Free E-mail Support

Ask Knowledgeone Corporation Support a question (no charge)

About Free Email Support

We have made this service available to give customers the option of submitting non-critical issues and general inquiries to the help desk. 

This service is for existing Knowledgeone Corporation customers with a current ASU maintenance agreement or those evaluating RecFind. All pre-sales enquiries or customers with an expired ASU maintenance agreement must be directed to our sales department (contact sales).

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Note: to supply any supporting documentation (e.g.. screen dumps, etc), please send a separate e-mail to with a subject of "Free Email Support Request - Supporting Documentation".

Terms & Conditions

Although Knowledgeone Corporation guarantee to respond to all questions, we can not provide guaranteed response times. Normal response time is generally 24 to 48 hours but can be longer.

Should you require any additional clarification regarding this service, please contact support.