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1. How do I use add external viewers in RecFind v3.2.0b?

User is unable to view documents saved as attachments within RecFind.

The appropriate viewer for the file type is not installed or setup for use with RecFind.

To add external viewers in RecFind v3.2.0.b, follow the below procedure.

  1. Start RecFind.

  2. Login with a level 9 security privilege.
    RecFind Log-in Window

  3. Click on the Admin tab.
    Click on the Admin Tab

  4. Click the Codes module.
    Click the 'Viewers' Menu Option

  5. Click 'Viewers' menu option.
    Click on the Add Button

  6. Click the 'Add' button.
    Select a Viewer

  7. Select the desired viewer that you would like to use with RecFind. Click the instructions button for additional installation notes for the selected viewers use with RecFind. Click OK.
    List of Installed Viewers

  8. The selected external viewer is now installed for use with RecFind.


RecFind v3.0.0b or above for MS SQL 7 Server.

viewer, setup, TIFF, DOC, BMP, XLS, PDF, spreadsheet, word, picture, scanned.

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