Taking advantage of Forms Processing with RecFind 6

Achieving serious productivity gains

Are you tired of and frustrated with manual data entry and manual business processes?

Then you should take advantage of the NEW Forms Processing features within RecFind 6

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Forms Processing is where we extract text from pages during the document imaging process. We then use this text to automatically populate fields in the RecFind 6 database and do away with the need for labour-intensive and error-prone data entry.

We can capture numbers, names, amounts, etc., and do it all automatically as we scan paper documents.

The RecFind 6 product we use for Forms Processing is the High Speed Scanning Module, DocScan and RecScan. We can also optionally use RecFind 6 Xchange with DocScan for much more sophisticated database updating.

Why use Forms Processing?

  1. Automatically capture important information

  2. Speed up information processing

  3. Automate important business processes

  4. Save people time and money

  5. Do away with the need for manual data entry

What do you need to use Forms Processing with RecFind 6?

  1. The High Speed Scanning Module

  2. Xchange (free with every copy of RecFind 6)

Would you like a demonstration on how to use Forms Processing?

If so, just click here.

If you are scanning paper documents you are missing out on serious productivity gains if you are not using Forms Processing as part of the document scanning process.

  1. It isnít expensive

  2. It isnít difficult

  3. The benefits are measurable and immediate

What applications benefit from Forms Processing?

  1. Records management;

  2. Document management;

  3. HR management;

  4. Contract management; and

  5. Any business process where you receive paper that requires scanning and data entry

Please talk to us about how to better automate your business processes using Forms Processing.

Best Regards,

Frank McKenna | Knowledgeone Corporation
CEO & Sales & Marketing Director

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