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Knowledgeone Corporation's RecFind 6 (RF6) product suite is a fully functioned Enterprise Content Management Solution.

RecFind 6 provides all the functionality required for information and knowledge management including searching, tracking, imaging, barcode support, version control, security, audit trail, retention processing, workflow, powerful report writers, legal holds, eDiscovery, etc.

It is the ideal and complete solution for any organization needing to implement easy to use, easy to roll-out electronic records and document management solutions and eDiscovery solutions.

However RecFind 6 is also a generic application solution able to run multiple applications concurrently (e.g., EDRMS, asset management, HR management, help desk, CRM, etc).

RecFind 6 was built using the Microsoft .NET model. The RecFind 6 client can be deployed either as a �fat-client� (running across your LAN/WAN using ADO) or a �thin-client� running in a browser over the Internet.

RecFind 6 can be installed either on-premise or in the Cloud

Our software and services have been designed to satisfy the needs of the following applications: Knowledge Management (KMS), Records Management (RMS), Document Management (DMS), Electronic Records and Document Management (EDRMS), Content Management (CMS), eDiscovery, Email Management, Email Archiving, Workflow, Document Imaging, Asset Management, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Contract Management, Private Library Management, Medical Records Management, Digital Asset Management and almost any information management application. RecFind 6 can also be described as a generic application solution or .NET rapid application development system.

Add-on Products

Whereas the standard RecFind 6 system (with no add-ons) has a full complement of EDRMS features (e.g., document capture and imaging, automatic version control, full text indexing, searching, import, export, check-in, check-out, workflow, report writers, etc) we offer optional add-ons for those customers that want to do things in a smarter, faster and more convenient and cost-effective manner.

  • Button - electronic document capture tool.
  • DRM (Provided free with every copy of RF6) - allows the customer to modify almost any aspect of RF6 including the Data Model and any business process.
  • Xchange (Provided free with every copy of RF6) - integration engine and an import/export engine.
  • GEM - fully automatic, rules-driven email management and archiving solution.
  • RecCapture - fully automatic, rules-driven electronic document management and archiving solution
  • HSSM - the High Speed Scanning module allows you to bulk capture, save and index any type of electronic document into the RF6 database.
  • Mini-API - allows a 'foreign' application to store all of its images and electronic documents in RF6 and then access them in a seamless manner from within the foreign application.
  • RecFind 6 Web Client - An Operating System and Browser independent version of the RecFind 6 client software. This version runs in a browser and does not require any software to be installed on desktops. It is optimized for the handling of images and electronic documents across the Internet.
  • RecFind 6 SharePoint 2010 Integration Module - The RecFind 6 SharePoint Integration Tool was designed specifically to incorporate RecFind�s powerful EDRM functionality with SharePoint. The marriage of the two products brings RecFind�s fully featured electronic document and records management system with functionality like workflow, imaging, full text searching, e-mail management, GroupWise and Lotus Notes integration, portable barcode reader support, offsite storage management and retention to your SharePoint farm.
  • RecFind 6 SDK - Knowledgeone Corporation now has a Web Services API.  The API is a new product that will open the door to new ways of RecFind 6 integration.  It has an array of methods that allow you to perform such operations as adding, modifying, deleting records, uploading and downloading electronic documents, retrieving lists of records using searches, and more - all while conforming to RecFind 6�s advanced security system. 

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