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March, 2012
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New Way To Contact
RecFind6 versus SharePoint
RecFind 6 Button
Online Training
Managing Mail-Outs
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Catch up with the latest news, opinions and technical papers. Click here to go to the blog, there are now over 33 articles covering a wide range of topics ranging from RecFind 6 versus SharePoint 2010, how to get the most out of your application software, upgrading to Windows 8, and Frank's solution for Greece. Please comment on the blogs and let us know what you think; have your say.

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Useful Tips & Hints section on our website

Read about useful hints and tips on how to make the most of your investment in RecFind 6. Click here to link to the new Useful Tips section and read how to get even more value from RecFind 6.

If you have discovered a unique way to use RecFind 6 why don't you let other users know about it? Email me and tell me your idea and we will publish it and give you credit. Share your good ideas with other users.

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New way to contact us about anything

We have created a new free mobile app for iOS (iPod, iPhone & iPad) and Android (Android smart phones and tablets) to make it easier and more convenient for you to contact us about anything including sales, support, product information, training, etc.

It is now easier than ever to contact Knowledgeone Corp.

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RecFind 6 versus SharePoint 2010 as a Records Management Solution

We see lots of organizations trying to use SharePoint as a total records management solution and all come up against significant obstacles. We know that RecFind 6 simply blows SharePoint away as a fully functional records management solution. The most conservative estimates from industry experts say it takes from 80 to 120 man days of work from an expensive SharePoint consultant to add the required records management functionality to SharePoint. Read the post on our blog to discover why RecFind 6 is a far better solution.

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RecFind 6 Button - The world's lowest cost and easiest to use EDRMS

The records and document management airways are full of comments and questions about how to make an EDRMS work; it all sounds too hard until you look at the RecFind 6 Button. There is no easier or lower cost way to roll out an EDRMS than by using the RecFind 6 Button. Document management does not have to be difficult, expensive or subject to a lengthy and very expensive roll-out.


In order to help you better understand how the Button can work for you we have created a short survey. If you complete and email it to us this we will come back to you with information on how the RecFind 6 Button can solve your EDRMS needs and add significant value to your operation.

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New Go To Training Service

This is a new service that involves ‘Live’ online training over the Internet using the customer’s RecFind 6 test database. It is a low cost and convenient way to refresh or update your RecFind 6 skills or learn about a particular topic in more detail.

Click here to make an inquiry.

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Managing E-Mail Subscriptions and Mail-outs with RecFind 6

As well as being able to configure RecFind 6 to be your organization's CRM, you can also configure RecFind 6 to manage all of your e-mailing requirements to your customers or members. Build mail lists and then send out personalized emails at scheduled times all within RecFind 6.

Please click here to see an example and request more advice and assistance.

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Testimonials from RecFind Customers

We have customers all around the world in all time zones and our people support those same customers in a multitude of ways. We have always believed that our commitment to support is the strongest differentiator between us and other ECM vendors. Every now and again customers take the time and trouble to write a few words and thank us. The Testimonials section on our website is where we print some of those kind words.

Please click here to see examples of testimonials from our customers.

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Contact Update

Have you recently shifted office or changed contact person?
For any updates, simply give us your new particulars, as listed below, and email them to our Sales Department.

Please include the following details:

Company Name, Contact Person, Job Title, Address, Email Address, Telephone Number, Fax Number, and Customer Number (if known)

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