Knowledgeone (K1) Benefits

Knowledgeone (K1) now to be known as RecFind 6

Reduced Desktop Maintenance Costs
There is no software to install or maintain on your desktop.

Reduced Application Development Lead Times, Costs and Risk
Knowledgeone is a generic application solution able to run multiple applications out-of-the-box plus new applications can be created literally without programming and in record time. Plus, for any new application all the really technically difficult work has already been done and is part of the Knowledgeone basic system. For example, you don’t have to worry about scalability or a security system or imaging or electronic document management functionality or reporting or searching or audit trail, etc, etc because all of these features plus many more are part of the out-of-the-box package. They have been designed, tested and proven.

Reduced Training and Re-training Costs
Knowledgeone has a generic user interface that works with all applications that run under Knowledgeone. That is, the identical user interface is used for any application run under Knowledgeone. This means you can move an employee from say the Asset Management department to Human Resources Management without any need for retraining.
Reduced Costs to Support Remote Locations, Offices and Traveling Personnel
All user functions in Knowledgeone are true thin-client, (meaning they run within the browser and communicate with your server via HTTP/HTTPS). This means you can utilize your Intranet or the Internet to support your remote offices and personnel. Fundamentally, all any employee needs to be able to sign on and access Knowledgeone is a valid Userid, Password and a connection to the Internet.
Reduced Application Software Costs
Knowledgeone is able to run multiple applications concurrently. One copy of Knowledgeone can be used to run multiple business applications. For example, Asset Management, Complaints Management, Help Desk, Operational Health & Safety, Human Resources Management, CRM, etc. Why pay for 5 or 10 expensive application software packages when one can do all?
Reduced Time and Money and Effort to Respond to Changes
Knowledgeone is unique in that it totally empowers the customer. The customer is able to change any aspect of Knowledgeone including the Data Model and any Process using the standard tools supplied with Knowledgeone. There is no waiting on the vendor, there are no vendor bills and there is no complex and expensive programming required.
Reduced Time, Money and Effort to Meet Compliance Standards
Because the customer can easily and quickly change any aspect of Knowledgeone. Responding to any compliance standard or a changed compliance standard is a simple and low effort, low cost task. Plus Knowledgeone includes all of the functionality required to meet any standard including electronic document management, email management, versioning, XML standard export, etc.
Reduced Software Maintenance Costs
Knowledgeone’s unique architecture means that you can make changes to almost any aspect of Knowledgeone but still be able to receive and install the standard product updates from Knowledgeone Corporation. This means no special and expensive maintenance agreements for modified applications. In addition, because Knowledgeone can do the work of many software applications you pay the annual software maintenance for just one product, not five or ten or twenty products.
Increased Productivity and Decreased Employee Workload
Knowledgeone’s server-centric, rules-driven and fully automatic model for document management and email management means that employees do not have to do anything. All the time previously taken up with selecting, copying, classifying, indexing and storing electronic documents and emails at the desktop is freed up because Knowledgeone performs all of these tasks totally automatically and without the need for employee intervention.
Lost Cost, Low Risk Replacement for Expensive Legacy Systems
With its configurable data model and configurable processes plus infinitely scalable .NET model, Knowledgeone is the ideal replacement for any mainframe resident legacy system. Conversion from any legacy system is made possible by Knowledgeone’s Import/Export tool and API called Xchange. Using Xchange you can import from virtually any environment or database system (including DB/2 and AS/400) and build a new relational model (mapping the old legacy data model to a modern relational one) in Knowledgeone. Knowledgeone also includes all of the standard Methods you will need to manage your legacy data and you can use the Knowledgeone DRM to manage your legacy application within Knowledgeone. Why pay huge maintenance costs for a mainframe when you can easily and quickly convert your legacy application to a .NET application under Knowledgeone and run it off a low cost Windows server?
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