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Frank McKenna - Chief Executive Officer


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Frank McKenna is a Sydney based software engineer and CEO (and founder and major shareholder) of the multi-national software company, Knowledgeone Corporation.

He has designed countless commercial application software packages, written innumerable papers on knowledge management, a text book on records management, millions of lines of code and thousands of pages of help files. He has also presented at numerous industry conferences including ARMA and the RMAA.

He has lived and worked all over the world for the last 40 years (Africa, Asia, Europe, USA, Canada, South America, Australia and New Zealand).

Before starting Knowledgeone Corporation he was the Australian Technical Director (responsible for all software and support) for Burroughs Corporation and before that he held the same position for Sperry Univac Australasia. Prior to this he was the International Operations manager for Sperry Univac operating out of Blue Bell PA and responsible for the successful installation and acceptance testing of major mainframe sites in South America, Canada and Australia. For the previous eight years he was a major systems project manager and installed and commissioned mainframes in Australia, South Africa and Canada.

Before becoming a project manager he went through the then usual career path of trainee programmer, programmer, programmer/analyst, systems analyst and then project manager. One way or another, he has been involved with computers and software since 1964.

Frank splits his year between San Diego and Sydney managing his various software companies. He lives with his wife of 45 years, Georgina Kay, has two daughters, Michelle and Samantha and two grandchildren, Piper and Jasper.

Frank’s hobbies are drawing, painting, writing, cars (he has an unexplainable and masochistic love for old Jaguars, particularly E-Types), motorcycles and working out in the gym.

Computing, especially software design and development has been his career for over 40 years. Since founding the Knowledgeone Corporation in 1984 he has designed, built and brought 39 products to market.

Published Works
Records Management in the 90s – A survival Guide (Non-fiction)
Nemesis the Beginning (Fiction)
Knowledgeone (K1) - Everything you need to know (Non-fiction)

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