RecFind 6 - The complete EDRMS, Cloud & In-house


15 compelling reasons to store your vital data in RecFind 6 (PDF)

RecFind 6 is a fully featured electronic document and records management system with all the functionality any organization will ever need including workflow, imaging, full text searching, portable barcode reader support, offsite storage management, check-in, check-out, versioning, retention and a full power report writer together with a full complement of standard reports.

However, RecFind 6 is also a generic application solution able to run multiple applications concurrently. As well as being your core EDRMS it can also be your asset management system, your human resources system, your help desk or incident system and your CRM.

RecFind 6 can also integrate to anything using its standard Integration Toolkit.


Xchange is a free tool supplied with every copy of RecFind 6. It is both an Import/Export engine able to seamlessly connect to any database, application and data source (e.g., Excel, CSV) and extract information which can then be mapped to RecFind 6 tables and fields and imported. Xchange can also be run fully automatically under program control to act as an object-level API. In this automatic mode it can be scheduled to run at regular intervals to capture data and populate RecFind 6 tables. Xchange is used to capture information from any other source for RecFind 6. Xchange can also export any information from RecFind 6 in industry standard XML format... more »


The DRM is the administration tool (i.e., configuring users and the security system) for RecFind 6. It also allows the customer to customize RecFind 6 and change almost anything including the data model and any business process. It is provided free with every copy of RecFind 6... more »

» Implementing an EDRMS - Guidelines

» RecFind 6 Cost Justification Worksheet (Excel/VBA)

» RecFind 6 Data Sheet (PDF)

» RecFind 6 .NET Smart-Client User Interface (PDF)

» What are RecFind 6's Capabilities? (HTML)

» Using the RecFind 6 Metadata search (PDF)

» RecFind 6 basic functions demonstration (17 minutes)

» Managing your offsite records with RecFind 6 (PDF)

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Key Features & Benefits

  • Reduce software application costs as RecFind 6 can do it all - ECM, EDRMS, KM, Asset Management etc.
  • Easy to Use
  • Easy to Deploy and Maintain
  • Powerful Security
  • Quickly Retrieve your corporate information and records via numerous retrieval options
  • Advanced Reporting - a new, powerful reporting engine based on Active Reports, as well as a set of standard reports that you are able to extend and modify.  Quickly report on just about anything in the database.
  • 100% Configurable and Scalable - make changes to almost any aspect of RecFind 6 without our assistance.
  • Meet any Compliance or Quality Assurance Standard.
  • Seamless Integration

Business Solutions

  • Any Content Management Application
  • Digital Asset Management
  • Electronic Document Management
  • Records Management
  • Email Management
  • Correspondence Management
  • Workflow
  • Box Management
  • Imaging
  • Asset Management, HR Management, Incident Management and CRM