We can integrate to anything with RecFind 6; just tell us what you need to do

The RecFind 6 Integration Toolset

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We have been asked hundreds of times by customers over the past 35 years if we integrate to a particular product. We usually first ask the customer what he/she means by integration. For example, “Do you want RecFind 6 to automatically pass information across to the other application or do you want RecFind 6 to automatically retrieve information from the other application?” If the other product is for example an ERP or a local government system we also ask, “Of the 30 or so modules in that system, which ones do you want us to integrate to and how do you want that integration to work?” Thereafter generally followed weeks of discussion and in the majority of cases, the work required turned out to be much simpler than the customer had envisaged. This is part of our job, to take the complex and make it simple.

In the early days we wrote a lot of code for integration, today with RecFind 6 we have a standard integration toolset to make it as easy and as low cost and as fast as possible to integrate to any product. This toolset includes Xchange, the Mini API, the Web Services API/SDK and the SharePoint Integration Module. These four products make it possible to integrate to any other application in the most expeditious manner possible.

That is, instead of having to reinvent the wheel every time we instead produced a set of very powerful and very flexible standard tools to handle every eventuality. We have never seen an integration request we couldn’t handle with one or more of these clever tools.

If you have any kind of integration need please let us know about it and we will tell you the easiest, fastest and lowest cost way to make it happen using one or more of the products in the RecFind 6 Integration Toolset. It doesn’t cost anything to ask for a quote; take advantage of our expertise and click on the following link:

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