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5. When I print barcode labels from RecFind I get VBruntime error: 15 LABELUTIL.BAS or Can't find 'code-39 barcode font err = 380.

User prints barcode labels and receives error message VBruntime error:15 LABELUTIL.BAS or:

Label Error 380

The Barcode font 3 of 9 is not installed or the printer is captured to LPT1.

Refer to Printer error 482 for capturing LPT ports in Windows and/or

The barcode font 3 of 9 requires installation on the computer that is printing the labels. The source font files can be located in the installed RecFind directory. They are named 3of9.fot and 3of9.ttf. Open the Control Panel, open fonts, click on File - install new font. Select the font file from the RecFind application directory and click OK. This will install the barcode font 3 of 9 on your computer.


Windows 95
Windows 98
Windows NT
Windows 2000
RecFind 3.0.0
RecFind 3.1.0
RecFind 3.2.0.

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