NOTE: RecFind-Corporate is no longer available, it has been superseded by RecFind 6.

RecFind-Corporate provides all functionality required for information management including searching, tracking, imaging, barcode support, version control, security, audit trail, retention processing, workflow, etc.

RecFind-Corporate can be 'integrated' to any other application in a variety of ways - either through the use of it's Import/Export facility, the RecFind-Button or Knowledgeone Corporation's standard integration engine, the RecQuery-TC API. Knowledgeone Corporation have made it simple and easy to 'RecFind Enable' any application.

In summary, RecFind-Corporate allows you to:

  • Store and manage all information within a single-repository.
  • Emulate the real world of paper on your computer - create and track file covers and documents from creation to archival.
  • Register electronic documents in the RecFind database without having to leave that application - e.g., MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint, Adobe PDF, many Graphics formats, Windows sound files and many more.
  • Manage boxes and space centers with disposal/retention schedules.
  • Search for paper documents, images and electronic documents within the RecFind database. You can full text search on any attached document (e.g., Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc) through the incorporation of ISYS Search.
  • Allocate, monitor and manage work through the RecFind workflow module.
  • Quickly and easily define procedures/actions with its graphical interface.
  • Manage correspondence.
  • Scan, store, print and redisplay images, including multi-paged scanned images.
  • Dynamically add fields, screens and tables without programming.
  • Provide "view only" access to some users, while providing other users can have full access to the record. You can also enforce minimum lengths of logon passwords and enforce life of Passwords (USDOJ standard).
  • Enter a complete classification system in the form of Keywords, Descriptors, Related Terms, Narrower Terms, Broader Terms, Forbidden Terms, Scope Notes etc.
  • Log all transactions including views and Administrator transactions. RecFind offers a complete Audit reporting program allowing reports to be generated on who did what and when.
  • Customize the user interface to a highly personalized look and feel (system wide or user by user basis) with colors and sounds.
  • Design custom reports and save these report formats for regular use through its own report writer.
  • Print a wide range of label formats for files, boxes, locations and Action Officers using the in-built module or utilize third party color label printing software.
  • Specify file types and directory locations and then automatically capture, index and version any type of electronic document with the RecFind File Filter.
  • Archive attachment records to second level storage with the RecFind Archive Facility (RAF).
  • Import and Export file, document and box metadata.
  • Enter relevant key information and data via a barcode reader. In addition, RecFind supports the use of a portable barcode reader to more effectively track files and documents.

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No longer available.

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