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April 2007

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CEO's Report


Hi All,


The new product release cycle continues this year with Knowledgeone 1.5 just shipped, GEM and RecCapture for K1 about to ship and the new DocScan (for both RecFind and K1 customers) now in final testing.

Both GEM and RecCapture incorporate our new server-centric (nothing to install on the workstation), rules-driven (they operate as expert systems) and fully-automatic (there is nothing for end-users to do) document management paradigm. GEM for emails and RecCapture for all other types of electronic documents. These are the first EDRMS products you can literally roll-out in days rather than the months or years required for traditional client-centric solutions. Products of this type are the future of all EDRMS solutions.

The new DocScan has a host of new capabilities including color and the ability to split and merge image files. It has also been tested against the latest versions of the TWAIN driver and the latest range of scanners. It is a new .NET product (not a rewrite of the old DocScan) and solves all of the performance and compatibility problems of the old DocScan.

We are also working on the brand new RecFind 6, K1 version 2.0 and a new RecFind service pack (performance improvements for both RecFind 5 and the Button). As you have heard me say many times before, “This is your ASU dollars in action”.

Anyone who has been a customer of ours for a few years will know for a fact that we continually invest in new and improved products (and have done continuously since 1984). Oh, and yes you can run the RecFind 5.0 client and K1 1.5 client on a Vista PC with no changes required. However, be cautious with your Vista rollout because our testing has uncovered a lot of incompatibilities between Vista and other software.

We run Vista because we have to certify and test our products. However, I would be reluctant to rollout the first version of Vista in any commercial organization because I just don’t see enough gains to offset the massive pain involved with incompatible software and hardware plus the massive cost of upgrading PCs and retraining users (and the same goes for Office 2007). As an end user, I am struggling to see any real benefits of a move from XP to Vista. I can live without fancier graphics and gadgets and as for the ‘improved’ security; well you just need to watch the Apple ads on TV. My advice would be to at least wait for the first update.

We are also working on a new integration with a product called pdfDocs from a company called DocsCorp (www.docscorp.com). See below for more information on this integration.

I am off in a couple of weeks to Boston for the AIIM Expo where we have taken a stand and will be promoting Knowledgeone. Please come along and see us if you are around Boston at that time.

Best Regards,

Frank McKenna, CEO


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New K1 Version 1.5 Audio Visual Presentations

We have added two new audio visual product tours to our website as an introduction to Knowledgeone v1.5. Simply click on the links below to view these presentations. Note: the movies will start when the Screen cast loader reaches 10%.

Welcome to Knowledgeone (K1) - NEW v1.5
Knowledgeone Corporation's CEO, Frank McKenna, introduces, presents and demonstrates K1 version 1.5. Running time: 20 minutes

Using Knowledgeone's Multiple Personalities (K1) - NEW v1.5
Knowledgeone is much more than just a single source of knowledge. It is a multi-tasking application solution, a single product that can process multiple applications simultaneously. Learn how you can solve all of your business needs with one application. Also see how Knowledgeone K1's powerful security system handles access to tables, fields and methods.

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Sneak Preview of RecFind 6.0

Get an early peek at the next generation of RecFind.

Click here to take a tour of the new look RecFind 6.0

Note, that this is only an early prototype of RecFind 6.0 and that some features (icons etc) may change for the final release.

This tour contains has no sound - captions only.

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Knowledgeone Products to Integrate with pdfDocs

We are currently working on a new integration with a product called pdfDocs from a company called DocsCorp (www.docscorp.com).This essentially involves integrating pdfDocs with both the RecFind and K1 Buttons.

pdfDocs is a desktop product that converts electronic documents into PDF format. The integration allows you to call the RecFind or K1 Button direct from pdfDocs and add the new PDF document to either the RecFind or K1 database in an easy and seamless manner from within the native application (e.g., Word, Excel or Outlook).

We will provide you with more details in a few weeks as we get closer to release. For more information about pdfDocs please email pdfdocs@docscorp.com

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Visit us at AIIM 2007


Knowledgeone Corp will be attending the 2007 AIIM Expo at the Boston Convention Center in Boston MA, April 17 through April 19.

We will be showcasing the very latest version of Knowledgeone and it's new 'add-on' products, GEM, RecCapture and Tacit.

Our CEO, Frank McKenna, will be at the stand for the full three days and will be more than happy to meet with you and answer any questions you may have.

For those of you on a tight time schedule, if you would like to make a booking to meet with Frank please contact Marketing at your earliest convenience.

**FREE - Expo Hall Pass** If you would like to receive a free pass into the AIIM Expo Hall please contact Marketing.

We look forward to seeing you there!

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RMAA 'Technology as a Tool' Seminar

When: May 8, 2007 - 8.30 am
Where: Port Jackson Room
Carlton Crest Hotel
169-179 Thomas Street
Sydney, NSW, Australia

Attend the 'Technology as a Tool' Seminar on the 8th May during Information Awareness Month and hear Frank McKenna (Knowledgeone Corp's CEO) speak about where records/information management technology is going, what's on the technology horizon and how that technology can/will be used.

For more information visit: http://rmaa.com.au

or go to: http://informationawarenessmonth.com.au/event/index.cfm?ID=11

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Customer Focus

Below is an excerpt taken from a case study provided by Barbara Brown, Records Manager at Clermont County Records Center in Ohio, USA.

Barbara provides valuable advice for other users upgrading from RecFind to K1 - the preparation required, the business/configuration decisions they made, how they introduced K1 to their users and lots more.

Clermont County Records Center
Written by Barbara Brown, Records Manager

What does your organization do?

We are the Records Management Division of Clermont County, Ohio. Our primary function is to manage and control accumulated records for county offices, agencies and departments while assuring availability to the public. We protect and preserve these records in a professional, economical and efficient manner through the utilization of database, scanning and microfilm technology while maintaining compliance to state and local government regulations.

How do you use Knowledgeone K1 (K1) within your organization? Do you only use it in one dept or various depts.?

Our organization utilizes K1 primarily to manage records here in our facility. We have a 9,500 square foot renovated County Building that we store box records in and we use K1 as our database. Almost half of our records contain retention periods 7 years and lower and the rest are mostly permanent retention. We use K1 and the wonderful Clone feature to consistently process incoming records for thirty-seven departments at an extremely productive rate. Since we moved into this renovated County Building and we don’t have to pay a lease, it is imperative that we maintain operations within this facility. If we did not have a database that could process records so quickly and effectively, we would have expanded out of this building as we were full when we moved in.

All records that contain a permanent retention are scanned, microfilmed and then attached to their coordinating metadata profile within K1. This provides the end user which is the department, the ability to retrieve their own records instead of having to constantly call a records center to gain access to information. Of course, this is really what the departments want, information right at their fingertips (desktops). Because we destroy the paper records once microfilmed and attached to K1, we are consistently freeing up valuable storage space for incoming records, thus maintaining operations within our facility.

We also use K1 at our Auditor’s Office where we have set up an internal document scanning program for them. They scan their accounting vouchers directly into K1 and then allow other designated County employees to search and retrieve this information within K1. This reduces the amount of staff required to constantly retrieve voucher information and then copy, fax or scan it to the County employee who needs it. Also, it protects the integrity of the documents since they can’t be misfiled, as in the past, which is unacceptable especially when you are subject to a State Audit every year.

What areas outside of records management do you see K1 being rolled out to?

I can see K1 as being able to assist our County with managing information within our Human Resources, Help Desk and Countywide Email systems. Since I have built the records management personality of K1, I would like to build a Human Resources database within K1 so our Human Resources department can eventually become paperless while at the same time being able to work more efficiently. Also, we have an ever increasing problem with our users not managing their email accounts because they say they don’t know how to determine retention. This is where I believe K1 can help our users classify emails so we can manage that information better. We have new legislation here in the US, House Bill 9 and E-Discovery that will be forcing local governments into better records management practices. It isn’t just about managing the paper records anymore, it is about managing information. We do have a help desk that does have a system for processing their requests, but it is quite generic and I know K1 would streamline their processes.

Click here to read the Clermont County case study in it's entirety...

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Tips & Tricks

How do I e-mail enable K1?

Email enabling K1 is quite straight forward.

K1 comes preconfigured with a scheduled task that automatically sends out e-mails waiting in a queue every minute. To email enable any function within K1 all you have to do is place an e-mail into this queue.

Where’s the Email Queue?

The e-mail queue is a table called EmailNotification. It consists of three fields, they are:

  • RecipientID – The internal ID of the intended email recipient from the Person record (Note: K1 sends the e-mail to the WorkEmail address specified for the person)
  • Subject – The subject of the email (limited to 200 characters)
  • BodyText – The body of the email (limited to 2000 characters)

How to put an Email into the Queue?

Using triggers you can add any custom processing logic to K1. Triggers are instructions which automatically occur when you either add, modify and/or delete a record from a table.

Using the DRM any table can have a trigger applied to insert the necessary information in to the EmailNotification table. For more information please refer to the K1 online help and documentation.

An Example

For an example implementation, please see 'FAQ: How do I e-mail enable K1?'. In this FAQ we add a trigger to the EDOC table so the delegate receives an e-mail.

Note: The example requires K1 v1.4a or higher to be installed.

Searching Multiple Fields for the same Keywords

K1 v1.5 saw the introduction of Boolean searches. Boolean searches allow you to construct extremely detailed and powerful searches, using a simple GUI client window. Please refer to the K1 Online Help for more information.

One of the most powerful features of the K1 Boolean Search function is the ability to define a variable. This means that when a user replays a saved Boolean search, you can prompt them for certain values to use with your search.

An Example

We have recently added an article to our website's Knowledgebase section that illustrates how to use the Boolean Search for searching multiple fields for the same keyword.

Note: this article only applies if you are running K1 v1.5 or higher.

Click here to view the FAQ on Boolean Searching

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2007 Training Schedule



April 2007
K1 User   16        
K1 Admin   17 - 18        
RecFind Active     16 - 17      
RecFind Admin     18 - 19      
RecFind EDM     20      

May 2007
K1 User     28     14
K1 Admin     29 - 30     15 - 16
RecFind Active 30/4 - 1 7 - 8        
RecFind Admin 2 - 3 9 - 10        
RecFind EDM   11        
June 2007
K1 User 25     18    
K1 Admin 26 - 27     19 - 20    
RecFind Active            
RecFind Admin            
RecFind EDM            

To book your place at one of these upcoming training courses simply click on the following links:

Knowledgeone Courses: http://www.knowledgeonecorp.com/store/products.asp?pro=8

RecFind Courses:

If you have any questions regarding a RecFind or Knowledgeone K1 Training course or one of Knowledgeone Corp's Consulting services please email the Training Department.

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Contact Update

Have you recently shifted office or changed contact person?

For any updates, simply give us your new particulars, as listed below, and email them to our Sales Department.

Please include the following details:

Company Name, Contact Person, Designation, Address, Email Address, Telephone Number, Fax Number, and Customer Number

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