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August 2009

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CEO's Report

Frank McKenna, K1 Corp CEO

Hi and welcome to our 25th year of designing innovative information management solutions.

RecFind 6 is about the 7th major rewrite of RecFind (I lose count) since the very first and iconic BTOS version in 1986.

We have used all versions of Microsoft software since DOS and almost every database since Microsoft ISAM. We have also been a Microsoft partner (ISV) continuously since 1984.

RecFind has run on MSDOS PCs, B20's, AS/400s, mainframes, almost every flavour of UNIX and every version of Intel's servers and workstations.

RecFind has been written in almost every programming language including COBOL and every version of Microsoft's development software up to and including the very latest .NET 2008 Visual Development Studio.

During the last 25 years we have designed and delivered around 30 individual products but RecFind continues to be the mainstay and our flagship.

RecFind 6 is also the best product we have ever built. Maybe I am just getting smarter as I get older? Or, maybe I just happen to have the best possible people working for me?

The latter statement is certainly true. Great software like RecFind 6 only happens if there is a committed and really smart team behind it. RecFind 6 is not the product of one person (as the very first RecFind was) it is the product of everyone at Knowledgeone Corporation and it is the product of all of our customers who have contributed ideas and suggestions over the years.

RecFind 6 may well be a revolution in terms of what an application can do but it is also an evolution of the RecFind product line over 24 years. It is representative of our corporate memory and of our customers' contributions. I have lost track of the actual number of RecFind installations we have done around the world but I know it is a very large number and I know we learned something from every one. To this day every single customer uses our software differently and every single customer has something to teach us.

RecFind 6 version 2.0 included a host of suggestions from customers, the first update version 2.1 includes more and the next update (2.2) includes more that I gathered personally from visiting customers beginning to work with version 2.0.

We are now finalizing and testing version 2.2 and working on version 3.0 (this will be the first version certified under Windows 7, the replacement for Vista).

Sometimes people ask me if I am bored with doing the same thing for 25 years and the answer is absolutely not because I am not doing the same thing. I still have the best and most interesting job in the world because every day I get to work on something new. I also work with fantastic people and I get to visit fantastic customers. It is a sobering thought that some customers have been RecFind users since 1986. There can't be too many cases of this in the world. It makes me feel very humble but also very proud and the credit has to go to my very loyal and long serving staff who have always understood that the customer is king.

RecFind 6 isn't just a software product, it is the company and the people behind it and I am lucky enough to have the best people in the world working for me. I also understand each and every day how lucky we are to have the customers we have. Thank you.

Best Regards,

Frank McKenna, CEO

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Knowledgeone Corporation Achieves Australian VERS Certification

We are pleased to announce that the Public Record Office of Victoria (PROV) has certified RecFind 6 under the Victorian Electronic Record Strategy or VERS Version 2 Specifications 1-5.

VERS is the Victorian solution for electronic recordkeeping. It is a framework of standards, guidance and implementation projects which is centred around the goal of reliably and authentically archiving electronic records. VERS is designed to allow the cost effective long-term preservation of digital records. VERS also gives priority to the need to capture consistent and adequate metadata, which provides a context for records, so that any user looking at any record, now or in the future, can properly understand the context and meaning of a given record.

RecFind 6 was designed to include all of the functionality required to meet any compliance or legislative requirement as well as capture and manage content of any type including digital assets. RecFind 6 was also designed around ISO 15489, the world records management standard. It is our bible as RecFind 6 is first and foremost, a professional quality, fully-featured records and document management solution. Records management has always been and continues to be our core business.

The DRM tool provided free of charge with every copy of RecFind 6 plus the integrated report writer makes it easy to modify almost any aspect of RecFind 6 (i.e., data model, business process or report). This in turn makes it really easy to meet the specific, detailed application requirements of any new or changed standard. You do not need to wait on the vendor to design and implement the changes required for a new or changed standard; you can easily do it in hours or minutes using the high level tools supplied free with RecFind 6.

By using the RecFind 6 DRM to modify and create multiple Metadata models and any number of business processes, you need never have a problem meeting even the most rigid and detailed compliance requirement if you use RecFind 6.

More information on Knowledgeone Corporation's VERS certification is available on the VERS website see

Frank McKenna will be in our Melbourne office the week beginning August 17 and would love to meet with you and your team to discuss how RecFind 6 can meet all of your EDRMS requirements. If you would like to meet with Frank please email or call (Ph: 02-8913-9301) with a suggested date and time. Please allow one and a half hours for the appointment so that there is enough time to cover everything you wish to discuss.

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RecFind back in SA

Career Opportunity at K1 Corp

Knowledgeone Corp are currently advertising for a Records & Document Management (EDRMS) Consultant in Adelaide. If you know of anyone who could do this role please forward them this SEEK ad.

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Free RecFind 6 Seminar

Click here to register

Friday, 28th August 2009

Enterprise House Function Centre
Room 2
136 Greenhill Road
Unley, SA, 5061

» Click here for more information

After a very long hiatus we are most pleased to announce that we are once again able to market our records and document management products to South Australian government agencies.

We won the first five-year Whole of Government (WOG) panel with RecFind 3.2 in 1995 and this resulted in RecFind (3.2 and 4.0) being licensed for 43,000 desktops within the SA government by the end of 2000.

However, we were not part of the subsequent two panel contracts and this has left thousands of users in SA still using very old versions of our products. The fact that they are still running and doing the job in 2009 is however, strong testimony to their functionality and robustness. RecFind has long been acknowledged as an incredibly stable and durable product.

Fully aware of the pending cessation of the existing EDRMS panel on July 31 2009 we have been working with the SA government for some time to ensure that our latest product RecFind 6 meets all of the coming new requirements (including full VERS certification).

The following link details the new requirements as described by State Records.

South Australian Government New EDRMS Requirements

We are pleased to announce that we believe RecFind 6 meets or exceeds all of these requirements.

We will celebrate this important event by both re-opening our Adelaide support office and by offering our loyal SA government customers the opportunity to upgrade their old versions of RecFind to RecFind 6 from August 1, 2009.

Note that all agencies are required to follow the evaluation and certification processes laid down by State Records prior to purchasing any solution. That is, there will be no centralized certification process; it is up to each agency to determine if RecFind 6 complies. Please speak to State Records if you need clarification on this approach.

This upgrade offer is a significantly lower cost way to acquire what we believe is the world's most modern and capable electronic document and records management system (EDRMS). It is an important concession when the world is experiencing the worst economic downturn since the Great Depression and it should allow SA government agencies to significantly reduce their planned expenditures on new EDRMS.

Frank McKenna will be in Adelaide the week beginning August 31 and would love to meet with you and your team to discuss how RecFind 6 can meet all of your EDRMS requirements. If you would like to meet with Frank please email or call (Ph: 02-8913-9301) with a suggested date and time. Please allow one and a half hours for the appointment so that there is enough time to cover everything you wish to discuss.

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RecFind 6 v2.0 Service Pack 1

Service Pack 1 for RecFind 6 v2.0 has been released and is now available from our website for immediate downloading.

RecFind 6 Version 2.0, Service Pack 1 contains all enhancements and fixes made since the initial release of RecFind 6 v2.0. For a complete list of these changes please refer to the 'Release Notes' (see below).

Once this service pack is installed, it will be the equivalent to RecFind 6 version 2.1.


Customers MUST have already installed RecFind 6 v2.0 prior to installing any of these service packs.

Please note that the Server service pack will perform a database update. As this update can not be "undone" if you experience issues, please ensure that a database backup is performed prior to installing the service pack.

Release Notes

To view release notes, click here.

Note: Adobe Acrobat Viewer is required to view the release notes.

Download Service Pack

To download the service packs and view the release notes, please see the "Downloads/Service Packs" area of our website:

Click here to download RecFind 6 v2.0 Services Pack 1

Support for 64 bit Operating Systems

If you are using a 64 bit operating system and/or using Microsoft SQL Server 2008 you will require a RecFind v2.1 CD-ROM in order to complete the installation. Please contact Support to request a CD.

Please contact Knowledgeone Support should you have any questions relating to the service pack.

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Latest Product Releases

RecFind 6 Configuration Import Tool

The Configuration Import Tool allows your RecFind 6 configuration settings to be transferred from one RecFind 6 system to another. This means that any configuration changes made through the DRM on one system can be transferred simply and easily using the Configuration Import Tool and therefore preventing double entering of settings.

For example, you can make confirm changes in your Test license system and then copy them to your Production license system. This component is an Administrator only tool and comes free with RecFind 6 version 2.1.

The tool is available free of charge from our web site on the Downloads page.

Mini-API for RecFind 6

The RecFind 6 Mini-API, version 2.0, provides the ability for customers using RecFind 6 to create a link from an existing application to any table or object (blob) stored within RecFind 6's data repository. The Mini-API is an optional 'add-on' to RecFind 6.

RecCapture for RecFind 6

RecCapture for RecFind 6 automatically captures, analyzes, indexes and versions every electronic document your staff create and receive without involving additional work for the majority of your staff.

RecCapture includes both a sophisticated security system and a 'thin-client' search and inquiry tool that doesn't need to be installed on the desktop and one that provides instant secure access to any stored document. It is also a system where no one has the ability to delete or modify key documents. RecCapture for RecFind 6 is an optional 'add-on' to RecFind 6.

GEM for RecFind 6

GEM for RecFind 6 has just been released. GEM is Knowledgeone Corporation's fully automatic, rules-driven, server-centric E-mail Management System.

GEM connects directly to your e-mail server (Exchange, GroupWise or Domino) and automatically captures, classifies, stores and manages your corporate e-mail messages and attachments.

GEM is unique because it can capture all your incoming and outgoing e-mail messages from a central location without the need to install software on every PC in your organization that is running an e-mail client. This ensures that messages are never lost and because it is fully automatic and highly configurable (rules-driven) it also keeps your maintenance requirements to a minimum.

Any employee (subject to their security level) can easily search for, and instantly retrieve, any e-mail within the enterprise within the GEM browser client.

Retention and Workflow can be automatically allocated to selected e-mail messages as soon as they are received. GEM for RecFind 6 is an optional 'add-on' to RecFind 6.

For more information or to request a quotation please contact  Sales

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Product Decommission Notice for RecFind v5

Every software vendor needs to decommission old products in order to release support and development resources for newer products. In our case this means releasing people (programmers and support specialist) and servers.

With the release of RecFind v6 (December 2008), all RecFind 5 development has ceased and no further code changes will be made.

If a problem is identified in RecFind 5 that cannot be fixed by installing any of the current service packs we will advise the customer to upgrade to RecFind 6, or if the problem still exists in RecFind 6, a fix will be applied to RecFind 6 and released as a service pack.

Knowledgeone Corporation will cease all support of any kind for RecFind v5 (ie. v5.0.0A to v5.0.0J) from 31st December 2009. This is approximately 12 months after the release of RecFind v6, therefore providing ample time for customers to perform their upgrades.

If this notice causes you any concern please contact your account manager or email Support with your concerns.

To see which version of RecFind you are using simply run RecFind and then click the Help menu on the main toolbar. Then click 'about', you will see a version identification dialogue.

All versions of Professional and Corporate prior to version 5.0 (i.e., versions 2.5, 3.0, 3.1, 3.2 and 4.0) have been decommissioned since December 31, 2006. This means that there is no support OF ANY KIND for these products (including assistance with data transfer and data recovery).

If this notice causes you any concern please contact your account manager or email Sales with your concerns.

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Email Support now Free

A number of years ago we introduced our free e-mail support service, allowing customers with a current ASU agreement to obtain unlimited support via our web site.

To avoid confusion we have now decided that all support requests received via e-mail will also not require support incidents. Any customer with a current ASU agreement will now be able to obtain support by sending an email to Support at

We still encourage users to submit requests via the free e-mail support form on our web site as it will prompt you for important information that will assist us in diagnosing your issue more quickly, however it is no longer a requirement to avoid the incident charges.

Please note that email support is still for low priority issues only. If you require urgent support, please contact the Knowledgeone Corporation support department by phone (*this requires a pre-purchased support incident - order now).

Click here for free email support

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New White Papers

Frank McKenna has been busy tapping away at his computer writing papers on how to get the most from RecFind 6's new functionality and on current subjects topical to the information industry. Download the following papers from our website today!

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Customer Focus

We'd like to welcome the following companies as customers to our worldwide K1 Corp family.

Aaxis Pacific

Aaxis Pacific has selected its RecFind 6 product suite as its fully integrated Electronic Document and Records Management Solution (EDRMS).

Aaxis Pacific aims to be the leading provider of high quality surgical and medical products to the international healthcare community. Since 1985, Aaxis Pacific has established operations and manufacturing facilities throughout the world.

Aaxis Pacific will use Knowledgeone Corporation's fully automatic, rules-driven solutions GEM and RecCapture with RecFind 6 to automatically capture and index all corporate emails and electronic documents giving Aaxis total control of its business documents and the ability to meet and exceed any compliance standard.

Another key reason for the selection of RecFind 6 was the use of the very latest .NET 2008 'smart-client' technology. This allows Aaxis staff to use the same rich Windows client from anywhere in the world where there is an Internet connection. It also allows all Aaxis operations around the world to access information from a central server in Australia without the need for any special or expensive technology.

Government of Uganda, Ministry of Public Service

The Government of Uganda, Ministry of Public Service has chosen RecFind 6 as its new Electronic Document and Records management (EDRMS) solution.

The Ministry has chosen RecFind 6 to help it meet its strategic objectives which are listed as:

  • To ensure that the Public Service attracts, develops and retains high caliber staff.
  • To develop and maintain a competent, innovative and motivated Human Resource for the Public Service.
  • To develop appropriate organizational systems and structures for the public service that is responsive to the needs of the people.
  • To spearhead, coordinate, monitor and evaluate the public service reform program.
  • To ensure good governance, accountability and transparency in the public service.
  • To promote harmonious working relationships in Ministries, Departments, Agencies and Local Governments.

Support and consultancy staff from Knowledgeone Corporation's North Sydney head office will be flying to Uganda to install and configure the RecFind 6 software to train the key members of the Ministry’s staff.

Spark Infrastructure

Spark Infrastructure is a specialist infrastructure fund. Its objective is to invest in regulated utility infrastructure, both within Australia and overseas.

Spark have recently purchased RecFind 6 and the RecFind 6 Button for physical and electronic document management.

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RMAA International Conference - Adelaide

26th RMAA International Convention

Knowledgeone Corporation will again exhibit at the Australia's premier event for records management, the RMAA 26th International Convention "Striving 4 Balance" to be held 20-23 September 2009 at the Adelaide Convention Centre in Adelaide.

At this year's conference, we will be showcasing our new RecFind 6 Suite and be there to answer any questions you have.

Make sure you visit us at Stand No. 48.

To arrange an appointment or special viewing of our products and solutions at our stand, please contact Sales.

International User Group Meeting

We are trying to establish whether to coincide our International User Group meeting with the RMAA conference in Adelaide.

If you are attending the RMAA conference and would be interested in attending our user group meeting please email Marketing so that we can establish numbers.

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New Faces @ K1 Corp

Janine Morris - Records Management Consultant (Queensland)
Janine Morris - K1 Corp Records Management Consultant


We are most pleased to announce the appointment of Janine Morris as our new Records Management Consultant.

Janine has been working within the IT industry for more than 5 years - beginning as a Helpdesk Coordinator, supporting and coordinating multiple applications and then as a Trainer/Consultant. In the last three years she has been a dedicated Enterprise Content Management (ECM) Consultant, specializing in Local Government for both Australia and New Zealand.

In her spare time Janine likes spending time with family and friends either at the beach, fishing off the banks of a muddy river somewhere, or just relaxing at home.

Janine's role at K1 Corp is to visit clients on a regular basis to maximize their investment in K1 Corp products and to ensure that the solution is fully aligned with their business needs and goals. Janine's visits also assist us in better understanding the needs of our customers.

Why not contact Janine to arrange an initial visit to see if we can assist you in your implementation of RecFind or K1?

For a proposal of onsite services, please contact Sales or Michelle McKenna.


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Training Update

Enthusiasm for RecFind 6 has been high with students looking forward to getting their hands on the product when they return to work. The end users seem to like the new OCR/PDF functions when scanning documents as well as being able to scan from within the RecFind 6 Button application. They also like the new icons and interface, especially the ability to customize the colors and fonts.

RecFind 6 Training
Los Angeles, California

In March, Greg Warrilow conducted 4 days of RecFind 6 User/Admin training in Los Angeles, for staff from the Australian Defense Registry and CJ Segerstrom & Sons.

The second half of 2009 will see us conducting many more RecFind 6 upgrades, training and consultancies. With our new consultant in Brisbane, Janine Morris, we aim to continue to deliver the same high level of services that our customer base have come to expect.

RecFind 6 Training
Gannawarra Shire Council, Australia

In July, Gannawarra Shire Council in Kerang, Australia undertook RecFind 6 Upgrade Consulting. This service gave the staff confidence to implement RecFind 6 with 'flying colors'...

Upcoming Training Schedule - Australia

September 2009
RecFind User   7 - 8 7 - 8      
RecFind Admin   9 - 10 9 - 10      

October 2009
RecFind User           12 - 13
RecFind Admin           14 - 15

To book your place at one of these upcoming training courses simply click on the following links:

RecFind Courses:

If you have any questions regarding our Training courses or one of Knowledgeone Corp's Consulting services please email the Training Department.

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Contact Update

Have you recently shifted office or changed contact person?

For any updates, simply give us your new particulars, as listed below, and email them to our Sales Department.

Please include the following details:

Company Name, Contact Person, Job Title, Address, Email Address, Telephone Number, Fax Number, and Customer Number (if known)

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