RecCapture for RecFind 6 - Fully automatic eDoc capture & retention


RecCapture for RecFind 6 automatically captures, analyzes, indexes and versions every electronic document your staff create and receive without involving additional work for the majority of your staff.

RecCapture includes both a sophisticated security system and a 'thin-client' search and inquiry tool that doesn't need to be installed on the desktop and one that provides instant secure access to any stored document. It is also a system where no one has the ability to delete or modify key documents.

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Key Features & Benefits

  • Automatically capture, analyze, index and version every electronic document your staff create enterprise-wide.
  • Meet all compliance standards fully automatically.
  • Continually scan specific directories and sub directories for new and updated electronic documents.
  • Determine what to do with each and every electronic document you capture.
  • Secure electronic documents in a single repository.
  • Instantly access your corporate data from anywhere in the world via a thin-client search browser.

Business Solutions

  • Automatic Document Capture
  • Electronic Document Management
  • Records Management