Knowledgeone (K1) Button

Knowledgeone (K1) now to be known as RecFind 6


The Knowledgeone (K1) Button is the world's easiest to use electronic document capture tool.

The Button 'sits in' your native application (e.g. Word, Outlook) and allows you to quickly and easily capture any electronic document and store and index it into the Knowledgeone database in its native format or as a PDF file (via pdfDocs software).

In addition, the K1 Button allows you to either create document profiles (Metadata) or search for existing document profiles. It also allows you to add (check-in) and copy (check-out) electronic documents to/from the Knowledgeone database.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Low cost.
  • Fast, very easy-to-use document capture/access solution.
  • Intelligent content profiling and searching.
  • Powerful security.
  • Easy to deploy and maintain.
  • Seamlessly integrates to any application.

Business Solutions

  • Electronic Document Management
  • Email Management


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The Knowledgeone K1 range of products has been awarded the General Services Administration (GSA) Schedule Contract for Information Technology, effective April 25, 2008 until April 24, 2013. Any US Federal Government Agency can purchase a Knowledgeone product without going to tender. Click here to purchase or learn more.
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