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July 2009


South Australian Government New EDRMS Requirements

The South Australian Government Electronic Document and Records Management System (EDRMS) Panel will expire on 31 July 2009. Following discussions with government stakeholders it has been decided that the panel will not be re-established.

Instead, it will be replaced with a framework of standards that will ensure the continuation of a mandated approach to EDRMS procurement through an approved standard developed by State Records of SA (SRSA). Minimum government compliance requirements will be met through a functional specification, a metadata standard and compliance with the Victorian Electronic Records Strategy (VERS).

This approach has been endorsed by the SA Government ICT Board and the Minister Assisting the Premier in Cabinet Business and Public Sector Management.

From 1 August 2009 agencies who have not procured from the EDRMS Panel will be required to procure a system that meets the minimum compliance requirements set out in the suite of standards and guidelines published by SRSA, plus their own business requirements. System procurement will occur through established agency tender processes and system compliancy will be evaluated by agencies as part of this process.

The suite of SRSA standards and guidelines are:

  • Document and Records Management System Standard (2009)
  • EDRMS Functional Specification Standard (2009)
  • South Australian Recordkeeping Metadata Standard (SARKMS) (2009)
  • EDRMS Design Standard (2009)
  • Across Government EDRMS Procurement and Pre-Implementation Guideline (2009)

These documents will be available on the SRSA website www.archives.sa.gov.au prior to 1 August 2009.

Even though the panel is expiring, for an EDRMS to be procured in South Australia by a state government agency, it is still a mandatory requirement that the solution:

  • Is released in the Australian market (the version being bid) and is fully functional in at least one organization (other than its own) located in Australia
  • Is currently supported in the Australian market by the supplier
  • Provides a complete solution, not a partial solution
  • Is compliant with all specifications (1 to 5) of VERS Version 2
  • Meets all (100%) of the functional and technical requirements, which are mandatory, as an 'off the shelf' solution without significant customization
  • Captures and maintains all of the mandatory recordkeeping metadata elements, in accordance with SARKMS, as a permanent record.

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