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February 2006

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CEO's Report


In keeping with Knowledgeone K1's new multilingual functionality...


Happy New Year - Bonne Année - Anno Nuovo Felice - Próspero Año Nuevo - Kαλή Xρονιά - Glückliches Neujahr - Het Gelukkige Nieuwjaar - Feliz Ano Novo - с новым годом


Knowledgeone K1 version 1.2 is about to move to production and will begin shipping to all Knowledgeone K1 SQL server customers within two weeks or so.

The Oracle version of this release (actually called version 1.3) will also begin shipping to all Oracle customers within four weeks or so. Note that 1.3 will be the first ‘merged’ SQL/Oracle release. We apologize for the delay to our Oracle customers but there are literally thousands of differences between the SQL and Oracle stored procedures that needed an extra and lengthy test regime. With all future releases, the Oracle release will no longer be delayed and will ship concurrently with the SQL release.

Version 1.2/1.3 includes fixes for all problems reported by customers and our internal test team and also includes many subtle improvements throughout the product, (e.g., improved range searches and the ability to now configure link fields by Type Code).

Most importantly, this release includes the Xchange K1 Import/Export Engine and API. This is a free product and it enables you to import data from virtually any source and to export any table in industry standard XML format. Xchange K1 can be run either manually or fully automatically via the Windows Scheduler.

This shipment also includes two new products, the Mini-API K1 (the K1 equivalent of the RecQuery-TC API) and Scan K1 (the K1 equivalent of the RecScan product in the High Speed Scanning Module, HSSM). These products will be shipped to those customers with the RecQuery-TC API and the HSSM.

We have also included PDF versions of the help screens on the CDs. There was a bug in our help processor (we have since developed a workaround) that prevented us providing printable versions of the help screens in version 1.0.

For the IT/IS managers, we are pleased to report that this version has been tested and certified against .NET Framework 2.0 and SQL Server 2005. For our Oracle customers, please be aware that you will require Oracle 10g for Knowledgeone K1.

We have also improved support for Proxy Servers and have improved the RecFind2K1 conversion program so that it now handles large RecFind EDMS databases and large electronic documents and images much better and faster.

All that is now left to complete the Knowledgeone K1 product suite is GEM K1 and RecCapture K1. More on these two products next month.

For those of you who have already installed Knowledgeone K1 version 1.0, simply install version 1.2 as an upgrade. For those of you who have not yet installed version 1.0, simply install version 1.2 as an initial installation. There is no need to install 1.0 first.

Once GEM K1 and RecCapture K1 have shipped we will begin work on Knowledgeone K1 version 2.0. This will be a major upgrade and all development will be done using .NET 2005 (version 1.0 and 1.2/1.3 were built using .NET 2003). The version 2.0 development plan currently includes about ten man years of work so expect to see it sometime in the first half of 2007 or thereabouts.

And a final word on RecFind, our old friend. I have had many emails and calls asking how long we will continue to support RecFind now that Knowledgeone K1 has been released. Let me repeat what I have said in previous newsletters. We will continue to support RecFind for as long as our customers use it. We expect that to be at least another five (5) years. Evidence of this commitment is now on our website, RecFind 5.0.0F as a download.

We are now basically a two product line company, the RecFind product suite and the Knowledgeone K1 product suite. We don’t see this changing for a long time to come.

Knowledgeone K1 is a generic application solution (or even a .NET rapid application development system) that empowers the sophisticated user allowing them to change almost anything with impunity and to solve almost any business processing problem. It is a new genre of software application and a true 21st century solution utilizing the very latest technology and architectures to provide a completely new and innovative way to solve information management problems.

RecFind is a tried and proven records and document management and imaging solution that utilizes client server architecture to provide an incredibly stable, scalable and comprehensive solution to the application needs of electronic document and records management users. It just works day after day and handles everything you throw at it without fuss or complaint.

So, to reiterate, we will be marketing, selling, installing and supporting the RecFind product suite alongside the Knowledgeone K1 product suite for many, many years to come. This is appropriate because they are two very different products providing very different solutions to common business problems.

Best Regards,

Frank McKenna, CEO


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Training Update

The last six months have been extremely busy for the Professional services team. We have finally completed the K1 training manuals and have started providing onsite training at customer's sites. Our first scheduled course will be in Brisbane, Australia in March.


We are very excited about the prospect of training users on K1 as it has so much versatility and it will be interesting to see how people foresee their organization using it.


Click here for the K1 course descriptions

RecFind training has not disappeared although it will probably be held less often. If we find a course is in demand we will schedule one on the fly. So if you are still interested in RecFind training please let us know so we can put courses together.

We are also trying out a few scheduled courses for our customers outside of the metropolitan areas. At the moment we are looking at holding a course for all our customers in the Pilbara region of Western Australia and possibly one in the far North Coast of Queensland as well. So if you have several RecFind users in your area and are tired of travelling to the capital cities, get a minimum of 5 people together and a training room and one of our Trainers will come and train our scheduled courses for you.


We look forward to seeing you on one of our courses!


If you are interested in attending either a RecFind or K1 Training course or in one of our Consulting services please contact us by emailing the Training Department.


From the Professional Services Team
– Michelle McKenna, Greg Warrilow and Angelita Elinon-Yu.


Upcoming Australian Training Schedule


March 2006

RecFind Active



K1 User 20 27 7      
K1 Admin 21-22 28-29 8-9      
K1 DRM 23 30 10      

May 2006

RecFind Active

K1 User   22 8   1  
K1 Admin   23-24 9-10   3-4  
K1 DRM   25 11      

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Tips & Tricks

Using Knowledgeone K1 For Asset Management
By Knowledgeone Corp's Accountant, Samantha O'Brien

As any accountant will agree, Asset Management Systems are very cumbersome - there is either too much functionality or too little! With very few ‘off the shelf’ products that even come close to an 80% fit to your requirements, accountants often resort to spreadsheets and manual systems to maintain the company's assets.

When I was first given K1 to look at I could immediately see the advantages of such a flexible system. I did however decide to wait until I could utilize the Xchange K1 program (the import/export component of K1) which is included with the next release of K1, version 1.2.

Xchange K1 is very powerful tool and to my relief I was able to easily import all our existing asset data into the K1 database. With hundreds of small assets, especially software, we needed an import program that would populate more than one table and create/update any table links required. For example, linking staff members to what software they use etc.

Here are a few tips we discovered when doing the import;

  • Make a list of the fields and the type of the fields you will be importing.
  • Check to see if there are corresponding fields pre-existing in your K1 database. If not create them. Also make sure that the field types correspond.
  • Make sure your data in the import file is valid.
  • Make a list of the fields that should be populated in more than one table and note the field/s that will be used to link them to the original table.

Xchange K1 will require this information when setting up your import. But don't worry too much, it's possible to go back and re-do the import if you need to alter your settings - but you will need to delete the data which was imported.

Below is an example of the list we made before we did our import. There could be any number of link tables so you will need to decide how many columns you require.

When we compiled our list we first established which tables K1 uses for its Asset Management 'personality'. This information was found in the K1 help screens where it lists all the various ‘out-of-the-box’ applications and the tables that each one uses. Once we knew the tables we then went and looked at all the fields and decided where best our data should be stored.

Import File Field Field Type K1 Table.Field  K1 LinkTable.Field K1 LinkTable.Field
Asset ID Numeric Metadata.TypeID Depreciation .TypeID  
Location Text Metadata.LocationID Depreciation.LocationID Location.LocationID

Anyone who has migrated to a new Asset Management System will appreciate this functionality of updating multiple tables and creating links as an essential part of importing data.

Since doing the K1 Corp Asset Register we have now also imported all our employee information from our HR system and had the same success with the trouble-free transference of the data.

K1 is an extremely flexible database and our Asset Management and HR data is now exactly how we want it. There are only the tables, fields and reports that are relevant to our company and this has made training of new staff easier - no longer do they have to contend with fields and tables that require data which is of no relevance to the way we manage our assets.

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Knowledgeone K1 Papers

We have recently uploaded some papers on how to utilize the various 'personalities' of our new product Knowledgeone K1.

Current RecFind users should find the paper 'Using Knowledgeone K1 as a Records Management Solution especially valuable when upgrading.

We will continue to add to this collection over the coming year.

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Who's Upgrading to K1?

National Assembly of Wales (NAW)

We are pleased to announce that we have just signed the National Assembly of Wales up to a new 75 concurrent user K1 license (this is just the initial, 'get the project started' sale).

The NAW is going through a major reorganization and has been told that it needs to absorb 5 other government agencies and about 6,000 staff. The final number of K1 licenses is expected to be around 2,000.

NAW also has to absorb/import/update all of the corporate records from these other agencies and needed a solution that could be installed, configured and rolled out in a manner of weeks; such is the urgency of the project. K1 was chosen as the only (and best) solution; the only product able to handle their complex requirements and timeframe.

As well as providing software we are providing the formal K1 training and the technical and application consultancy.

The work to be done to complete the rollout includes the merging and importing of two RecFind sites plus the conversion and importing of five 'other' records management systems from other agencies. In addition, all imported records will need to be reappraised and a new File Plan and Retention Schedule applied. The fact that the records management personality in K1 is built around a File Plan was also a major factor in winning this business.

Obviously, K1 version 1.2, the RecFind2K1 conversion program, the RecFind site Merge program, the DRM and Xchange K1 are the keys. These programs provide the functionality, ease of use and 'smarts' our competitors could not match.

And yes, the fact that K1 is multilingual (and supports the Welsh language) was a factor.

Norfolk Island Administration (NIL)

Norfolk Island Library have been using an old GMB product called LibFind, which was originally introduced in 1988. LibFind has given them many years of service until almost 20 years later it finally stopped working.

Norfolk Island Administration chose Knowledgeone K1 as the application in which to design their new library system. With the help of Knowledgeone Corporation's Technical and Professional Services, a new system was designed and a data conversion from LibFind conducted. Library staff can now classify new books according to the Dewey Standard, record information about borrowers, move books in and out of the library and conduct accurate item searches and reports.

As part of this process screens were customized with only relevant fields of information being displayed and the adaptation of library terminology within K1.

With the functionality of triggers and stored procedures in K1, it will now be possible to send out email reminders when a borrowers membership is about to expire and to send out email reminders that books are due back or overdue.

Bombala Shire Council

Bombala Shire Council became a RecFind user in 2002. Greg Warrilow, K1 Corp's Trainer/Consultant recently visited Bombala to conduct a K1 training course. They are currently reconfiguring K1 to meet their specific requirements before going 'Live'. Bombala also plan to import several different databases from Microsoft Access at the same time with Xchange K1, providing users with a single application for all their information management needs.

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Faces of K1 Corp

Meet our new recruits who are ready to assist with your Knowledgeone K1 training, implementation and installation.

Corey Thompson - Presales Consultant
Corey Thompson - Presales Consultant at Knowledgeone Corporation


Corey has over 10 years of experience working with software vendors and solution providers. He spent 3 years in London as an International Presales Consultant working with some of the biggest publishing companies in the world, before returning home to “settle down”. Corey enjoys football (that’s soccer to you) and playing the guitar; although he confesses he’s not very good at it – “I’ve found that it’s a great way to annoy the neighbors”. Corey is working towards completing his MBA and aspires to spend more time with his 6 month old daughter Amelie and wife Emma.

Darren Lyons - Support Specialist

Darren Lyons - Support Specialist at Knowledgeone Corporation


Darren was born in the land of warm beer, infrequent bathing and frequent rain - otherwise known as England. He went to the University of Plymouth, studied Oceanography and Astronomy and after graduating found that there was no money in this and moved into IT. After working in several locations across the UK trying to find a gap in the blanket cloud cover he decided to migrate to Australia in 2002 to bask in the sunshine. He studied a post graduate IT course at the UTS and gratefully gained a permanent residency in 2004. When not at work he can usually be found bobbing around in the Ocean on a surfboard trying to make up for many years of being stuck indoors in England.

Angelita Elinon-Yu - Trainer/Consultant

Angelita Elinon-Yu - Trainer/Consultant at Knowledgeone Corporation


Angelita had her first piano recital at age 3. She then started the flute at age 10. She went on to pursue her Master’s and Doctorate in Business Administration and MA and PhD in Special Education. Between that first piano recital and the PhD degree, she accumulated more than twenty years of IT experience as a systems analyst, business process consultant, and builder of integrated systems. She was also a university professor of IT, business management, and creativity courses. For companies, she designed and facilitated professional continuing education programs on workflow, business process, and change management. To date, she continues to play the piano and a gold-lipped Gemeinhardt flute. On breaks, she works at Knowledgeone as a Trainer Consultant.

Yiannis Pipertzis - Software Testing Specialist

Yiannis Pipertzis - Software Testing Specialist at Knowledgeone Corporation


Yiannis used to live in Camden on the outskirts of Sydney where he didn't really know or hear about computers. That all changed when he moved closer to the city to the Sutherland shire. He found himself using computers a lot throughout high school and picked up computer engineering at university. Three years in, Yiannis decided to get his hands dirty and get out into the workforce. Yiannis's job at Knowledgeone Corp is to drive the programmers crazy by testing the various products and finding all of their bugs. Outside of work he loves being active and he body builds and cycles regularly. Some say the gym is his second home. He also enjoys hanging out with friends and squeezes in some time for video games when possible.

Samantha McKenna - Corporate Account Manager

Samantha McKenna - Corporate Account Manager at Knowledgeone Corporation


You may recognize her name...Sam is the prodigal daughter of Frank and Kay McKenna and previously worked for GMB. Sam recently returned from the UK after a 2 year jaunt and discovered that not only had the office moved but there was also a new company name...(but do you think she got the hint?? -:)) Sam is about to be consumed by a massive Sydney mortgage and undertake an archeological dig into her possessions in storage. She has quickly got back up to speed with K1 and K1 Corp.

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Contact Update

Have you recently shifted office or changed contact person?

For any updates, simply give us your new particulars, as listed below, and email them to our Sales Department at sales@knowledgeonecorp.com

Please include the following details:

Company Name, Contact Person, Designation, Address, Email Address, Telephone Number, Fax Number, and Customer Number

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