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March 2015

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CEO's Report

Frank McKenna, K1 Corp CEO

Hi and welcome to our 31st year of designing, programming, installing and supporting innovative information management solutions.

We recently added a new feature to our website listing all (or most, I might have forgotten a few) of the products we have produced since 1984 (when we were called GMB Solutions). Our Product History is a very long list and spans all the eras from mainframes to today's world of apps and web clients. Please see this link.

We have also added a Product Roadmap so you can clearly see where we are heading in the future with product development. Please see this link; (PDF).

Interestingly, whereas there have been major changes in the programming languages, tools and techniques we use since 1984 and major changes in the platforms we have to support there has not been as much change in our client's requirements; basically most are still all about Information Management and Workflow. One surprising example perhaps is that we are still receiving requests from customers for paper (physical) records management solutions just as we did in 1984. To be honest, I would never have predicted this in 1984. At that time I really believed that the mythical paperless office was just a few years away. Then again, I say this every year!

Of course, requests for systems to manage paper are now in the minority. Most of the solutions we provide today (based on RecFind 6) are heavily oriented around Workflow and Business Process Management. Most still have a heavy-duty EDRMS core but many also include applications like contract management, securities management, mortgage application processing, etc. This reflects the major advantage of RecFind 6, its ability to happily and efficiently run multiple applications concurrently.

Our R&D continues as usual and we have released a brand new version of our RecFind 6 web client (V2.6.1), a new integration to O'Neil offsite storage management and will shortly release a brand new version of RecFind 6 RecCapture. We are also working on a new version of RecFind 6 GEM that will seamlessly integrate with Office365 running in the Cloud. And if that isn't enough, we are working on a new version of the RecFind 6 Button with new functionality and easier and faster ways to capture and classify electronic documents and emails from the native authoring package, e.g., Outlook & Word, and a new version of the RecFind 6 SDK. Finally, we are developing a new version of the RecFind 6 DRM that will allow a user to be a member of multiple Security Groups, among other things.

The new RecCapture and GEM products are currently being developed and tested in our live in-house production environment. As most of you know, we run our company with RecFind 6 and we are the principal test site for all new and upgraded products. No product gets shipped to customers until it has run successfully for many months in our live production environment. This is often why there are delays in projected shipping dates; we really 'stretch' RecFind 6 and find bugs and anomalies that customers rarely find.

Our R&D work never stops because the world around us changes so rapidly. For example, Windows 10 is just around the corner and we have to get ready for that.

Once again, many thank you for your support over the past years, we look forward to serving you for many more years to come.


Best Regards,

Frank McKenna, CEO

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Knowledgeone Corporation Re-Certifies RecFind 6 for The VERS Standard

VERS is the Victorian solution for electronic recordkeeping. It is a framework of standards, guidance and implementation projects which is centred around the goal of reliably and authentically archiving electronic records. VERS is designed to allow the cost effective long-term preservation of digital records. VERS also gives priority to the need to capture consistent and adequate metadata, which provides a context for records, so that any user looking at any record, now or in the future, can properly understand the context and meaning of a given record.

VERS is quite probably the world's most demanding standard for electronic records.

RecFind 6 was originally certified in 2009 and re-certified in 2014.

For more information on the VERS standard please see this link:

More information on Knowledgeone Corporation's RecFind 6 VERS certification is available on the VERS website see RecFind 6 Certification.

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O'Neil Integration

Please click here for the official press release.

O'Neil software runs many of the world's offsite records centres. This integration provides a direct link between RecFind 6 and all of your holdings (boxed records) at any O'Neil powered records centre.

Please click on this link for a detailed description of the functionality offered.

Please click here to ask how to add the O'Neil integration to your RecFind 6 installation.

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RecFind 6 v2.6 Service Pack

The latest Service Pack for RecFind 6 v2.6 was released in 2014 and is now available. If you have not yet upgraded to version 2.6 please click on this link to request the service pack.


RecFind 6 V2.6 will install over any previous version of RecFind 6.

Please note that the Server service pack will perform a database update. As this update can not be "undone" if you experience issues, please ensure that a database backup is performed prior to installing the service pack.

Please contact Knowledgeone Support should you have any questions relating to the service pack.

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Latest Product Releases

RecFind 6 Web Client version 2.6.1

This is a new design and implementation of our RecFind 6 web client. Virtually every aspect has been upgraded and improved including the user interface. You will find it easier to use, much faster and much more compatible with mobile devices like the iPad. The upgrade is  now available to customers on a current ASU.

Please click here to download the new 2.6.1 version of the web client.

Please click here to view the release email & special offer.

For more information or to request a quotation please contact  Sales. Note the special offer where every RecFind 6 web client order received before May 31st receives an iPad Mini.

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Cessation of Support & Services for ALL old versions of RecFind & K1

Every software vendor needs to decommission old products in order to release support and development resources for newer products. In our case this means releasing people (programmers and support specialist) and servers for work on current and future products.

Effective as of December 31st 2015, Knowledgeone Corporation will cease all support for any 'old' RecFind product (i.e., pre-RecFind 6).

This means no upgrade to RecFind 6 will be offered after 31/12/2015 and no assistance to move data to other products will be offered.

Please see this link for more information or contact sales.

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Email & Web Form Support now Free - Reminder

A number of years ago we introduced our free e-mail support service, allowing customers with a current ASU agreement to obtain unlimited support via our web site.

Support Requests received via e-mail do also not require support incidents. Any customer with a current ASU agreement is able to obtain free support by sending an email to Support at

We still encourage users to submit requests via the free e-mail support form on our web site as it will prompt you for important information that will assist us in diagnosing your issue more quickly, however it is no longer a requirement to avoid the incident charges.

Please note that email support is still for low priority issues only. If you require urgent support, please contact the Knowledgeone Corporation support department by phone (*this requires a pre-purchased support incident - order now).

Click here for free email support

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New Posts on our K1Blog

As usual, Frank McKenna has been busy tapping away at his computer writing posts on a variety of topics about our industry and IT in general. Some are serious, some are humorous and most provide helpful information for our customers. Please click on this link to view all his latest posts.

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Customer Focus

We'd like to introduce the following selection of RecFind 6 customers (that we haven't spoken about in previous newsletters) to our worldwide RecFind 6 family.

Name Country
Catholic Diocese of Parramatta - Chancery Office Australia
Delaware Investments Private Placements group USA
ECU Student Guild Australia
Jenolan Caves Reserve Trust Australia
KeyBank USA
Mind Australia Australia
Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories, Inc USA
Wuchopperen Health Service Australia
Sunshine Coast Council Australia
Asciano Australia
Correctional Services SA Australia
Maribyrnong City Council Australia
Queensland Health, Townsvillle Australia
Elders Limited Australia

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Knowledgeone Corporation will be attending this conference in Carlsbad California on September 15-18 and Frank McKenna will be one of the speakers. We look forward to meeting our new partners from the O'Neil worldwide family of offsite records storage providers.

Please see this link for more details about this conference.

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Canadian RecFind User Group Meeting (RUG)

Greg Warrilow from Knowledgeone will be present at the next Canadian RecFind User Group meeting on Tuesday April 21st at 8:00am. Our thanks to the City of Leduc in Alberta for providing its conference room and facilities. If you would like to attend please click on this link and we will forward on your request to Leduc.

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Getting added to our Newsletter distribution list

If you would someone to be added to our newsletter distribution list please have them click on this link and register.

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Training Update

Please note that mainly due to the vast geographic distribution of our customers that we no longer offer regular, scheduled training courses. All courses are now scheduled specifically to each customer's needs and where possible, held onsite at the customer's premises.

RecFind 6 Courses:

If you have any questions regarding our Training courses or one of Knowledgeone Corp's Consulting services please email the Training Department.

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Contact Update

Have you recently shifted office or changed contact person?

For any updates, simply give us your new particulars, as listed below, and email them to our Sales Department.

Please include the following details:

Company Name, Contact Person, Job Title, Address, Email Address, Telephone Number, Fax Number, and Customer Number (if known)

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