RecFind 6 High Speed Scanning Module for departmental scanning


The RecFind 6 High Speed Scanning Module (HSSM) was designed to provide the easiest and fastest way to batch scan large numbers of documents and 'automatically' index and store them in the RecFind 6 relational database.

The HSSM is made up of two modules:

  1. DocScan is the product that drives the scanner, reads the barcode on the first page of the documents and then organizes the scanned pages into multi-page TIFF files for processing by RecScan. DocScan is able to scan color and to merge and split scanned images, OCR and PDF all of your documents. DocScan also contains Forms Processing functionality  enabling you to capture data off scanned pages and then populate fields in tables in RecFind 6 working with either RecScan or Xchange.
  2. RecScan (Automatically appends both TIF and TXT files to RecFind). RecScan can also automatically append ANY electronic object format to RecFind, e.g. images created by another imaging application in PDF format.

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Key Features & Benefits

  • Easy to Use.
  • Easy to Deploy and Maintain.
  • Enable Fast, Distributed and Simultaneous Access to Records.

Business Solutions

  • Electronic Document Management
  • Records Management
  • Imaging