The Many Benefits of the RecFind 6 Web Client

"Similar functionality and 'look-and-feel' as the smart client with no desktop maintenance costs and no need to retrain staff. Save money and time with the RecFind 6 web client. No software to install or maintain on PCs and laptops!"

One small investment means big savings! Immediate ROI!

As we have recently released the new 2.6 version of the RecFind 6 web client it is worth again reminding our customers about the benefits of the web client versus the standard ‘smart’ or ‘fat’ client:
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* Running on the iPad, click here...
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Reduced IT effort and costs - NOTHING to install & maintain

There is nothing to install or maintain on any users desktop PC, notebook or mobile device. There is no cost to IT because there is nothing to do when ‘pushing out’ the web client to users just as there is nothing to do when installing new versions and updates. Reduce IT effort and cost by utilizing the web client in lieu of the smart client and benefit from its zero footprint and zero maintenance.

No need to retrain staff - It looks & feels just like the smart client

The web client looks and feels just like the smart client; there is no requirement to expend scarce funds and disrupt normal operations retraining your staff.

Low Cost, instant ROI - Only a single low-cost component to purchase

You don’t need to replace your existing smart client licences or even buy new licences. All you need to purchase are the new software components that install and activate the web client on your Windows IIS server. The operational cost savings will provide an almost immediate Return On Investment (ROI).

Seamless - Easily run either the smart or web client with no change to your work practices

There are no extra user licences to buy because the web client automatically uses your existing smart client concurrent user licences. All each user has to do is enter a URL in the browser and then save it as a favourite or shortcut on the desktop.

Convenience & global coverage - The perfect mobility tool

The web client works just the same whether you are in the office or sitting in a hotel room in Hong Kong accessing your important documents; all you need is an Internet connection.

Reduces Operating System dependence - Travel with your iPad

The web client runs under Windows XP, Vista, Windows7 or Windows 8. It is also compatible with IE 7, 8, 9 and 10 as well as Chrome, Firefox, Safari & Opera.

RecFind 2.6 web client - new features

File uploading

Document Imaging

**Note that Document Imaging is only enabled with IE in version 2.6.


Running on the iPad

The new 2.6 web client runs on almost any mobile device including the ubiquitous iPad. Wherever you have access to Wi-Fi you also have access to your RecFind 6 repository. Leave that heavy laptop at home; when travelling all you need is your iPad & RecFind 6.


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