RecFind 6 Web Client - Access your content from anywhere in the world


The RecFind 6 web client replicates the functionality of the RecFind 6 smart-client. However, unlike the smart-client the web client does not require any software to be installed on the workstation and neither does it require the .NET Framework to be installed on the workstation.

The web client is initiated by entering a URL in your browser. It then presents the login screen in an identical manner to the smart-client product. The web client toolbar is almost identical to the smart-client toolbar with the same selections and functionality.

The latest version of the web client 2.11 requires RecFind 6 system version 2.11 and up. It can run alongside the standard .NET smart-client and it 'shares' concurrent user licenses with the smart-client. This means you can have some of your staff using the smart-client (usually those on the LAN or WAN) and some using the web client (usually those in remote locations or traveling with notebooks or tablets).

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Key Features & Benefits

  • Connect to RecFind from anywhere in the world - Does not require a Wide Area Network (WAN); it uses the Internet to connect to your RecFind 6 server. It is the ideal solution where there is no WAN or low bandwidth WAN.
  • Low cost maintenance & support - It has a zero footprint; no software to be installed and maintained on workstations.
  • Not using Microsoft Windows? Not a problem - It is Operating System independent and will run on most other operating systems, e.g., Linux, macOS, iOS & Apple OS.
  • Don't like or use Internet Explorer (IE)? Not a problem - It is browser independent and will run on other browsers such as Firefox and MS Edge.
  • Network clogged and slow because of images & electronic documents? No problem - It has been optimized for electronic documents & images and transmits them in the most efficient and fastest way possible. Remote users can now upload and download images faster than ever before.
  • Worried about data security? No problem - It is super secure when running over a Secure Socket Layer (SSL) HTTPS connection with all data fully encrypted.
  • Viewing & Editing images too slow and awkward? No problem - It includes new functionality for handling images (e.g., TIFF, JPEG, PDF) with new split-screen technology that displays images and Metadata side-by-side for ease of review and editing.
  • Worried about having to retrain your users? No problem - It replicates the RecFind 6 smart-client toolbar and 'look-and-feel' so your existing RecFind 6 smart-client users do not need to be retrained.
  • It supports Document Scanning from any TWAIN scanner both on Windows and macOS

Business Solutions

  • Document Scanning
  • Any Content Management application
  • Digital Asset Management
  • Records Management
  • Electronic Document Management
  • Imaging
  • Workflow
  • Contracts Management
  • HR Management
  • Complaints Management
  • Requests Management
  • Asset Management
  • Collection Management
  • Incident (Help Desk) Management
  • CRM

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