The RecFind-Button is the world's easiest to use electronic document capture tool.

The Button 'sits in' your native application (e.g. Word) and allows you to quickly and easily capture any electronic document and store and index it into the RecFind-Corporate database in its native format or as a PDF file (via pdfDocs software).

Clicking on the Button will display the following document capture dialog box.

Simply enter the required indexing (Metadata) information and click "OK". 

In addition, the RecFind-Button allows you to either create document profiles (Metadata) or search for existing document profiles. It also includes Check In, Check Out for electronic documents stored in RecFind-Corporate.

All RecFind-Corporate security measures still apply when using the RecFind-Button.

The RecFind-Button supports the following applications:

  • Microsoft Word
  • Word Perfect
  • Microsoft Excel 
  • Outlook
  • Lotus Notes
  • GroupWise

In summary, the RecFind-Button allows you to:

  • Have a low-cost, fast, easy-to-use document capture/access solution.
  • Add attachments to a new RecFind document profile or to an existing one.
  • Check-in a document - add a new or changed document to the RecFind-Corporate database.
  • Check-out a document - take a copy of a document stored in RecFind-Corporate and modify it. Note: Check-out is not the same as copying or 'Saving As' a document. When you tell RecFind you are checking out a document it marks the document as checked out and will not allow it to be checked out by anyone else until you either check it in or the RecFind Administrator 'Cancels' your Check-out.
  • Secure data - if you don't have a User ID and Password registered in RecFind-Corporate you will be unable to use the Button.

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