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When I perform text searches in RecFind I get 'decompression failure' message.


When performing text searching of files, boxes or documents, 'decompression failure' error message occurs.


This is result of corruption to the MATR (matrix) file/table caused by a network disconnection or local workstation errors.


Performing a 'clear index and reindex all' function corrects the above error by rebuilding and repopulating the matrix file/table with all searchable text fields in RecFind. This is done from the 'Admin' tab. Click on the 'index' module. Select 'clear index and reindex all' from the 'file menu'. This requires level 9 privilege level in RecFind. This process may take a long time depending on the number of words to be indexed, the processing speed of the workstation, processing speed of the server and the speed of the network connecting the workstation and server.

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