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Knowledgeone Corporation Achieves Australian VERS Certification

Sydney, Australia – 1 July, 2009: Knowledgeone Corporation ( is proud to announce that the Public Record Office of Victoria (PROV) has certified its enterprise content management solution, RecFind 6, under the Victorian Electronic Record Strategy or VERS Version 2 Specifications 1-5.

VERS is the Victorian solution for electronic recordkeeping. It is a framework of standards, guidance and implementation projects which is centred around the goal of reliably and authentically archiving electronic records. VERS is designed to allow the cost effective long-term preservation of digital records. VERS also gives priority to the need to capture consistent and adequate metadata, which provides a context for records, so that any user looking at any record, now or in the future, can properly understand the context and meaning of a given record.

“RecFind 6 was designed to include all of the functionality required to meet any compliance or legislative requirement as well as capture and manage content of any type including digital assets. RecFind 6 was also designed around ISO 15489, the world records management standard. It is our bible as RecFind 6 is first and foremost, a professional quality, fully-featured records and document management solution” said Mr Frank McKenna, CEO, Knowledgeone Corporation. “Records management has always been and continues to be our core business.”

“The DRM tool provided free of charge with every copy of RecFind 6 plus the integrated report writer makes it easy to modify almost any aspect of RecFind 6 (i.e., data model, business process or report). This in turn makes it really easy to meet the specific, detailed application requirements of any new or changed standard. You do not need to wait on the vendor to design and implement the changes required for a new or changed standard; you can easily do it in hours or minutes using the high level tools supplied free with RecFind 6”.

“By using the RecFind 6 DRM to modify and create multiple Metadata models and any number of business processes, you need never have a problem meeting even the most rigid and detailed compliance requirement if you use RecFind 6”.

More information on Knowledgeone Corporation’s VERS certification is available on the VERS website see

About Knowledgeone Corporation
Knowledgeone Corporation has been providing information management solutions since 1984. Knowledgeone Corporation’s goal is to help our customers better understand their information management and compliance requirements, then provide a combination of existing products, consultancy services, training and support to seamlessly integrate with their existing systems and processes. Knowledgeone Corporation has headquarters in Sydney, Australia and San Diego, USA with customer sites in Australia, New Zealand, the UK, USA, Canada, the Caribbean and Africa. For more information about Knowledgeone Corporation please visit

Frank McKenna

Knowledgeone Corporation
CEO & Sales & Marketing Manager


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