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CEO's Report
RF6 version 2.3
RF6 web-client
Software as a Service
K1 - End of Life
SharePoint Module
Customer Focus - CANRUG
December Special Offer
O'Neil Integration
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CEO's Report - December 2010

Frank McKenna, K1 Corp CEO

It is that time of year again

As we get closer to Christmas I find that my thoughts are more focused on family and friends than business. We are at the beginning of what we call the festive season; usually one of parties and merriment. However, as we are all painfully aware, there will be many families this season that will not be partying or making merry so it is time for us to think of them and to give thanks for what we have.

We traditionally close down over Xmas to give ourselves time to relax and spend time with families and friends and we will be doing the same again this year. We break at lunchtime on December 22nd and return on January 10th. As usual, there will be volunteers from support who will forgo the break and who will be on the end of the phone and responding to emails to help out those of you who choose to also work over the Christmas break.

This is also a time to thank our customers and partners for their support during 2010. Running a business and staying in business is all about meeting the needs of your customers and partners; that is one lesson we learnt very early. The cleverest software in the world isn’t worth a wooden nickel if it doesn’t meet the needs of the consumer. Thank you for supporting us in 2010; we look forward to being of service again in 2011.

Meeting the needs of our customers is one of the reasons we have always made it so easy to contact us. Go to our website, click on the ‘Contact Us’ heading on the home page and find our main phone numbers and addresses or simply send an email to anyone in the company using the ‘Email Us’ sub menu. I am a user of many products and services and I become very frustrated with many websites that simply refuse to let you contact anyone; most don’t even let you know where they are. I also hate automated, robotic responses with a passion just as I hate outsourced support centers where you generally end up speaking with a poorly trained employee of a generic call center. Personally, I refuse to use them. If I can’t speak to a real employee of the company I take my business elsewhere.

Everyone you communicate with or speak to at my company is an employee working at one of my offices and if you are ever unhappy with a response from us please get on to our website and email me immediately; I always respond. This is the link:

We have all been working very hard on new and improved products this year. All things being equal (and no repeat of the GFC please) 2011 is shaping up to be a very exciting year of new product releases and many easier, faster and better ways for you to get your work done. I can never promise to make your daily grind totally enjoyable but I can promise to make it easier to get through by continually updating our software to improve productivity. If you have any ideas or suggestions about ways to make our products easier and faster to use please tell me about them.

A Merry Xmas and a Very Happy New Year from all of us here at Knowledgeone Corporation

Best Regards,
Frank McKenna, CEO

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RecFind 6 version 2.3

Version 2.3 was released to all customers in September 2010. It was a major update and all customers should upgrade as soon as possible. It can be downloaded from our website at the following URL:

New Features in 2.3 Summary

Improved support for 64 Bit Operating Systems
Improved Support for Windows 7
Scheduled Reports
EDOC thumbnails
Workflow graphical template designer
Improvements to Workflow (e.g., decision tasks)
Faster searches
New Thesaurus/Corporate Vocabulary searches
Button integrated with SharePoint, making it easy to capture documents stored in SharePoint with the Button
Record filters for Xchange import
Xchange now imports a K1 database

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RecFind 6 'thin-client' or 'web-client'

The first release of the new web client has been delayed while we add additional functionality. It was always going to be released in two versions with version 1.0 being a subset of the RecFind 6 smart client (the client you are all using now) and version 2.0 having equivalent functionality to the smart client. However, customer testing caused us to have a rethink about the functionality of 1.0 and we decided to make a few changes and add a few things so it is now back in limited, controlled release and testing. The R&D team tells me we can expect a full general release in February 2011.

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Software as a Service (SaaS) / Hosting

RecFind in the Cloud!

SaaS is where we run the RecFind 6 application for you 'off-site' and provide all of the server related IT equipment and facilities required. We also take care of all the updates required for the server, database (e.g., SQL Server) and the RecFind 6 application as well as backups. We basically install (on our servers), configure, maintain and run the application for you.

SaaS is the fastest growing area in IT. Customers are moving to this model because it is less costly and infinitely easier to manage. The added bonus is that you have your RecFind 6 application managed by the same people that designed and wrote it. No one has more knowledge of RecFind 6 than us and no one can make the configuration changes required by each and every customer better or faster than us.

If required we can also provide additional services like scanning your paper documents and capturing and registering your emails.

We can easily convert your current 'onsite' RecFind 6 system to a hosted SaaS system if required. Just let us know if you are interested in this service.

Read what industry leaders say about SaaS, Click here...

Please click here to request more information on our SaaS service..

Please click here to read more information on SaaS from our website..

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Knowledgeone (K1) - End of Product Lifecycle

Knowledgeone (K1) is now nearing the end of its lifecycle. RecFind 6 is the upgrade product for K1 and the first shipment of RecFind 6 was in December 2008. RecFind 6 version 2.3 is the current upgrade for K1. The last version of K1 to ship was 1.6.

You should be on K1 version 1.6 before you upgrade to RecFind 6 version 2.3. Note that RecFind 6 is actually an upgrade to K1 (not RecFind 5), we changed back to the RecFind brand name and renamed K1 version 2.0 to RecFind 6.

We supply a program that will convert all of your K1 data to RecFind 6.

K1 will be decommissioned on December 31, 2010 meaning that there will be no more code changes or fixes after this time. Support for K1 version 1.6 will continue until December 31 2011.

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New SharePoint Integration Module - Call for limited release sites

R&D has been quietly working away on an improved way to integrate RecFind 6 to Microsoft SharePoint. Please note that the new method is based around new functionality in SharePoint 2010 and will only work with SharePoint 2010.

This new module is planned for general release early in 2011. However, we are looking for customers willing to participate in a limited and controlled release of this new module. If you are interested please email us here...

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Customer Focus

The Canadian RecFind User Group - CANRUG

Jackie Depper - Town of Cochrane, Greg Warrilow - K1Corp, Donna Nahayowski - Alberta International, Intergovernmental & Aboriginal Relations

The annual Canadian RecFind Users Group was held in Leduc, Alberta on November 2, 2010.  Hosted by the City of Leduc (many thanks to Dana Mantei and her team), the meeting was well attended with members of the group representing key RecFind sites in Canada.  Fuelled up on Tim Horton’s coffee and pastries, the group discussed upgrades to RecFind 6, exchanged ideas and was given a preview of the latest functionality of the RecFind 6 product suite including the new web browser client. 

The sites that had gone through the upgrade process to RecFind 6 shared thoughts, information and experiences to other sites about to embark on the same upgrade.

Dana Mantei & Jennifer Grant - City of Leduc, Greg Warrilow - K1Corp, Pat McGilchrist - City of Leduc

Jackie Depper from the Town of Cochrane gave great feedback on how they have progressed since their upgrade in March 2010.  With the assistance of Knowledgeone Professional Services, the Town of Cochrane invested in a week of onsite training and consultancy to ensure a successful roll out of RecFind 6.   Jackie had reported that staff had found the retrieval of electronic documents so much easier and faster with just one click.  After using the new system for 6 months, they are now looking at implementing additional functionality such as automatic email reminders based on review dates.

Alberta College of Pharmacists also gave positive feedback after completing their upgrade earlier this year.  They are looking to expand usage by implementing an electronic Asset Register in RecFind 6.  Long time CANRug participant and contributor, Linda Kruger, has now retired from ACP will be missed.  Her replacement Christine Mudryk was welcomed by the group.

Sandy Butler from the LB Becker Group reported that her upgrade had gone well.  After attending the scheduled RecFind 6 User/Administrator training in March 2010, Sandy was well equipped to configure the new RecFind 6 system.  Given the complexity of the record keeping structures and multiple databases at LB Becker Sandy had a long to-do list but pulled it all together using the RecFind 6 DRM.   LB Becker group also invested in a one day onsite post-implementation consultancy to make some minor adjustments and configure some workflow.

Donna Nahayowski - Alberta International, Intergovernmental & Aboriginal Relations, Pat McGilchrist, Dana Mantei - City of Leduc, Sandy Butler - LB Becker Group, Christine Mudryk - Alberta College of Pharmacists

Greg Warrilow from Knowledgeone Corporation was on hand and had the opportunity to answer many questions and to also to provide a demonstration of some of the latest RecFind 6 functionality including; scheduled reporting, thumbnail views of EDOCS, local time zone formatting for date fields, the graphical workflow designer and the new web browser client.  The web browser client was very well received and all sites could identify the benefits.

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December Special Offer

RecFind 6 Add-on Products - 15% Discount

This special offer is to promote our range of add-on products for RecFind 6.

The add-on products provide additional options for imaging, document management, email management, label printing, barcoding and application integration. They have all been designed to make the above operations faster, easier and as 'automatic' as possible, saving you both time and money.

Please click on the following links for more information about our innovative add-on products. Learn how they can help your business better meet its objectives while saving money and becoming more efficient.

Your staff will love them because they will make their jobs much easier; we remove the tedious jobs and speed up every process.

GEM - complete and fully-automatic email management
RecCapture - a complete and fully-automatic solution to the shared drives problem
High Speed Scanning Module (HSSM) - the most efficient way to automate large volumes of paper scanning
The Mini API - the easiest, fastest way to integrate RecFind 6 to any other application
Button - the world's easiest way to manually capture electronic documents, emails and scan paper. Fully integrated with MS Office 2003 and 2007 plus Notes and GroupWise
Datalogic Memor portable barcode reader - speed up any tracking function, run most transactions from the Memor
ColorBar - the easiest, fastest and most professional way to produce colored file labels

This offer is valid up until February 28, 2011

Fifteen-Percent (15%) discount on all purchase of RecFind 6 Add-on products

If you would like a quotation for any of the above Add-on products please click here...

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O'Neil Software & Integration to RecFind 6

O'Neil Software is the maker of the most successful offsite repository management software in the industry. It is used by thousands of records storage centers all over the world. Click here to visit the O'Neil website.

Chances are, your offsite records storage company uses O'Neil software to manage the repository.

We will begin a project with O'Neil Software in the new year to integrate RecFind 6 to O'Neil such that you can make all of your requests to the offsite storage company (e.g., to retrieve boxes and files) online from within RecFind 6. As well as automating the request process we are also planning to introduce efficiency and cost saving algorithms to help lower the costs of managing your offsite information.

We are now looking for organizations willing to be Beta test sites for this new feature. If your storage provider uses O'Neil software and you would like a faster, better interface plus ways to reduce the costs of managing your offsite holdings please contact us here....

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Contact Update

Have you recently shifted office or changed contact person?

For any updates, simply give us your new particulars, as listed below, and email them to our Sales Department.

Please include the following details:

Company Name, Contact Person, Job Title, Address, Email Address, Telephone Number, Fax Number, and Customer Number (if known)

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 Xmas Help Desk Hours

Please refer to this link on our website:

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