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December 2007

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New Faces @ K1corp


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CEO's report

Howdy all,

Suddenly its Christmas and we all wonder again what happened to the year. Is it my imagination or are the years getting shorter (can we blame this on global warming)?
Like all years 2007 started out with an ambitious plan and multiple products and features to implement plus a host of new business objectives. Some got done and some didn’t. For example:


We are still way short of our headcount but I have recently appointed Lambros Helios as our new account manager for our Brisbane office, which will make my life easier. Next year we need to find people for Melbourne, the UK (Newcastle) and the USA (San Diego) plus more Sydney staff.

We have produced a major update for RecFind 5.0 (V5.0.0I) plus a major update for Knowledgeone (1.5B). We are working on RecFind 6.0 and Knowledgeone 2.0 (both based on the new .NET Smart Client paradigm). We are also working on multiple other smaller projects including new imaging controls and faster indexing. We have also integrated to ColorBar, PDFdocs and Netcat (underway). We are about to begin the integration to a number of other products including Authority for some of our local government customers.

We only managed to open two new offices this year (one in the UK and one in Brisbane). Finding the office space is easy; finding the people is not. Next year we plan to open another two or three offices.

This year we signed partnership agreements with Smead (ColorBar), DOCScorp (PDFdocs) and Netcat (Netcat web content management). All three products add significant value to our offerings and all are high quality products. In 2008, we hope to sign up at least ten new major systems integration partners; some of those in Europe and Asia (because Knowledgeone is a true multilingual product).


We only managed one book this year, the K1 Book. Writing and producing a book is time consuming stuff so maybe only one or two new books next year.


Pricing Models
We introduced both Subscription pricing (no upfront fee, just a low cost single monthly fee including software licensing and maintenance) plus the SaaS (Software as a Service) model that used to be known as ASP (Application Service Provider).

As usual (since 1984) we will take some time off over Xmas (most of us are on vacation Dec 21 to Jan 6) but we will be back and eager to tackle the challenges of 2008 starting Monday January 7.

If I don’t speak to you beforehand, please enjoy a very merry Xmas and a very happy and joyous new year.

Best Regards,

Frank McKenna CEO



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Global Dun & Bradstreet survey certified Knowledgeone Corporation as top 20% performer

-  Based on Past Performance Evaluation Survey

-  K1 scores 93/100 for excellence in customer satisfaction and service

-  Evaluation of Knowledgeone’s international support centre, based in North Sydney

Sydney 20 November, 2007
Internationally recognized standards ratings organization, Dun & Bradstreet have certified Australian company Knowledgeone Corporation (K1Corp) among the ‘top 20% global performers’, as part of its Open Ratings/Past Performance Evaluator (PPE) Program Survey.   

According to Leo Alvarez from the Winvale Corporation, responsible for the study, the organization's PPE score of 93/100 demonstrates outstanding overall customer satisfaction relative to similar companies. “Knowledgeone Corporation has a fantastic performance rating of 93% with no negative feedback received. It is an excellent result,” he said. The results are based on the performance of Knowledgeone’s International Support Centre, based in North Sydney. The PPE Survey looks at ratings given by the organization's global customer base. The Customer satisfaction metrics used in the evaluation include reliability, cost, order accuracy, quality, responsiveness and customer support...more>>

A copy of the PPE report can be downloaded here

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ESTA's technology base grows with Knowledgeone K1

Victoria’s Emergency Services Telecommunications Authority ( ESTA) faces huge challenges every day.

ESTA’s three emergency communication centres form the gateway to emergency services in Victoria, taking over 1.8 million Triple Zero calls last financial year to dispatch ambulance, police, fire and State Emergency Services to callers in emergency crisis. That equates to an emergency call every 17.5 seconds.

To do this effectively and to help save lives and property, the organization needs to run like a well-oiled machine, all the time. As such, ESTA is at the forefront of emergency services organizations in terms of embracing and adapting to the best technology available. This includes their Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) system which manages the call taking and dispatch process at the hands of dedicated 24/7 operational staff.  However, like all operational organizations, there is a need for strong support and systems in place for that ‘well-oiled machine’ to run. That is why, ESTA elected to embrace other technologies to ensure it remained the world-class organization that it is. Knowledgeone is one of those technologies...more>>

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Did you know

RecFind is an EDRM solution

You may currently be using RecFind as a paper based records management solution but did you know that your current version of RecFind can do EDRM and a whole lot more!

RecFind-Corporate and K1 provide the core functionality for records management, electronic document management, imaging, workflow, content management, security, searching, reporting, barcode support, version control, retention processing etc.

EDRM Papers
If you are considering EDRM we have the following documents available to assist you with the process. They explain what EDRM is, where to begin when setting up an EDRM system and things to consider when planning an EDRM system.

Note: these papers are based on RecFind-Corporate 5.0 however most of the methodology also applies to Knowledgeone

Implementing Electronic Document Management (PDF)
EDRM Checklist (PDF)

EDRM Training and Consulting Services
Knowledgeone Corporation also has a standard training course and consulting service for EDRM.
If you would be interested in attending an EDRM course or utilizing one of our Consulting services please email our Training Department.

Start your new EDRM approach today by discussing the thoughts, strategies and requirements of your organization with management, departmental heads and knowledge workers and then contact Knowledgeone Corporation.

As always, if you have any questions about EDRM or any of Knowledgeone's EDRM products, feel free to email us or post a question to our online user forum and we'll be more than happy to help!

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GEM and RecCapture for K1 Seminar Series

Knowledgeone is now holding regular seminars for existing customers and prospective clients across Australia showcasing the new versions of GEM and RecCapture for K1 ( R6 version coming soon). These unique products allow you to analyze, capture, classify and save emails and electronic documents fully automatically.

Both GEM and RecCapture for K1 allow you to meet any compliance legislation and enable you to save thousands of hours by releasing your staff from the tedious, manual processes of analyzing and classifying emails and electronic documents.

Knowledgeone's seminars have been very popular and highlight the key features and benefits that GEM & RecCapture can bring to your organization, such as:

  • Allow end users to securely search and retrieve emails and electronic documents throughout the organization.
  • Create your own customized 'expert system' for email management and/or electronic document management.
  • Enforce all compliance legislation with GEM or RecCapture's powerful configuration modules.
  • Manage the whole life cycle of an email or electronic document (even to automatically initiating workflow).
  • Install, configure and roll-out GEM or RecCapture in days or weeks as opposed to the months or years required for traditional 'client-centric' email management or electronic document solutions.

Recent seminars in NSW & QLD have drawn a lot of interest from local Government and corporations and attendees we're offered special discounts to GEM & RecCapture packages, plus the chance to win a FREE GEM and RecCapture product solution valued at more than $8000.

Door prize winners include: William Hood from Moore Theological College, NSW and Allan Kavanagh from SEQWater, QLD, (above) with Knowledgeone's Ben Tesoriero.

Watch out for our next GEM and RecCapture for K1 seminar - coming to a city near you!

If you have any questions about the GEM or RecCapture Series or products please email Sales and we'll be more than happy to help! Contact: + 61 2 8913 9300 or sales@knowledgeonecorp.com

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Datalogic Memor interfaces with RecFind

Datalogic Memor

At only 210 grams (including battery) the Memor is the perfect lightweight Windows CE device for scanning barcodes. The reader is extremely easy to use thanks to its color TFT QVGA display with touch screen and phone-like numeric keypad.

The Datalogic Memor is provided with rugged construction to survive unintentional drops (up to 1.2 metres/4ft) and exposure to water and dust. Reader is supplied with all necessary software to interface with RecFind (v5.0.0J+) and K1.

Want to know more about Memor? Check out the K1 Store>>

Contact: + 61 2 8913 9300 or sales@knowledgeonecorp.com

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Tips & Tricks

How Do I Print Color Labels from the Pick List?
Utilizing the technology of the ColorBar software, it is possible to integrate this with the Pick List of Recfind.  This will mean that not only can users create a list of files to be archived or to be downloaded to the portable barcode reader to take part in an audit, they will also be able to print color coded labeling directly from within the Pick List.
1.    Create a list of files on your Pick List.  As you are creating new files, remember the quickest way of placing a file on the pick list is by using the Pick drop down on the RecFind toolbar.
2.    Select the Create List function button.




3.    Select Yes or No to create the data file for the color labels.





4.   Select the OK function button once the export has finished.

5.    Select the Print Labels function button.
The color coded labels will now print from the selected color printer.

Example of color coded label (above)

Knowledgeone Corporation is an exclusive reseller of the ColorBar software and has certified consultants to install and train it.  Please contact sales@knowledgeoncorp.com for further details and a demonstration.
How do I email electronic documents from within RecFind?
It is possible to email an electronic document along with its associated RecFind metadata from within the RecFind application.  This is useful if someone does not have access to RecFind but needs to see a copy of a document that has been registered.
1.    Select the document which is required for emailing.  This can be done from within the search module or the document maintenance module.  The last document that has been accessed is stored in memory for emailing.
2.    Select the Email drop down.
3.    Select the Document Profile and Attachments option from the menu.
4.    Select the OK button  to confirm this is the correct document to be emailed.



5.    Depending on how RecFind has been configured for email interaction, you may see a new mail template appearing.



6.    Send your email in the usual way. 

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Customer Feedback - have your say

What additional records management products or services would you like us to provide?

Right now we provide records management software, training, consultancy, barcode readers, labels and ColorBar.

However, as most of our customers are involved in active records management it behoves us to ask:

  • "What else would you like us to provide?"
  • Or, maybe even more appropriately, "What additional products and/or services could we provide to make your job easier?"
  • "Is there something you need that we don’t provide?"
  • "Is there something we could provide that would solve a problem and improve productivity?"

We would like to become a "one-stop-shop" as much as possible so please let us know your thoughts and requirements.

Please email Frank McKenna with your suggestions.

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Training Schedule 2008



February 2008
K1 User            
K1 Administrator            
RecFind User 4 - 5 25 - 26 18 - 19 25 - 26    
RecFind Administrator 5 - 6 26 - 27 19 - 20 26 - 27    
RecFind EDM            
RecFind Inactive            

March 2008
K1 User            
K1 Administrator            
RecFind User         10 - 11  
RecFind Administrator         11 - 12  
RecFind EDM            
RecFind Inactive            

April 2008
K1 User     14      
K1 Administrator     15 - 16      
RecFind User   9 - 10       14 - 15
RecFind Administrator   10 -11       15 - 16
RecFind EDM            
RecFind Inactive            


To book your place at one of these upcoming training courses simply click here

If you have any questions regarding a RecFind or Knowledgeone K1 Training course or one of Knowledgeone Corp's Consulting services please email the Training Department.

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Hatchling News- Future Employees of K1!

Good news!  Currently on maternity leave, both Knowledgeone's Samantha McKenna and Sarah Forlico recently gave birth, a week apart. 


Samantha gave birth to a beautiful baby girl called ' Piper' on November 7, weighing in at 7lbs 6oz (3.4kg) and 51 cms in length.


Sarah had a cute baby boy named 'Giacomo', (Italian form of James), pronounced Jac-a-moh on November 11, weighing in at 7 lbs 8 oz (3.43kg) and 54cmin in length.


Frank and Kay are over the moon with their first grandchild, Piper, as is Auntie Michelle.


Mums and bubs are doing well.


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New Faces @ K1 Corp

Ben Tesoriero - Business Development Manager


Ben has over 8 years experience working in the IT Industry, primarily in Application Support and Development.  With a Civil Engineering degree, he decided that the world of construction was not for him, and so diverted his attention to the world of computers.  Having worked on the "techo" side the entire time he has been in IT, Ben decided it was time to move into the challenging world of IT sales.  Away from the office Ben spends most of his time with his 12 month old baby, which has ultimately ended his budding park cricket career.   Ben works at Knowledgeone Corporation as a Business Development Manager.

Julien Arsac -
Product Solutions Manager



Julien has been working for software vendors for over 10 years. He started as a programmer building CRM applications before moving into the real world of customers, traveling the world from project to project. Originally from France, Julien spent many years with the Irish in Dublin before making Australia home. He is enjoying the Sydney outdoor lifestyle and multinational gastronomy on offer in his newly adopted country. You may bump into him running around town, training for his next half-marathon. A bientot!

Linda Bacales - Customer Support


Linda moved to Sydney from Nowra on the south coast of NSW almost 9 years ago and while working in hospitality for the first few years was enjoyable and rewarding she decided that a career change was on the cards. After taking a course in computer skills through the local college, she joined a software development company and started working in the support team. From there she built up her skills in supporting asset maintenance and evidence management applications and at the same time became involved in software testing and the release side of the software lifecycle.  In her spare time she plays volleyball and occasionally goes to the gym, although she much prefers outdoor activities and spending time with friends.  She still works in hospitality occasionally, mostly with weddings, concerts and sports games at Telstra Stadium.  Linda is happy to be working for K1 and has already taken on some of the social coordinator responsibilities.  Expect to see her around for a while as she stayed at her last job for 7 years!

Vagram Vareljian - Programmer


Vagram's early exposure to computers resulted from his parents (and some grandparents) engineering professions. At age 13 he was dismantling PC's and sometimes assembling them back together (if he was lucky). Studying Computer Engineering and working  part time as computer service technician at Harvey Norman, he managed to save enough money for his 'post university, year long, backpacking, solo' trip around the world. As an avid photographer he lugged his trusty SLR camera and an array of lenses on his travels, documenting everyday life around him. After running out of money (and maxing out his credit card), Vagram realized that he should return to Sydney and seek an engineering job. In conclusion of his journey, the crossroads brought him to Knowledgeone where he spends his time 'programming computers'. Outside of work Vagram enjoys being active, he runs, swims and cycles regularly.


Melinda Harlow - Customer Care Specialist


Born in Long Beach, California, Melinda continued the 'Manifest Destiny' west and migrated to Australia in November, 2000.  Although she has a B.A. in International Business, she’s been eager to have a go at some purely Australian professions - including salesperson in an opal jewellery shop and tour guide at BridgeClimb on the Sydney Harbour Bridge.  In September, 2007, Melinda took on the role of Customer Care Specialist at Knowledgeone.  She loves to call our customers to make sure they are getting all the support they need.  In addition, all shipments you now receive from Knowledgeone (e.g. license disks, barcode labels, etc.) have most likely passed through Melinda's hands.  While not at work at K1, you can find Melinda leading corporate groups on Treasure Hunts and Amazing Races around Sydney's CBD, as well as helping facilitate inspirational seminars on weekends for people who want to create their lives how they've always dreamed. 

Constantine Nicholas - Marketing Communications Manager


Originally from Perth, WA, Constantine moved to Sydney in 1998 to pursue his interest in IT. He has many years experience in advertising and marketing in the IT media and information management sector, with a strong interest in design and event management. After 5 years working with a leading information management publication, Constantine was keen to join Knowledgeone marketing to bring further exposure to K1's overall brand, products and services. Out of the office Constantine enjoys creating art, spending quality time with his 18 month old daughter Ella, and playing golf (when he can!).

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Contact Update

Have you recently shifted office or changed contact details?

For any updates, simply give us your new particulars, as listed below, and email them to our Sales Department.

Please include the following details: Company Name, Contact Person, Designation, Address, Email Address, Telephone Number, Fax Number, and Customer Number.

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