Using RecFind 6 as your CRM

The functionality is already there

Please tell me what I need to do to configure RecFind 6 to be our CRM

The industry knows a CRM as a Client (or Customer) Relationship Management system. If however you are a union or a co-operative body it could also be your Membership system.

The whole idea of a CRM is that it holds all the information you collect and require on your customers and it also makes it easy to interface and communicate with your customers.

A CRM maintains a complete history of your customer interactions and it should also be an ‘active’ system and remind you of important events like contract renewals and the next meeting or phone call.

A CRM should be your single entry-point for anything to do with a customer. If a customer calls or emails and asks you for additional information or the contract renewal date or what services they have contracted for or tells you about changed addresses or email addresses then the only application you need to work in is the CRM; it should hold every piece of information about your customers.


Low cost and added value from an existing investment; you don’t have to invest in another expensive application, just ‘turn on’ the features already in RecFind 6.
Ease of integration; RecFind 6 already includes a powerful Integration Toolkit that will allow you to easily and inexpensively integrate to anything including your accounting system.
Ease of access; deploy the RecFind 6 smart-client via web services or use the RecFind 6 web-client so your staff can access your CRM from anywhere in the world there is an Internet connection.
All the features you will ever need; for example, automatically capture all emails and electronic documents and even use RecFind 6 as your email marketing tool (this email was sent out by RecFind 6).
Mobile device support; use the RecFind 6 Web-Client on your smart-phones or tablets and make it easy for your customers to reach you with the RecFind 6 Mobile Client for Android and iOS.
Great support; Knowledgeone Corporation uses RecFind 6 as its CRM as is the Beta test site for all new features and releases. If the vendor uses it to run its business (as we do) you can be sure of first class support and product stability and robustness.
Never lose track of open incidents or sales in progress; RecFind 6's 'push' technology will automatically remind you of what follow-ups are required and keep you up to date.


Don’t pay big bucks for another hard to install, hard to configure and expensive to maintain software package that will have high-priced consultants on your payroll for years just to manage your clients. Use the advanced features of RecFind 6 to solve yet another application processing problem in your organization in the most cost-effective way possible.

OK, show me how Knowledgeone Corporation uses RecFind 6 as its CRM. Please contact me and arrange a demonstration

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Frank McKenna | Knowledgeone Corporation
CEO & Sales & Marketing Director

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