to search; they have no other work to perform.

GEM for K1 also includes a new intelligent rules processor that allows you to manage all customer emails with a single rule, all employee emails with a single rule and automatically classify all emails with a single rule.

GEM and RecCapture also include the latest version of our proprietary automatic abstracting engine allowing you to automatically abstract any email or electronic document with a single rule.

The K1 version 1.5 product suite is now without doubt the most advanced and most sophisticated knowledge management system available. No other product suite comes even close to matching our capabilities.


Version 1.5 Special Offer
To introduce the concept of Tacit Knowledge management to all of our loyal customers we are shipping five (5) free concurrent user licenses for Tacit to every Knowledgeone customer under a current ASU.

Click here to view a short product tour on Tacit

Best Regards,

Frank McKenna, CEO


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Introduction to RecFind 6.0

In our last newsletter we announced the development of RecFind 6.0 due for release in 2007. The new RecFind will be a total rewrite and will also be a 100% .NET product like Knowledgeone. It will however, have a similar look and feel to RecFind 5.0, unlike Knowledgeone.

So that you can familiarize yourself with the direction of RecFind 6.0 - its architecture, prerequisites, licensing, compatibility etc we have created a short 'preview' paper, titled Introduction to RecFind 6.0.

Click here to download the paper 'Introduction to RecFind 6.0'

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Product Decommission Notices

Periodically every software vendor needs to decommission old products in order to release support and development resources for newer products. In our case this means releasing people (programmers and support specialist) and servers.

On October 24, 2006 we released Decommission Notices for the following products:

  • All versions of Professional and Corporate prior to version 4.0 (i.e., versions 2.5, 3.0, 3.1 and 3.2) will be decommissioned on December 31, 2006 ... more »
  • All versions of RecFind-Professional will be decommissioned on March 31, 2007... more »

Because we have a large number of sites still running these products (like you, we are astounded that our old 16 bit products are still working under Windows XP) the situation at each site will vary.

If these notices cause you any concern please contact your account manager or email Sales with your concerns.

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Customer Focus

Here are some comments from customers who have recently taken the leap from RecFind to Knowledgeone:

BSES Limited

BSES Limited is the principal provider of research, development and extension to the Australian sugar industry. Formed in 1900, BSES has a long history of applying good science to problems facing sugarcane production, and developing effective solutions that benefit the whole industry. Today, they work closely with Australian sugarcane growers, millers, harvest contractors and government to find ways to make sugarcane production more profitable and environmentally sustainable. They also undertake international consultancies, and have close working relationships with Papua New Guinea and Indonesia just to name a few.

BSES Limited have been using RecFind since 1994 to manage files and documents. BSES ceased using RecFind and started using Knowledgeone (K1) on the 1st November, 2006. They intend to implement whole-of-organisation K1 usage early in 2007.

Debbie Martin, Librarian and Records Archivist and Eve McDonald, Communications Coordinator were the team leaders for the K1 project. Their IT Department also assisted with the project.

When asked what advice they could give to other users upgrading to Knowledgeone Debbie and Eve answered as follows:

“Make sure you know and plan exactly what you want to get out of K1 first. Ensure you have someone who really understands a relational database to assist. It is wise to attend all the K1 training courses first and to learn about the K1 Security”.

“Also make sure that you dedicate some serious, un-interruptible time to the implementation process”.

“Map out exactly what you want to do. With BSES for instance we corporatised on the 1st September 2003 and therefore decided that only records/files/boxes entered on the 1st September and onwards were going to be a part of the K1 product. Records/files/boxes pre September 1 would remain as RecFind data”.

”Plan, plan, and plan until you get it clear in your mind what and how you want to use K1. We also documented the processes necessary to add a document profile, attach an electronic document, add a file etc. This process was used to train a part time records person and then refined accordingly. This documentation will eventually be used to develop procedures, and on-line training tools for the remainder of our staff, management included”.

“Run a dummy exercise and have a play with K1 before converting. We spent a good part of our time in the dummy exercise, reading, testing, and tweaking not only K1 but the DRM module as well before final conversion”.

When asked how long the upgrade process took, Debbie and Eve answered, “Loading the software and converting – took a few hours overnight so not to interrupt work during the day. Implementing and setting up – took a couple of weeks”.

Mind you with just a team of two people working on it, and working on it periodically due to other duties, Debbie and Eve think they “Did OK”. They said that perhaps it could have been done quicker had the team of two been able to dedicate some serious time to the project. For them it was a matter of slotting it in when time permitted.

Realistically though they still haven’t quite finished the K1 implementation as they still need to set up other users, customise the search results columns to meet their staff needs, and undertake off-site testing. “Setting up the other users will not be a big job as we plan to use the clone function within K1”, said Eve.

They also intend to produce an on-line training tutorial, to document the K1 processes, and prepare a PowerPoint presentation to deliver to local and regional staff. They also wish to change some of their screens before developing the tutorials and introducing K1 to other contributors and users. By producing on-line tutorials, current and new staff can revisit the processes at their leisure.

At the moment BSES is using K1 as an electronic document management system for the entire organisation, capturing all of its business transactions. They do not, at present, use K1 for personnel or accounts departments.

The records person that was introduced to K1 is working quite comfortably with it now, entering documents, attaching electronic files, moving files, creating files etc and is quite impressed with the simplicity of use.

Debbie and Eve believe that Knowledgeone will be an important resource tool for the entire organisation and that maximum exposure will be required to gain absolute maximum benefit to the organisation. “This is an exciting time for BSES as currently our off-site locations use different methods to capture incoming and outgoing correspondence. Implementing K1 will streamline the process and bring the company together as one”, said Debbie.

Rachael Nieuwenhout, Cameco Australia Pty Ltd - "K1 is easier & friendlier to use than RecFind - the single screen is much simpler to use."

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New K1 v1.5 Product Tours

We have recently added new K1 v1.5 product tours to our website. These tours provide a short introduction to Knowledgeone v1.5, it's DRM (Administrator tool) and new Boolean Search functionality.

You can also get a sneak preview of Knowledgeone's new email management tool, GEM v1.5 and the new Tacit Knowledge Management client.

To view the new Knowledgeone tours go to:


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Tips & Tricks

Are you Considering Electronic Document Management (EDM)?

If your organization ventured into EDM before and shelved the project, now is the time to re-evaluate EDM as a valued solution.

Knowledgeone Corporation offers scalable solutions that can handle a full blown Electronic Document Management Solution or provide a mechanism for growth and evolution towards complete EDM.

Why buy a new product or go through a lengthy tender process for an EDM system when RecFind-Corporate and Knowledgeone has all the functionality that you need.

RecFind-Corporate and Knowledgeone include the following key EDM functions:

  • Paper Document and Box Management
  • Document Management
  • Document to Image/Text Conversion
  • Electronic File Management
  • Simple Button Capture of Documents from Common Applications
  • Local, Remote and Internet Electronic Document Search
  • File Filtering and Routing
  • Volume Image Handling
  • Volume Email Handling
  • System Performance Enhancers
  • Archiving Facility

EDM Papers

If you are considering EDM we have the following documents available to assist you with the process. They explain what EDM is, where to begin when setting up an EDM system and things to consider when planning an EDM system.

Note: these papers are based on RecFind-Corporate 5.0 however most of the methodology also applies to Knowledgeone.

EDM Training and Consulting Services

Knowledgeone Corporation has also developed a standard set of training courses and consulting services for EDM. If you would be interested in attending an EDM course or utilizing one of our Consulting services please email our Training Department.

Start your new EDM approach today by discussing the thoughts, strategies and requirements of your organization with management, departmental heads and knowledge workers and then contact Knowledgeone Corporation.

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Datalogic Barcode Reader Price Reductions

Although prices seem to be on the up and up for most things these days Datalogic have recently announced a significant reduction in prices for their fixed and portable barcode readers.

If you are currently looking to buy a barcode reader we suggest that you visit our K1 store today for the latest prices.

To view the new prices for Fixed barcode readers prices go to:


To view the new prices for Portable barcode readers prices go to:


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2007 Training Schedule



February 2007
K1 User         19  
K1 Admin         20 - 21  
RecFind Active 12 - 13          
RecFind Admin 14 - 15          
RecFind EDM 16          

March 2007
K1 User 5   19      
K1 Admin 6 - 7   20 - 21      
RecFind Active   5 - 6        
RecFind Admin   7 - 8        
RecFind EDM   9        
April 2007
K1 User   16        
K1 Admin   17 - 18        
RecFind Active     16 - 17      
RecFind Admin     18 - 19      
RecFind EDM     20      

To book your place at one of these upcoming training courses simply click on the following links:

Knowledgeone Courses: http://www.knowledgeonecorp.com/store/products.asp?pro=8

RecFind Courses:

If you have any questions regarding a RecFind or Knowledgeone K1 Training course or one of Knowledgeone Corp's Consulting services please email the Training Department.

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Contact Update

Have you recently shifted office or changed contact person?

For any updates, simply give us your new particulars, as listed below, and email them to our Sales Department.

Please include the following details:

Company Name, Contact Person, Designation, Address, Email Address, Telephone Number, Fax Number, and Customer Number

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