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April, 2012
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New Way To Contact
New RecFind 6 SDK
RecFind 6 Button Survey
The Wonder Product
SharePoint Integration
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Useful Tips & Hints section on our website

Read about useful hints and tips on how to make the most of your investment in RecFind 6. Click here to link to the new Useful Tips section and read how to get even more value from RecFind 6.

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New way to contact us about anything at anytime, free mobile apps

It is now easier than ever to contact Knowledgeone Corp, click the icon to find out how.

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New RecFind 6 API/SDK

Do you need to integrate any other product to RecFind 6? Do you need to extend the functionality of RecFind 6? Do you need to build new screens to access RecFind 6? If the answer is yes to any of these questions then you need the new RecFind 6 Web Services Software Development Kit (SDK).

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RecFind 6 Button Survey

In order to help you better understand how the RecFind 6 Button can work for you we have created a short survey. If you complete and email it to us this we will come back to you with information on how the RecFind 6 Button can solve your EDRMS needs and add significant value to your operation.

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The High Speed Scanning Module (HSSM) - the wonder product

The HSSM comprises two amazing products - DocScan and RecScan and it is the "Swiss Army Knife" of the RecFind 6 Suite with multiple uses. Both DocScan and RecScan can also work with other products, not just RecFind 6.

Click here to learn more about the HSSM.

Click here to learn about our special offer for April.

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Using RecFind 6 to enhance the Record-keeping capabilities of SharePoint 2010

SharePoint may well be marketed as a panacea, a solution for everything but it is not. In particular, it is hopeless at managing physical records and emails. RecFind 6 on the other hand is perfect for managing physical records and emails and has all the records management functionality you will ever need. Now with the RecFind 6 SharePoint Integration Module you can have the best of both worlds.

Please click here for more information on the RecFind 6 SharePoint Integration Module & a short demo movie.

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Testimonials from RecFind Customers

Every now and again customers take the time and trouble to write a few words and thank us. The Testimonials section on our website is where we print some of those kind words.

Please click here to see examples of testimonials from our customers.

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Contact Update

Have you recently shifted office or changed contact person?
For any updates, simply give us your new particulars, as listed below, and email them to our Sales Department.

Please include the following details:

Company Name, Contact Person, Job Title, Address, Email Address, Telephone Number, Fax Number, and Customer Number (if known)

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