What is Knowledgeone Corporationís RecFind 6 software capable of handling?
RecFind is configurable by the customer such that it can handle a large number of different business applications.
These include asset management, BPM, BPO, Business Process Automation, Business Process Management, Case Management, Content Management, Contract Management, CRM, Customer Relationship Management, Digital Asset Management, Document Management, Document Scanning, Imaging, ECM, Enterprise Content Management, EDRMS, Electronic Document and Records Management, Electronic Document Management, Email Archiving, Email Management, Help Desk, HR, Human Resources Management, KMS, Knowledge Management, Library Management, Process Management, RMS, Records Management and Workflow.
Because RecFind 6 is a software application it ends up providing an application software solution. This means that after RecFind 6 has been configured by the customerís staff, the systems integratorís staff or Knowledgeone Corporation staff it presents as a:
RecFind 6 comes with two very import free software tools that allow the administrator to configure RecFind 6 to the precise needs of the customer. These two tools are the RecFind 6 DRM and Xchange.
The DRM is the high level tool that makes it easy to configure, change or modify almost any aspect of RecFind 6 including the Data Model and any Business Process. Most importantly, any changes made via the DRM do not alter any application source code and RecFind 6 remains a standard product able to receive updates and new releases from Knowledgeone Corporation. This is the best of both worlds for any customer. You can change almost anything but still protect your investment because you are not moving away from the Ďstandardí product.
Xchange is the high level tool for importing data from any source (e.g., SQL Server, MySQL, Access, Excel, Oracle, Text/CSV, DBF/FoxPro, Visual FoxPro, InterBase, IBM DB2, Sybase, PostGreSQL, Paradox, Pervasive, XML, etc.) exporting data in industry standard XML format or integrating to any other application.
Xchange is obviously very important if you are configuring RecFind 6 to be a new application because it is the tool you will use to import data and populate your new application.
To reiterate, the RecFind DRM is the tool you use to configure RecFind 6 to your exact requirements and to configure any number of software solutions. Xchange is the tool you use to import data from any source and populate the RecFind 6 Data Model with the information needed for your new software solutions. Additionally, RecFind 6 is also multi-lingual able to support any language and multiple languages concurrently. You use the DRM to configure any number of languages within RecFind 6.