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What are RecFind configuration requirements for barcode readers?


RecFind utilizes two types of barcode readers - fixed and portable.

Fixed barcode readers are connected to your PC (to your keyboard or USB port) and assist by providing a quick method of entering the record number. These are also called wedge reader or keyboard substitute readers.

A portable barcode reader is cordless and may be used to walk around your organization auditing the location of files and documents. Once you collect the information using the portable reader you update RecFind with the information you have collected.

Readers supported by RecFind

Fixed barcode readers

Knowledgeone Corporation sell the Datalogic brand of barcode readers, please click here for more information.

Other fixed readers should work with RecFind as long as they are able to be configured with:

  • a post-amble of [%]
  • full ASCII support

Portable barcode readers

Portable barcode readers require special RecFind specific software to be loaded on to them. Currently the Datalogic F734 is the only model which is supported by RecFind. Software is not available for any other readers.

Configuration Sheets

Fixed barcode readers are configured by scanning special barcodes. Knowledgeone Corporation provides a configuration sheet for those barcode readers that we supply, i.e. Datalogic. For all other brands, please consult your reader supplier.

You can also refer to the complete reference manual for Datalogic fixed barcode readers at:

Portable barcode readers (ie. the Datalogic F734 and Memor) are configured by downloading a program. For instructions on programming the Datalogic F734, please refer FAQ: Programming the Datalogic F734.

Troubleshooting fixed barcode readers

The most common cause of problems with fixed barcode readers is incorrect configuration. When you scan a barcode with a reader that is correctly configured for use with RecFind, it will append [%] at the end of the number, this is called the post-amble.

To test, load Microsoft Word (or another word processing application) and scan any barcode. Ensure that the barcode number is displayed with the [%] at the end, e.g. if you scan barcode number F0000001, you should see F0000001[%] on the screen.

If you do not see the post-amble, RecFind will not work correctly and your barcode reader needs to be reprogrammed. If you are using a Datalogic reader, please download the configuration sheets listed earlier in this article. For all other barcode reader brands, please consult your supplier or the documentation supplied with your reader for instructions on configuring a post-amble.

If nothing appears on the screen but the reader beeps please ensure that the reader is connected properly. If you are using a reader with a PS2 connection (ie. not USB), the barcode reader must be plugged in to your keyboard port and not your mouse port.

If you are using a reader with a USB connection, please ensure that the reader is configured to use the USB interface. The required configuration barcode can be found in the manual supplied with your reader.

If you are still experiencing problems, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Discontinued Datalogic Configuration Sheets

A single configuration sheet is now available (see above) which should function with all Datalogic fixed readers. Please use the generic configuration sheet in the first instance. Should you experience difficulties using the generic configuration sheet with your particular model, the previously released configuration sheets are available below.

Should you still experience difficulties configuring your Datalogic barcode reader, please contact Support.

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