RecFind 6 Useful Hints & Tips

Records, Archives and Document Management Associations
The RecFind 6 User Interface explained (PDF)
How to create a simpler Retention Schedule
Workflow in RecFind 6 - 3 of 3, Advanced Workflow
Workflow in RecFind 6 - 2 of 3, Graphical Workflow Designer
Workflow in RecFind 6 - 1 of 3, Embedded Workflow
Scheduling Reports in RecFind 6
How to use the RecFind 6 Mini API
How to do Forms Processing with RecFind 6
How to use a Multi-Function Device (MFD) with RecFind 6
Bulk import of electronic documents & emails with the RecFind 6 client
Creating color file folder labels
Capturing websites as records  into RecFind 6
Managing e-mail subscriptions and mail-outs with RecFind 6