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4. After installing the RecFind button on my Microsoft Office applications on Windows NT or Windows 2000 I get an error saying that it is an older version and it requires conversion.

Clicking on the RecFind button macro on the toolbar displays a message below:

During a normal installation of the RecFind button on Windows NT or Windows 2000, the operating system emulates a 16 bit environment and the Button setup program installs the 16 bit macro file for MS Word or MS Excel.

Insert the RecFind CD into your CD Drive. Open a DOS Prompt (ie; click on Start, run, type 'cmd' and press enter). Change to the 'button' directory on the CD. Expand using the 'expand' command the 'addatt97.do_' for MS Word and 'addatt97.xl_' to a temporary location. See example below:

d:\button>expand addatt97.do_ c:\temp\
d:\button>expand addatt97.xl_ c:\temp\addatt97.xls

Where d: is your CD drive.

In the startup locations for MS Word and MS Excel, locate the existing macro files called:

c:\program files\microsoft office\office\startup\
c:\program files\microsoft office\office\xlstart\addattch.xls

A default installation of MS Office would put the files in the above example locations.

Delete the files in the paths above and move the files from the temporary location in their place.


Windows NT Workstation
Windows 2000 Professional
MS Office 97
MS Office 2000
RecFind v3.1.0
RecFind v3.2.0.

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