A Web Twain Scanning SDK for browser applications

by Frank 2. June 2020 14:45


Cross-browser TWAIN Document Scanner Software Development Kit

Programmers understand, why web, ‘thin’ or browser app cannot easily connect to resources on your local PC or network like a TWAIN compliant document scanner

The main reason is that it is difficult, time-consuming and expensive to program while also addressing all of the technical and security issues. Many developers just do not have the money, resources or expertise. We, however, have made the investment and produced a SDK for developers who want to connect to a local TWAIN document scanner from a browser-based app to capture paper documents and convert them to digital documents.

There are several other solutions out there, but they are very, very expensive and come with awful licensing and maintenance conditions and costs.

We solved this problem with newly developed technology, a much lower cost and no awful licensing and maintenance conditions. Our new technology solution is disruptive in that it is low cost, easy to use and distribute to your customers and simple to license; totally different to what is currently available.

Our solution is a Web Twain Software Development Kit (SDK) that comes with all the code you will need plus a sample app plus twelve months of free support and updates. Only the developer is licensed, not the end users and there are no restrictions on the distribution of the runtime (built using our SDK). There is a single upfront fee (not an annual license that needs to be renewed each year) and a maintenance agreement (after the initial twelve months) is entirely optional. Compare this to the main opposition’s offerings.

The SDK includes the ability to scan, capture, modify images, OCR images, convert to PDF format and upload to the developer’s application on the server. In short, everything you need when working from a browser to convert paper to digital and to capture and store the final document.

Please link to our website to run our demo program.


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