Knowledgeone (K1)

Knowledgeone (K1) now to be known as RecFind 6


Knowledgeone (K1) is a fully functioned .NET 2003 Enterprise Content Management Solution.

K1 provides all functionality required for information and knowledge management including searching, tracking, imaging, barcode support, version control, security, audit trail, retention processing, workflow, powerful report writer, etc.

K1 is the ideal and complete solution for any organization needing to implement an easy to use, easy to
roll-out electronic records and document management solution.

K1 is also a generic application solution able to run multiple applications concurrently (e.g., EDRMS, asset management, HR management, help desk, CRM, etc).

K1 was built as a .NET 2003 thin-client product with all end-user functions running within the browser (IE6 or IE7).

Xchange is Knowledgeone's Import/Export Engine and API. It allows you to easily and quickly integrate to virtually any other system and to import or export information from any other system ... more »

The Database Registration Module (DRM) is the administrator's tool for Knowledgeone. This is the tool you use to modify any aspect of Knowledgeone including the data model, languages and any 'business process'. This is the tool we provide so the customer is 'empowered' to change almost any aspect of Knowledgeone without programming and having to rely on and wait on the vendor or systems integrator ... more »

Key Features & Benefits

  • Capture, create, track, manage and distribute knowledge both within and across organizational boundaries.
  • Quickly and easily change any of Knowledgeone’s components – eg buttons, captions, column headings, interface language, data model and processes.
  • Customize each user’s interface to a highly personalized look and feel.
  • Easily change or extend the capabilities of Knowledgeone to your business needs without programming.
  • Generate customizable reports for analysis and auditing purposes with its unique report wizard.
  • Save and reuse reports.
  • Perform full text searching on all captured electronic documents (including emails).
  • Perform sophisticated metadata searches across all tables.
  • Save and reuse searches.
  • Configure multiple metadata models for content profiling and searching.
  • Simultaneously support multiple languages.
  • Save money on roll out and workstation maintenance costs as there is nothing to install or maintain on the user’s workstation.
  • Capture data from any other system using Xchange.
  • Export data to any other system in industry standard XML format using Xchange.
  • Integrate to any other system using Xchange.
  • Secure data through encrypted passwords, encrypted data, and HTTPS.
  • Utilize Knowledgeone's powerful security system to manage all access to tables, fields and methods.

Business Solutions

  • Help Desk Management
  • Customer/Client Relationship Management
  • Records Management
  • Electronic Document Management
  • Imaging
  • Workflow Management
  • Human Resources Management
  • Asset Management
  • Complaint Management System


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The Knowledgeone K1 range of products has been awarded the General Services Administration (GSA) Schedule Contract for Information Technology, effective April 25, 2008 until April 24, 2013. Any US Federal Government Agency can purchase a Knowledgeone product without going to tender. Click here to purchase or learn more.
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