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July 2008

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CEO's Report

Howdy all,

The months of June and July are when I focus all my time on RecFind 6.

In all the time I have been developing software (RecFind 6 is the 29th application product we have designed and built in 25 years) the most common anomaly has been that the last five percent of the development process seems to take about seventy-five percent of the time. After spending years, millions of dollars and thousands of hours on a new product, making absolutely sure that it is ready to be used by customers is the most difficult and most nerve wracking part of the process.

Designing software is an intellectual and artistic process. Building software is an incredibly technical and complex process. Testing software is just hard work and detail, detail, detail and repetition, repetition, repetition.

Because RecFind 6 is a brand new product with a brand new user interface based on the latest .NET 2008 smart client technology (I believe we are the first in the world to use this technology in this way) there is always the nagging fear, "Will the customers love it?" This is the thought that keeps me awake the most.

The next most urgent thought that disturbs my sleep is, "Have we found every bug?" The temptation is to test forever and never release the product but that is not a good way to stay in business but then, neither is releasing a product full of bugs.

RecFind 6 Toolbar

There is lots of good news for RecFind customers but the three most significant items are:

1. The RecFind 6 licence replaces RecFind-Corporate, RecQuery and RecQuery-TC licences. This means you get "full power" licences for all your current client licences (a big bonus).

2.  The same RecFind 6 licence can be run either over the network (like the old RecFind-Corporate 5 "fat-client" licence) or over the Intranet (like the old RecQuery-TC licence) with identical functionality.

3.  We have reduced the licence cost by around thirty-percent (30%) in all markets. This is to allow for the fact that most customers had a mix of RecFind-Corporate and either RecQuery or RecQuery-TC. We needed to bring the cost down closer to the old "average" licence cost. 

We have also changed the way we price GEM and RecCapture (our fully automatic email and document management add-ons); you no longer pay for mailboxes or documents. You simply purchase a licence for your size of enterprise; SME, Corporate or Enterprise. This makes both products far more cost-effective and far easier to manage.

Our current schedule has us shipping RecFind 6 in August.

Because we will be converting your RecFind 5 databases to RecFind 6 we will advise you shortly on the preparation work that is required. The majority of you have been with us for ten years or more and some of you have been with us since the first RecFind release in 1986 (22 years ago) so your data could probably do with a good spring clean before you convert it to the new RecFind 6 data model.  Jonathan Scowen is preparing a white paper of recommendations for a RecFind 5 “clean up” prior to the RecFind 6 upgrade.  Look for this paper in a week or so.

Thank you for your patience and your support. This is the 7th or 8th major rewrite of RecFind in 22 years (I am starting to lose track) and we sincerely hope you all love it.

Best Regards,

Frank McKenna CEO



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Knowledgeone Awarded US Federal Government (GSA) Contract

Washington, D.C., April 25, 2008 - Knowledgeone Corporation, a privately held Australian software company has been awarded a General Services Administration (GSA) Schedule Contract for Information Technology, effective April 25, 2008 until April 24, 2013.

The US Government’s Federal Schedule now makes Knowledgeone Corporation an “Approved Organization” with its key products added to a preferred buyers list that any US Federal Government Agency can purchase without going to tender. An added benefit is the fact that state and local governments can also buy off this same schedule.

Frank McKenna, CEO of Knowledgeone Corporation said, "A GSA schedule is essential to both selling software to government in the USA and to signing up dealers because the first thing anyone asks is "Do you have a GSA Schedule?" If the answer is no, the interest wanes to zero."

"One factor that was of great assistance in becoming "approved" was the performance of our support team. The GSA contracted Dunn & Bradstreet to interview our US and Canadian customers and rate how well we supported them. We received a top rating and without this we would not have got past first base," says McKenna...more>>

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RecFind 6.0 - Coming Soon

We are pleased to announce that the latest version of RecFind (RecFind 6.0) will be released in August, 2008.

RecFind 6's User Interface








About RecFind 6
RecFind 6 is Knowledgeone Corporation's latest version of the well known RecFind product line. The current version RecFind 5 is installed all around the world as a robust, scalable and proven Electronic Document and Records Management (EDRM) solution. RecFind 6 takes it to the next level...more>>

Ask for a special viewing of RecFind 6.0 at the RMAA Conference and Exhibition in September.

For further information on RecFind 6.0 contact sales@knowledgeonecorp.com

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RMAA International Conference, Sydney 2008

In September, Knowledgeone Corporation will again exhibit at the Australia's premier event for records management, the RMAA International Conference in Sydney.  

 Knowledgeone's Team at RMAA's Cairns Conference in 2006

At this year's conference, Knowledgeone will exhibit and feature its two premier EDRM and ECM solutions RecFind and K1.

The K1 Team will be there to assist with any questions you have and give a special presentation on Tuesday, 9th September at 2.10 PM.

There will also be plenty of opportunities to meet staff on the stand and to see live demonstrations of K1 and RecFind's new version, 6.0.

Make sure you visit us at Stand No. 41 at the Sydney Convention Centre, Darling Harbour from 8th-10th September, 2008

To arrange an appointment or special viewing of our products and solutions at our stand, please contact  sales@knowledgeonecorp.com

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Tips & Tricks

Moving files to Archive Boxes using a barcode reader in RecFind - 5 Easy Steps

For those users who have access to a portable barcode reader the process of archiving files into a box is a very simple process.

1. Open the Inactive tab and click on the Retention Module.


2. Then click on Archive or Intermediate (depending on your requirement). For this example, select Intermediate.

3. Complete the location field and select the box you are placing your files into (scan the barcode of the box if your box is barcoded).

4. Place the cursor in the File/Part no field. Now scan each individual file with the barcode reader.  As the Files are scanned they are automatically moved into the box and their disposition and location information are updated accordingly.

5. Double click on the file record and you will see the information has been updated.

Remember, when archiving or moving any records into a box you should always use the Retention module as this will automatically update all disposition and date fields rather then you having to do it manually.

To find out more about RecFind or Knowledgeone K1 training and consulting services please contact the Training Department.

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DocScan 3.0 Free Download











A 45 day FREE trial version of our recently released scanning software, DocScan 3.0  is now available from our website for immediate downloading.

DocScan 3.0 is the very latest document scanning software that will drive your scanner, read the barcode on the first page of your documents and then organize the scanned pages into multi-page TIFF and PDF files.

Not only can it scan color, merge and split images, OCR your documents and produce searchable PDF's, DocScan 3.0 is also a .NET application with significantly improved functionality and performance.

You can even use it with any EDRMS product!


Have any questions relating to this download? Go to http://www.knowledgeonecorp.com/support/freeemailsupport.htm

Or contact Knowledgeone Support

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Training News

K1 Corp's trainers Greg Warrilow and Trevor Coombs have been covering a lot of territory lately with activity taking place from far North Queensland all the way down to Tasmania. 

K1 Corp's Trevor Coombs a.k.a. "Yellow Crusader"

One of K1 Corp's training and consulting projects at Sydney Ferries has been keeping both trainers very busy lately. Sydney Ferries are making a significant transition from a purely paper based system to a full EDRM system, using RecFind 5. It has been a challenging and rewarding project, requiring a real change to the way Sydney Ferries has been handling its business records. Training will continue over the next few months.

In other news, Trevor Coombs (pictured) has been doing some charity work, taking part in the Yellow Crusade Walk for the Cancer Council in Sydney. The walk involved a three hour trek across Anzac, Pyrmont and Sydney Harbour Bridges via the Sydney CBD. As one of 100 participants, Trevor was dressed from top to toe in a bright yellow "Teletubby" like, costume. The crusaders managed to raise close to $30,000 for the cause.


Training Schedule 2008



July 2008
K1 User            
K1 Administrator            
RecFind User     28 - 29      
RecFind Administrator     29 - 30      
RecFind EDM            
RecFind Inactive            

August 2008
K1 User   11        
K1 Administrator   12 - 13        
RecFind User            
RecFind Administrator            
RecFind EDM            
RecFind Inactive            


To book your place at one of these upcoming training courses simply click here>>

To find out more about a RecFind or Knowledgeone K1 training course or to book training or consulting for your company please email the Training Department.

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Customer Feedback - have your say

What additional  EDRM/ECM products or services would you like us to provide?

Right now we provide EDRM and ECM software, training, consultancy, barcode readers, labels and ColorBar.

However, we would like to ask you:

  • "What else would you like us to provide?"
  • "What additional products and/or services could we provide to make your job easier?"
  • "Is there something you need that we don’t provide?"
  • "Is there something we could provide that would solve a problem and improve productivity?"

We would like to become a "one-stop-shop" as much as possible so please let us know your thoughts and requirements.

Please email Frank McKenna with your suggestions.

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Contact Update

Have you recently moved office or changed your contact details?

For any updates, simply send us your new particulars, as listed below, and email them to our Sales Department.

Please include the following details: Company Name, Contact Person, Designation, Address, Email Address, Telephone Number, Fax Number, and Customer Number.

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