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Knowledgeone Corporation’s Maintenance & Technical Support Services include:

  • Automatic Software Upgrades (ASU)- PDF
  • Service Packs
  • 1-800 Support (Incidents)
  • Free Web Based Support
  • On-site Technical Support
  • GoToAssist ‘On-site’ Support

Automatic Software Upgrades (ASU)

Knowledgeone Corporation's Automatic Software Upgrade (ASU) service ensures that the customer is shipped at least one product update per annum on average. The updates will contain new functionality, fixes and updates to ensure compatibility with the latest releases of Microsoft, Novell and Lotus Notes products.

As well as providing the customer with new and improved features, the ASU service also protects the customer against technological obsolescence. It protects your software investment and ensures that you are able to keep pace and stay compatible with the rapidly changing IT environment.

Software upgrades include:

  • Maintenance enhancements, to support changes in operating systems and relational databases
  • Functionality enhancements, enhancing existing functionality, adding new functions and features
  • Technology enhancements, to take advantages of new technology, improving product performance, reliability and scalability

Service Packs

In line with Knowledgeone Corporation’s ongoing development program we are continually developing and improving your product. Whereas we produce two new major feature releases per year for shipment to our customers, we actually produce many more ‘mini-releases’ as part of the development process.

The Service Pack is not a new concept. It has been used by most major software vendors such as Microsoft for some years. The major difference between Knowledgeone Corporation’s service packs and those of other vendors is that ours include improvements as well as bug fixes.

Our Service Packs assist us in our endeavour to provide our customers with a level of service that is second to none, by making product improvements and developments available to customers instantly and by increasing the stability of your product installation.

This “Service Pack” policy is designed to provide customers with better software and a greatly improved level of service by:

  • Pre-empting a situation where a customer finds a problem and reports it to Knowledgeone Corporation
  • In most cases our services packs will correct problems before you find them.
  • Making product improvements available to customers immediately.
  • Providing a simple update with easy to follow installation instructions.
  • Providing an instant download of the Service Pack via the Internet. A problem found today can be fixed today.
  • Ensuring that Knowledgeone Corporation’s level of services remains far above that of our competitors.

We notify our customers about the release of new service packs via our e-mail newsletter. To subscribe, please contact sales with the name, position, organization, phone number and e-mail address for each person to be subscribed.

See downloads for the latest service packs

1-800 Support (Incidents)

The 1-800 Support service includes maintenance support via telephone, facsimile, mail and e-mail.

Knowledgeone Corporation’s objective is to provide the required maintenance support at the time of contact or as soon as practicable thereafter.

If the customer wishes to make use of Knowledgeone Corporation’s 1-800 Support-Service, it must register a support incident.

Free Web Based Support

Customers who have a current Automatic Software Upgrade agreement can also submit non-urgent queries via the Knowledgeone Corporation web site (see Free E-mail Support). The 1800 Support (Incident) service is to be used for all urgent support issues (see above).

Further information on this service please see Free E-mail Support

On-site Technical Support

Knowledgeone Corporation provides its customers’ with on-site services. We have a number of different services which we offer:

  • Data Migrations
  • Software Upgrade Installation
  • Application and Database Assistance
  • Application Installation
  • Technical Training

If you are interested in obtaining on-site services from Knowledgeone Corporation, please contact your account manager or complete the Information Request Form.

GoToAssist ‘On-site’ Support

Knowledgeone Corporation provides an alternative to the normal ‘on-site’ service called GoToAssist.

This service avoids the high costs and scheduling problems associated with actually putting a technical person in your office. Given that we have customers in Africa, Europe, North America and Australasia it was patently extraordinarily difficult and expensive to provide a ‘technician-on-site’ service to all of those locations in the time frame required by the customer in each instance (like, “Today please”).

This unique service allows a Knowledgeone Corporation technician to ‘take over’ the operation of your workstation or server just as if he/she was actually sitting in your chair, at your site. Operationally, it is no different from having a live person on site. However, the costs are a fraction of the ‘live person’ service and scheduling can be arranged on a few hours notice. GoToAssist costs $250/hour (exclusive of taxes).

For further information on this service please see Live Help