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How often should I perform a RecFind re-index?

Although some sites schedule a re-index to occur at set intervals (e.g. once a month), there are only certain times when a re-index must be performed, they are:

  1. If you delete/purge a lot of information from your database (as the information will still be in the index)
  2. If your index becomes corrupted (ie. receive a 'decompression failure' or 'flushbatch' error when performing a text search)
  3. After installing a RecFind upgrade if we've made changes to the indexing functions (release notes will specify whether one is required)
  4. If you make changes to the indexing options (ie. modify soundexing/conflation options or minimum word size, etc)
  5. To assist in troubleshooting text search issues

For more detailed information on RecFind's indexing, please see our FAQ on "What is the text search estimate? Why does it eliminate results?".

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