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The world has been struggling to come to terms with what a Knowledge Management System solution should be since the mid 1990s. We produced our first paper on the subject in 1995 and followed up with many more papers and then the design of Knowledgoene (K1) in 2005 as the world’s first ‘real’ and purpose designed knowledge management software solution.

Our unique definition of what a KM system should be was, “A Knowledge Management System is one that provides the user with the explicit information required, in exactly the form required, at precisely the time the user needs it.

We further defined a knowledge management software system as one that “Connected to all sources of knowledge.”

Knowledgeone (K1) has since been rebranded to RecFind 6 and remains a true Knowledge Management solution. RecFind 6 gives you the ability to create, track, manage and distribute enterprise knowledge both within and across organizational boundaries. It is a single source of information and knowledge.

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