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Knowledgeone Corporation product tours are a great introduction to our extensive range of products

Our tours are divided into our two main product suites, they are:

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Knowledgeone K1 - A revolutionary new generic application solution

Note: we are currently working on updating these tours to the new Knowledgeone v1.5 look and feel. The product version that the tour is based on is noted beside each demonstration.

  • Audio Visual Presentations

    Note: the following movies will start when the Screen cast loader reaches 10%. If you experience problems downloading the following two presentations please contact Marketing.

    • Welcome to Knowledgeone (K1) - NEW v1.5

      Knowledgeone Corporation's CEO, Frank McKenna, explains the architecture behind K1, its standard products and its optional 'add-ons'. He details the main benefits of K1 and then takes you on a short tour.

    • Using Knowledgeone's Multiple Personalities (K1) - NEW v1.5

      Knowledgeone is much more than just a single source of knowledge. It is a multi-tasking application solution, a single product that can process multiple applications simultaneously. Learn how you can solve all of your business needs with one application. Also see how Knowledgeone K1's powerful security system handles access to tables, fields and methods.

RecFind - A traditional records management solution


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