WebTWAINSDK - Version 2.0.0

by Frank 1. September 2021 01:00



"The absolute best tool for adding TWAIN Document Scanning support to your Web applications."

Improvements in version 2.0.0


*Added scannerInterface to the configuration.

  • None: hides both UI elements. Allows for scanning and document creating with a single click.
  • Web: hides the desktop UI. Allows for specifying the scan parameters in the scanning modal.
  • Visible: displays both the desktop UI and the scanning modal.
  • Desktop: hides the web modal. Displays the desktop UI to set the scan parameters.

Removed version from the configuration.

Added scanButton to the configuration to bind an onclick event to the specified HtmlElement to display the modal.

Added K1WebTwain namespace object. Provides methods to interact with the service via JavaScript.

*Note: scannerInterface selection is limited to [Visible] on macOS. This will be addressed in a future release.

Windows Service:

  • Updated to Tesseract4.
  • Updated PDF/A generation.
  • Added ServiceAvailable HttpGet.
  • Updated StartScan to have additional validation.
  • Updated AttachDocument to have additional validation.

The easiest way for Developers to add TWAIN Document Scanning to applications

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