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May 2006

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Welcome to the May edition of the Knowledgeone Corp Newsletter.


The last couple of month's have been very hectic so this months issue comes packed with twice the content.


After much testing and tweaking, we've officially released Knowledgeone K1 for Oracle which you can read more about below.


For all RecFind customers, we have finalized and released RecCapture - for fully automatic Electronic Records & Document Management.


We have also started to receive good, solid feedback from those sites implementing Knowledgeone K1.  In response to this feedback we are collating an informative FAQ section on our website. We have also scheduled a series of Free Information Seminars on K1 to further assist customers with the upgrade process.


This newsletter also contains a Show Case of Norfolk Island Administration (NIA) who have recently replaced their library management system and RecFind system with Knowledgeone K1. NIA developed a comprehensive series of stored procedures and triggers to implement their specific business processing requirements.


On top of all of this, we have also been developing an easy to use Ecommerce web site to sell and merchandise our products and services. Stay tuned for new products and services that will be on offer at this site!


Finally, the new GEM K1 (Email Management) for Knowledgeone K1 is nearly ready for beta testing and RecCapture for Knowledgeone K1 is well under way.


Anyway, enough from me. I'll leave you to enjoy the rest of the newsletter.


Until next time...


Sarah Forlico

Marketing Manager

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A Better Return On Your Investment (ROI)

Most customers use less than fifty-percent of the functionality of our products and most customers only use our products to solve a single business problem.

Most customers could therefore significantly improve their Return On Investment (ROI) on our products by:

  • Using more of the standard functionality to better solve the current business problem; and
  • Using the existing software and functionality to solve other business problems.

We obviously have a vested interest in making sure that our customers get the maximum return on their investment in our products. If the same investment can be used to solve multiple business problems then we obviously have a much more satisfied and much happier customer.

Please notice that I am talking about using your current licenses to provide more value to your organization. I am not talking about you buying additional licenses.

All RecFind and K1 user licenses are concurrent user and a single license can support far more than one 'real' user. Both RecFind and K1 have configurable data models, the ability to add and support any number of 'databases/datasets', sophisticated security systems (to separate different classes of users) and abundant functionality including imaging, electronic document management, workflow, archiving, etc.

I guarantee that I could walk into any of our customer sites and within a few hours:

a) Show them how to make better use of the existing product and provide a better solution to the current need; and

b) Show them how to solve other business needs using the existing software.

All of our products are highly flexible and highly configurable; they were designed to solve multiple business problems. If you are not using our products to solve multiple business problems then you are not getting the best return on investment, you are not getting full value from your investment in our software.

We have trained consultants that specialize in showing our customers how to do it better and how to do more using the existing software.

If you think there is scope within your organization to do more with our products please email me and tell me about it.

We will respond with our recommendations.

Best Regards,

Frank McKenna, CEO

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Knowledgeone K1 Version 1.3 For Oracle Now Shipping

Knowledgeone K1 Version 1.3 for Oracle is now shipping to those customers with Oracle database servers.

We apologize for the delay to our Oracle customers but there are literally thousands of differences between the SQL and Oracle version of K1 that it needed an extra and lengthy test regime.

*Important note for Oracle customers* - please be aware that you will require Oracle 10g Release 2 for Knowledgeone K1. Those customers that purchased Oracle Standard database software from K1 Corp/GMB and have a current Oracle Support contract will be sent Oracle 10g software with their K1 1.3 upgrade.

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Free Knowledgeone K1 Seminars

Knowledgeone Corporation will be holding half day, free information seminars to assist customers with their understanding and implementation of Knowledgeone K1.

These seminars will be applicable to Users, Administrators, IT Managers, Business Analysts and Managers.

In these seminars, you’ll discover:

  • The features & functions of Knowledgeone K1
  • The various ‘personalities’ of Knowledgeone K1
  • What to expect from your RecFind2K1 conversion
  • What considerations to be aware of prior to converting
  • What steps to take to ensure a smooth transition to Knowledgeone K1
  • What the RecFind2K1 conversion does
  • How long a conversion should take and be shown an example
  • How to use the Data Registration Module (DRM) to create a new table
  • How to use Xchange K1 to import data from 3rd party data sources

If you would be interested in attending a Knowledgeone K1 Seminar or have any questions please email Marketing. Invitations and further details will follow shortly.

Knowledgeone Seminar Dates

City/Country Scheduled Dates
Sydney, Australia Tuesday, 30th May 2006
Brisbane, Australia Tuesday, 6th June 2006
Melbourne, Australia Friday, 23rd June 2006
Hobart, Australia Thursday, 29th June 2006
Perth, Australia Friday, 7th July 2006
Adelaide, Australia TBA
Canada TBA

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RecCapture For RecFind Released

We are pleased to announce the release of RecCapture for RecFind version 5.0.0F.

The objective of RecCapture is to provide a totally automatic (no end user involvement), secure and rules-driven way to efficiently capture, store, index and action any electronic document.

The latest version now incorporates some of the new .NET code from the Knowledgeone K1 version of RecCapture significantly improving its performance and capabilities.

RecCapture for RecFind is now available and can be ordered by contacting your Corporate Account Manager or Sales Department

For more information, click here to download the RecCapture for RecFind Overview PDF from our website.

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K1 Store Opening Soon!

Knowledgeone Corporation will shortly launch a convenient new e-commerce site for the online sale and merchandising of its products and services.

This will be an extension to our current sales force, not a replacement. Customers that prefer to deal one-on-one with an account manager will still be able to do so.

The e-commerce site will allow customers to shop online from any location and at any time of the day.

Not only will it be convenient but it has been developed so that it will be easy to use.

All credit card transactions will be secured via a third party payment gateway.

Customers will be able to peruse through detailed information about the products and services on offer and then purchase the items when they are ready - making it pressure free.

Initially, we plan to use the site to sell training, support incidents, third party goods (e.g. barcode readers) and new products.

The e-commerce site should be available for use at the end of May or in early June. We will notify you of its launch and provide further information about the site and instructions on how to use it. Stay tuned!

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When Was Your Last Health Check?

Due to popular demand, Knowledgeone Corporation is pleased to announce a "Health Check" service for sites running RecFind or Knowledgeone product suites.

The "Health Check" service entails a technical expert attending your site for 2 days* and providing a thorough review of your installation, including:

  • Ensuring that your system is configured to provide maximum performance.
  • Review recovery procedures to ensure that data loss is avoided in the event of failure.
  • Review security configuration to ensure that data is adequately protected.
  • Install any available upgrades and service packs to ensure that you have the most stable version of the software installed.
  • Analyze any technical support issues.
  • Address any technical questions or concerns, providing general advice on system implementation.
  • Develop a site summary report containing pertinent information for Knowledgeone Corporation Support Centre staff to assist resolving issues more quickly when your site experiences issues.

We will provide a full detailed written report at the conclusion of the visit containing findings and recommendations. We will also discuss this document with your system administrator and technical staff.

This service is designed to ensure that you are getting the most out of your investment and avoid any unnecessary disruption to your business due to incorrect installation or configuration. For more information or pricing, please contact Sales.

* includes travel time

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Customer Focus

Norfolk Island Administration

Norfolk Island is a volcanic South Pacific Island that lies between Australia, New Zealand and New Caledonia at 29'02º S and 167'56º E. It is approximately 600 miles from Auckland, 1000 miles from Sydney, 900 miles from Brisbane and 500 miles from New Caledonia. It is a ‘self-governing’ Territory under the authority of the Commonwealth of Australia. That is a distinct and separate colony of the British Crown, supervised by Australia, not owned by Australia. In 1979 Australia passed the Norfolk Island Act, which provided for the framework of Norfolk Island's current political, judicial and administrative structure.

The island has an intriguing past. Once a British penal colony, the land of Norfolk Island was granted to the people of Pitcairn Island by Queen Victoria in 1858. The Pitcairners are the descendants of the HMAS Bounty mutineers who settled on Pitcairn Island. Speaking the Norfolk language, with influences of Georgian English and Tahitian, the people are very welcoming, making Norfolk Island and its people truly unique.

Since 1979, Norfolk Island Administration (NIA) has had the responsibility of ensuring that the administration of the Norfolk Island government runs smoothly and productively.

In 1993 Norfolk Island Administration chose Knowledgeone Corporation’s (then known as GMB) LibFind product to manage and classify their library material. LibFind had the functionality to catalogue and classify books, maintain borrower details and records items that were out on loan.

In 1995 RecFind (K1 Corp’s Electronic Document & Records Management Solution) was also implemented. RecFind was used in the Administrations’ Records Office for the classification and tracking of files.

After receiving Knowledgeone K1 as part of their ASU program for RecFind, Norfolk approached Knowledgeone Corporation to see if it could also be used to replace LibFind as a Library system. The requirement was to find a solution to keep track of books borrowed, to whom, current financial members, etc and also to allow the administration to utilize one software package for all of their requirements. As Knowledgeone K1 is a Generic Application Solution, it was possible to replicate all of the functionality of LibFind, and through the concept of “stored procedures” and “triggers” it was possible to add in further functionality. Enhanced searching and reporting would give library staff faster and more accurate access to library data. While the security function allowed them to set up and maintain the two distinct areas of the Library and Records.

To create the Library function within Knowledgeone K1, a data conversion from LibFind to K1 was required. K1 Corp’s Professional Services scoped and ran the conversion, then customized Knowledgeone K1 to give Library Staff an easy and straight forward User Interface to work with. The data conversion was the most complex component of the project and highlighted the progression of technology. In particular, making comparisons between the data models used in a DOS product designed in 1985, and a state of the art .NET product like Knowledgeone K1 designed in the new millennium.

Using the concept of “stored procedures” and “triggers”, IT Staff added further functionality to streamline processing in the Library. A “trigger” was added so that each time a library item was checked out, a flag was set indicating the item was “on loan”. IT staff also implemented a “stored procedure” which would email a list of overdue books to the librarian each Monday morning.

Having accurate access to the borrowers’ details means that library staff can easily update records when necessary. They were keen to start recording email address so that borrowers could be notified via email when items become due or overdue.

Onsite training was conducted at the offices of Norfolk Island Administration in March 2006. Knowledgeone Corp Trainer/Consultant, Greg Warrilow, structured several courses to cater for the different intended Users of Knowledgeone K1 within NIA. The first step was to train the Library staff as they had already gone live with library functionality designed in Knowledgeone K1. The second step was to train the staff in the Records Office, as they would be the next to upgrade and convert from the RecFind to Knowledgeone K1.

Whilst on site Greg spent time with the library staff to give some tips on how to streamline processing. “Spending some time working in the Library was a great opportunity to see how customers effectively use our products. After having been involved in the data conversion and User Interface design, it was great to see the end result being used in a live situation”.

By implementing Knowledgeone K1, NIA are now in a position to incorporate Library Administration (LibFind) and their Records and Electronic Document Management System (RecFind) into one application. “Out of the Box” functionality means that they could also incorporate HR Management, Asset Management and also create new functionality if and when required.

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Free Pass To CeBIT Australia 2006

Knowledgeone Corporation will be exhibiting at CeBIT Australia 2006 on Thursday 11th May at the Sydney Exhibition Centre, Darling Harbour and would like to offer you a free pass into the show.

Come and visit our stand and find learn more about our new product Knowledgeone K1.

We will be located in the ‘Showcase and Export’ section, booth number 38.

In order to accept our free pass (worth $25) simply register on-line at www.cebit.com.au

We look forward to seeing you at CeBIT Australia 2006!

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Training Update

There is no location too great or too small for our Trainer/Consultants to visit. They have even followed in the paths of numerous tropical cyclones over the last few months and survived to tell their tales...


Scheduled Training

The first quarter of 2006 saw scheduled K1 training being conducted around Australia in our training centers. These courses were well attended in all major cities. A common feedback after completing the training was that the K1 application made so much more sense. On certain courses, several students decided to complete all three K1 courses. Once they had seen the full capabilities of the application, it was felt that it would be beneficial to complete all the training to maximize the potential of the software.


Attending the scheduled training in Melbourne in March, conducted by Angelita Elinon-Yu, were staff members from Peter MacCallum Cancer Institute. Having attended K1 training in December 2005 in order to strategize their implementation of K1, they returned in March to receive further training to prepare their own internal K1 training courses.

National Assembly of Wales
Cardiff, Wales

In February, Greg Warrilow conducted 4 days of onsite K1 training for the National Assembly of Wales. They have been using RecFind 5 for some time now but needed to amalgamate numerous databases so K1 was the obvious path. Training courses were held for end users and those that were to become the K1 Administrators.

Australasian Performing Right Association Limited
In early March, Angelita Elinon-Yu went onsite at the office of Australasian Performing Right Association Limited or APRA and trained a core group responsible for rolling out K1. As the training gradually revealed the powerful functionalities of K1 and how easy it will be to build an application to support practically any business process, the users realized that K1 could do more than what they were doing now with RecFind. They also realized that K1 can enable the user to oversee the records management process specific to the type of records being handled.

Royal Flying Doctors
April saw a welcomed return to the Royal Flying Doctors base in Broken Hill where K1 training was conducted for key users. Once again it was great to get out into the field to see how different sites use our products. A common thread that appears during onsite training is that when users see the capabilities of the K1 software, they can start to see other uses for it outside of the standard records management and EDM uses. This was the case at Royal Flying Doctors who, in particular, saw uses for the Asset Management and HR Management functionality of K1.

May sees the first scheduled K1 training course being conducted in the United States. San Diego (home of the Knowledgeone Corporation North America Head Office) will play host to a week of K1 courses. Several students have attended previous RecFind training courses in the US and are now ready to learn new skills to enable their organizations to progress with implementing K1.

New Staff Member
The Professional Services Team has recently grown again. Trevor Coombs, started working within the team in May and is a welcomed addition that will compliment an ever growing skill set that can provide a wide range of training and consultancy services.

Upcoming USA Training Schedule

May 2006
  San Diego, CA
K1 User 15
K1 Admin 16 - 17
K1 DRM 18

Upcoming Australian Training Schedule


May 2006
K1 User     8   1  
K1 Admin     9 - 10   3 - 4  
K1 DRM     11      

June 2006

RecFind Active

  21 5 - 6      

RecFind Admin

  22 7 - 8      
K1 User 5 26   19   26
K1 Admin 6 - 7 27 - 28   20 - 21   27
K1 DRM 8 29   22   28
July 2006
K1 User         3  
K1 Admin         4 - 5  
K1 DRM         6  

If you are interested in attending a RecFind or Knowledgeone K1 Training course or one of Knowledgeone Corp's Consulting services please email the Training Department.


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Tips & Tricks

Knowledgeone K1 Complaints Management & Workflow Example

The example below has been used to provide a simple and understandable example of how Knowledgeone K1 (K1) can be implemented in a ‘complaints management’ capacity, with workflow and business process automation ‘triggered’ from such events.

The key objective is to demonstrate an initial customer service (resident’s complaint) which then initiates an automated and traceable workflow process through to completion.

The Barking Dog Scenario

  • A resident visits the council office, or makes a phone call, to complain about a barking dog.
  • The Customer Service Officer (CSO) creates a new record in the ‘Complaints’ Table within K1.
  • This process would involve ‘Adding’ a new record and selecting the ‘Barking Dog’ option from the available list.
  • The new record would be presented either as a standard K1 record or as a web form (K1 Version 2.0).
  • The CSO fills in the form, collecting the necessary information (i.e. contact details etc).
  • The K1 form would include a mandatory field that reminded the CSO to issue a ‘diary sheet’ to the resident. (This would be a mandatory yes/no field where ‘yes’ must be selected prior to saving the form, otherwise a warning would prompt the user to select yes).
  • Once the form has been completed and is saved, all subsequent calls and correspondence from the resident will be logged (as notes) against the original K1 (complaint) record.
  • Once the form has been completed and saved, it would initiate a workflow issuing a task for the local law officer to carry out (e.g. investigate dog, obtain dog license details, speak with owner, seek comments from other residents etc).
  • Once the resident fills out the diary sheet and returns it to council, the document is scanned into K1 and attached to the original (complaint) record (as an edoc).
  • Through the Knowledgeone application the law officer completes all assigned tasks (which captures the relevant dates, times & durations etc) and also subsequently closes the complaint.
  • The ideal K1 implementation would utilize a ‘resident’s database’ (residing within K1) – a list of each and every resident and their address and contact details. In the initial step of adding a new (complaint) record, instead of entering contact details, the resident’s details would be selected from within K1 and would automatically populate the relevant fields.
  • This would enable each and every complaint (and/or enquiry) to be linked back to the resident’s database which would provide the foundation for significant reporting abilities and proactive council action.

General/Management Reporting

  • Identify what other residents might be affected by the barking dog (to issue notifications to inform them that you are investigating the problem).
  • Number of complaints by particular resident (is this person a frequent complainer).
  • Number of barking dog complaints in same area (could this be a serious problem).
  • Status of all open complaints (how many are open, for how long etc).
  • What is the average number of days for an open complaint (for process improvement purposes).
  • Number of diary sheets issued in past week, month etc.
  • Number of diary sheets completed and returned in past week, month etc.

GIS Integration

In addition to the above, potential integration with a third party navigational system could provide a geospatial representation of where the dog is, what other residents may be affected and enable the council to identify if they have received complaints from these affected people (in K1).

For further information, click here to download our paper 'Using Knowledgeone for Complaints Management'.

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Contact Update

Have you recently shifted office or changed contact person?

For any updates, simply give us your new particulars, as listed below, and email them to our Sales Department.

Please include the following details:

Company Name, Contact Person, Designation, Address, Email Address, Telephone Number, Fax Number, and Customer Number

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