We released our first Imaging software solution in 1987 with a product based on RecFind and called it ImageFind. The imaging capabilities were subsequently incorporated into RecFind.

RecFind 6 has comprehensive imaging capabilities within the client and can be further enhanced by the HSSM for high speed batch scanning.

RecFind 6 automatically supports any scanner using the TWAIN interface. RecFind makes it as easy as possible to scan, rescan, insert and append images. It also supports multi-page TIFF files and scanners with automatic document feeds (ADFs). Any operator using RecFind 6 can scan documents if they have a TWAIN compatible scanner attached to their workstation, no additional or add-on software is required.

The HSSM for RecFind 6 reads and processes barcodes and optionally OCRs (Optical Character Recognition) the scanned images producing PDF files as well as TIFF files for attachment to Metadata profiles in RecFind. It includes two programs (RecScan and DocScan) to automatically process all scanned images and text files applying business rules to decide how to store, index and classify them in the RecFind 6 relational database.

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