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  Please talk to us and invest in some Training or Consultancy by the RecFind 6 experts from Knowledgeone Corporation
  Training/Consultancy is not a cost; it is an investment. An investment in your people, an investment in greater productivity and an investment in reduced costs.
  We have hundreds of examples of where learning about just a single feature in RecFind 6 (like the Clone feature for example) has saved a customer thousands of man hours.
  Training/Consultancy can also save you tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of dollars in replacement software cost (because RecFind can already do what you need to be done) as well as saving you tens of thousands of dollars by increasing the productivity of your staff.



K1 Corp can provide you with customised onsite or online training. Each training session is done on your RecFind 6 test database, using your data and configuration, so it is familiar and totally relevant. The training is focused around your daily processes. 


Learn about:

Advanced searching - a "Google-like" search which enables you to search the entire database. Reduce your time finding records.

Saved searches - save your favourite searches, even BOOLEAN searches with variables, and re-run at any time.
Advanced reporting – write customised reports.
Scheduled reporting- schedule your reports to run on a daily, weekly basis. No need to remember.
The NEW Multi-level Security in the DRM – give your Administrators differing levels of security.
Publishing documents to your Website



Ask us to show you how you can make use of all of RecFind 6's advanced but 'standard' features to provide solutions, not just to manage your physical records and electronic documents but also to manage:

HR records



In addition:


Ask us to show you how you can integrate RecFind 6 with your other business applications like Microsoft Office, SharePoint, Membership Systems, Legacy Systems, etc.


Invest in the product you already “own”; invest in your staff and invest for increased productivity and reduced costs – invest in training/consultancy because you want to improve how your organization works.


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  Best Regards,

Frank McKenna | Knowledgeone Corporation
CEO & Sales & Marketing Director

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