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Powered by GoToAssist

By clicking on "Click Here!" button you will be allowing Knowledgeone Corporation to share your desktop. If you have any concerns about this service, please refer to the information below. You will have full control over the session at all times, Knowledgeone Corporation can not see or do anything without your knowledge.

How it works

Using this service, Knowledgeone Corporation technical support staff are able to see the problem you are experiencing via a standard internet connection. This is how it works....

  1. You arrange a time with one of Knowledgeone Corporation's technical support staff for them to connect to your workstation.
  2. You go to this page and enter your name in the space provided and then click on the "Click Here!" button.
  3. It will then automatically download the screen-sharing plug-in onto your computer.
  4. You will then receive a warning that Knowledgeone Corporation will be sharing your screen and will be able to see everything that you can see. Click OK to commence. The Knowledgeone Corporation technical support staff will then be able to assist you directly on your computer, as if he or she were sitting right next to you.

The screen-sharing plug-in lets both you and the Knowledgeone Corporation Technical Support Representative communicate via a chat window, see your computer screen, share your mouse and keyboard and draw on your screen using the special whiteboard feature.

System and Network Requirements

To join a GoToAssist support session your workstation should meet these requirements:

  • Windows 8, 7, Vista, XP or Server 2003; or Mac OS X 10.4 (Snow Leopard) or newer
  • Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox 3.0, or Safari 3.0 or later
  • 56 Kbps or greater connection (broadband recommended) 
  • Ability to make direct outgoing TCP connections or availability of an HTTP proxy or a SOCKS server

Note: In some rare cases, firewalls can cause GoToAssist to fail to generate a outbound connection. For Firewall Configuration advice please click here. Inbound ports do not need alteration.

Frequently asked questions

Q: How does this service work?

A: Once you connect to the service, you'll be prompted to download a small application which will allow one of our support representatives to help you with your problem by allowing the support representative to share your mouse and keyboard for quick, easy service.

At any time during a session, you can retake control of your computer just by moving your mouse or pausing the session using the application. In other words, you can have our support representative solve a problem for you while you watch, or you can have the support representative tell you what to do step-by-step. You will be in charge at all times.

Q: Can a support representative look through files on my computer without my knowledge?

A: Absolutely not. With the screen-sharing feature, your representative sees only what you see and whatever you decide to show him/her on your screen. It is a screen sharing facility - you can see everything we do!

Q: Is it true that my support representative can see everything on my screen?

A: Yes. But before your support representative views your screen, he or she will first ask your permission and request that you close all documents containing private information.

A live support representative can tell you what to do and watch each step as you do it, or he or she can do it for you (by using your mouse and keyboard remotely) while you watch and learn. It's like having your own personal support representative sitting right next to you.

Q: I have heard that it is dangerous to download from the Internet. Is the plug-in virus free?

A: Yes, the plug-in is safe! We're as concerned as you are about this issue, so regular virus checks and updates are conducted. This helps us maintain our technology at the highest standard to ensure superior quality service. The warning message you may see on your screen is a default message that is displayed by your browser when you download any executable files. You can feel confident using this plug-in.

Q: What's the architecture of the service?

A: We use a service called GoToAssist by Citrix Online (formally Expertcity).

GoToAssist's robust architecture has been designed for maximum reliability, scalability and security.

  • Reliable and Scalable Redundant switches and routers are built into the GoToAssist architecture to ensure that there is never one single point of failure. Standby server capacity and backup circuits allow the service to scale easily with demand.
  • Firewall Friendly GoToAssist uses HTTP connection protocols to transparently enable screen-sharing sessions through corporate firewalls. In most cases, both the user and the support representative can connect to Citrix Online's servers without reconfiguring their firewall settings. This is because it uses outbound traffic only.
  • Secure GoToAssist uses industry-standard security measures to protect the data exchanged during screen-sharing sessions. Sophisticated compression, AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) 128-bit encryption, challenge/response authentication and randomly generated session keys are employed to give users and support providers ultimate confidence in the privacy of their sessions and the integrity of personal data.

To read the technical white paper on GoToAssist click here (PDF document).

Q: Is this a security breech?

A: With GoToAssist, the support representative has unprecedented access to the user's computer to pinpoint and resolve technical issues more efficiently than ever before. However, GoToAssist leaves the ultimate control in the hands of the user. The user actively participates in the screen-sharing process and observes every step that is taken to resolve the technical issue. At anytime the user can retake control of the mouse and keyboard or end ScreenSharing altogether.

Operationally, it is no different from having a person on site. The security issues are identical - it is no different to you allowing our person on site to interrogate your system and diagnose the cause of problems or install new software; in both cases it relies on your permission and your supervision.