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March 2008

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CEO's Report

Howdy all and welcome to another chapter in the frantic world of Knowledgeone Corporation.


What is that Chinese curse again? “May you lead an interesting life?” Everything is good news even though we are struggling to find new staff and meet our growth objectives. But, all my associates in this industry tell me they have the same problem – there is a dearth of high quality people available.

We have solved most of our problems with programmers by hiring graduates as interns and then training them ourselves but, we need more senior and experienced people as consultants and sales people. So, if any of you out there in end-user land know of high quality consultants (from our industry, now called Enterprise Content Management or ECM) or super professional sales people please give them my email address and tell them to contact me.

My schedule is, as usual, just crazy. Yesterday I was in Brisbane, today I am in Sydney and Saturday I will be in San Diego. Yet when I have time to recall, I remember making the decision to leave my job as Director of Support and Services with Burroughs Corporation (now called Unisys) 25 years ago and start my own software company because I was tired of traveling and didn’t want to move again (they were about to post me to London). I am traveling more now than I ever did with Burroughs. As the comedians say, “Ain’t life funny?”

On the product side I am really, really, really happy with RecFind 6.0 the latest redesign and rewrite of our iconic RecFind records and document management system. It is so pretty (yes that is the right word) and so easy to use and so powerful and so full of interesting and clever new features that I think it will create a bigger reaction than the very first version of RecFind in 1986.

RecFind 6.0 New User Interface

The opposition are about to get comprehensively blown away. Once RecFind 6.0 is released every other eDRMS on the planet will be suddenly years out of date and will look very old and very tired. We are still on track for a May/June release date. Not being Microsoft, we actually test our software to death before releasing it.  In our model, testing is at least 50% of the R&D cycle; we simply can’t afford to take risks with our customer’s data.

Our sales are really healthy (no, we are not affected by the US sub-prime problem) and one surprising factor is that we are selling more RecFind 5.0 systems than last year.  My assumption is that the interest generated by innovative new products like Knowledgeone and RecFind 6.0 is helping to re-direct customers and prospects back to us. We have also had a lot of old customers (i.e., running old out-of-maintenance releases like RecFind 3.2) coming back to the fold and wanting to upgrade to the latest release. The common theme is that RecFind “just works” and is easy to use. They have looked at other solutions (and in some cases tried other solutions) but come back to RecFind because it has all the functionality they need, is easy to use and just works day after day as a “painless” and low friction solution. I just love RecFind.

I have also just written a new paper on the ubiquitous SharePoint, Microsoft’s application software panacea. This was in response to repeated requests from our customers because they were being “beaten up” by IT people to convert everything (including their records management solution) to SharePoint. I thought I should dispel the myth with reality and facts. Please take a look at the new paper on our website here>>

Please let me know what you think of this paper. I will follow it up with a second paper on how to integrate with SharePoint in about a month.

I will be traveling over the next month or so but can be reached by email wherever I am so please keep in touch – I love talking to customers whether it is by phone, email or in person.

Best Regards,

Frank McKenna CEO



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Bundaberg Regional Council chooses RecFind-Corporate

Newly formed Bundaberg Regional Council, Queensland has chosen Knowledgeone Corporation’s RecFind-Corporate as its corporate electronic document and records management solution (EDRM).

In December 2007, the Queensland Government announced a new legislation where local government areas must amalgamate and centralize their use of technology applications. Bundaberg Regional Council, incorporating Burnett, Isis, Kolan and Bundaberg City Shire Councils chose RecFind Corporate over many EDRM products as its corporate records management solution...more>>

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Knowledgeone's new office in Queensland

We are pleased to announce that Knowledgeone Corporation has established a new office in Queensland.

Lambros Helios

Based in Brisbane's CBD, our office is now up and running with a new manager, Lambros Helios. Lambros' arrival marks a new phase in our 'on-the-ground' consultative services approach for the state of Queensland.

With substantial IT integration experience behind him, Lambros will be very able to assist you with your all your RecFind and Knowledgeone K1 needs.

For further information or assistance contact Lambros on 07 3010 9706 or email l.helios@knowledgeonecorp.com

Knowledgeone Corporation, Queensland
Suite 1, Level 5, 320 Adelaide Street, Brisbane 

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In early March, Knowledgeone Corporation exhibited at the world's premier event for imaging and information management, the AIIM Expo in Boston, USA. It was our second attendance in as many years.

During the three day conference, Greg Warrilow and Ben Tesoriero were very busy conducting product demonstrations, attracting global partners and catching up with customers.

 Knowledgeone's Greg Warrilow with K1 customer
 Barbara Brown of Clermont County, Ohio USA

According to Greg Warrilow, "most of the attendees were based throughout the United States, but we also had visitors to the stand from Australia, Belgium, Canada, India, Korea, New Zealand, Saudi Arabia and United Kingdom. Once again our black and orange carry bags (made from recycled plastic) were a big hit and it was good to see people using them throughout the exhibition area".

"There are a plethora of ECM solutions in the market place, however seeing them all on show in place highlighted that Knowledgeone K1 truly is an innovative and cutting edge solution," said Greg.

With an estimated 30,000 attendees, AIIM was the ideal promotional platform for RecFind and Knowledgeone K1. The products were well received and our bright orange display stood out amongst hundreds of competing stands.

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Queensland RecFind Users Group

The first Queensland RecFind Users Group meeting for 2008, held on 12 March in Brisbane's CBD went extremely well, attracting many local RecFind users.

Knowledgeone's Jonathan Scowen gave an informative RecFind presentation and Nadine Morley, Records Support Officer of Queensland's Corrective Services spoke about working with RecFind on a daily basis. Nadine highlighted the importance for experienced RecFind users to do additional training. 

Nadine Morley of QLD Corrective Services speaks to
users about RecFind

The meeting brought up many questions from regular users, contributing to healthy discussions and bringing greater awareness to RecFind's special features and functionalities.

Michelle Alcock, Principal Advisor - Business Services at Queensland's Corrective Services was elected as the group's Chairperson and Cathy Rowe, Senior Records Officer, Crime and Misconduct Commission was elected as Secretary.  

Want to know about Knowledgeone Corporation's user groups for RecFind and K1? 

Contact: + 61 2 8913 9300 or marketing@knowledgeonecorp.com

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Did you know?

Knowledgeone Corporation can do your high volume imaging and scanning

Did you know that Knowledgeone Corporation can assist you with all your high volume business imaging and scanning work?

Knowledgeone understands that business scanning and imaging can be an arduous and time consuming process.

We know that it's essential to your organization that all of your critical documents and records are electronically kept. That's why we've introduced a new service that can do all of your business imaging and scanning (either on-site or off-site) however it suits you quickly and efficiently.

Start your new imaging approach today by discussing the strategies and requirements of your organization with management, departmental heads and knowledge workers and then let us know.

If you like to know more about this new service please contact one of our sales representatives on +61 2 8913 9300 or sales@knowledgeonecorp.com

More about Knowledgeone's Imaging and Scanning products>>

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Tips & Tricks

Knowledgeone K1
Version 1.6 of Knowledgeone K1 has some new features that are sure to be a hit with end users.

Double clicking is now available to view records. Default sorting orders can be set within the Database Registration Module (DRM); previously lists were always sorted by the External ID but now the K1 Application Administrator can use any field in any table to configure the default sort order.

Did you know that you can email a document profile and electronic document from within the RecFind application?

The "email" dropdown menu on the RecFind Toolbar has the option "Email Document Profile and Attachment"; selecting this option will display a new email template with the document profile metadata and the electronic document attached to it.  This can then be emailed in the normal way either internally or externally. Your RecFind administrator can configure email - enablement to either MAPI or SMTP in the Config module.

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RecFind 5.0.0I Service Pack

Service Pack 3 for RecFind 5.0.0I has been released and is now available from our website for immediate downloading.

This service pack contains a number of corrections and improvements for RecFind Version 5.0.0I and upon completion will upgrade your installation to RecFind Version 5.0.0J.

To download the service packs and view the release notes, please see the "Downloads/Service Packs" area of our website:


To install this service pack you must be running RecFind v5.0.0I.

Please contact Knowledgeone Support should you have any questions relating to the service pack.



E-mail: support@knowledgeonecorp.com


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Training News & Schedule 2008

Knowledgeone K1 and RecFind training courses throughout Australia have kept our team of trainers, Trevor Coombs and Greg Warrilow constantly busy over the last few months.

Cameco Mining's head office

In particular, Brisbane has had full courses because of the recent upgrading of RecFind by a number of sites throughout the Queensland Government.
Queensland has also hosted our first onsite training for one of the newly formed super councils, the Bundaberg Regional Council. The new council is rolling out RecFind-Corporate suite throughout its collective shire councils as its preferred EDRMS solution. Key users have been trained in all aspects of the product and will in turn provide in-house training to ensure maximum return on investment.

Cameco Mining in the Northern Territory, recently invested in onsite training to help configure its K1 system. Key staff have become proficient in the DRM and the Xchange module, which will enable the organization to import data from smaller disparate systems.

In Tasmania, records officers at a prominent community union were trained to expand the scope of the organization's RecFind-Corporate suite. Although RecFind has been in use for some time, the EDM components were not being utilized to their full potential. Investment in onsite training has ensured that the union can now take advantage of RecFind's
full EDRMS functionalities.

Training Schedule 2008



April 2008
K1 User            
K1 Administrator            
RecFind User     14 - 15      
RecFind Administrator     15 - 16      
RecFind EDM            
RecFind Inactive     17      

May 2008
K1 User 12 26        
K1 Administrator 13 - 14 27 - 28        
RecFind User   5 - 6 12 - 13      
RecFind Administrator   6 - 7 13 - 14      
RecFind EDM            
RecFind Inactive     15      

June 2008
K1 User         4  
K1 Administrator         5 - 6  
RecFind User 23 - 24     16 - 17    
RecFind Administrator 24 - 25     17 - 18    
RecFind EDM            
RecFind Inactive            


To book your place at one of these upcoming training courses simply click here>>

To find out more about a RecFind or Knowledgeone K1 training course or one of Knowledgeone's consulting services please email the Training Department.

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Customer Feedback - have your say

What additional records management products or services would you like us to provide?

Right now we provide records management software, training, consultancy, barcode readers, labels and ColorBar.

However, as most of our customers are involved in active records management it behoves us to ask:

  • "What else would you like us to provide?"
  • Or, maybe even more appropriately, "What additional products and/or services could we provide to make your job easier?"
  • "Is there something you need that we don’t provide?"
  • "Is there something we could provide that would solve a problem and improve productivity?"

We would like to become a "one-stop-shop" as much as possible so please let us know your thoughts and requirements.

Please email Frank McKenna with your suggestions.

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Contact Update

Have you recently shifted office or changed contact details?

For any updates, simply give us your new particulars, as listed below, and email them to our Sales Department.

Please include the following details: Company Name, Contact Person, Designation, Address, Email Address, Telephone Number, Fax Number, and Customer Number.

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